May 7, 2008

  • "Have U Ever" survey

    A strange but good one (no, it's not, run while you can)

    HAVE U EVER...

    seen ghosts?:I'm pre-haunting my house so the next people here can be freaked out.
    been abducted by aliens:I was hoping that would explain the childhood nosebleeds, but alas, no little implant in my skull.
    seen a dead body:How many dead bodies have I held... Ask me if I've done autopsies.
    ran into a wall?:and rebound off door frames. Good times, good times. They confirmed it wasn't a tumor.
    tripped over ur own shoes?:I think it would be more spectacular to sorta go off into a dive when I do that, maybe fly dramatically into someone, but that never happens.
    kissed the same sex?:Mom, daughter, sister... ??? Thou thinkest smallest, yon surveyist.
    pored salt in ur cereal accidently thinking it was sugar?:I eat my cereal straight up, but I have accidentally poured juice on it.
    lied for your friends?:I create awesome rumors, and if my friends kinda wind up *ahem* caught in the flux, that's just HILARIOUS!!!!! I use friends for entertainment purposes.
    snuck out of the house as a kid?:Took the screen off, climbed a tree, contemplated the vast desert around me in the moonlight. My guru-ness was never appreciated.
    put aluminum in the microwave?:I am afraid of microwaves. I don't even put plastic in them.
    caught something on fire?:Ah, familiar ground. Yes. I would have made an excellent arsonist, except that I prefer controlled burns that clean things up.
    lit a ciggerette backwards?:I have driven with a cigarette rolling around under my butt while I frantically shifted gears in 6 lane traffic.
    lied about ur age?:They won't let me have senior discounts yet. I'm sure I'll be carded till I'm 70.
    throw up on someone?:Wicked people who get innocent girls to drink chew spit out of pop cans deserve all the puke you can splash on them.
    your better half...
    do u love this person?:He has to peel me off.
    could u really spend the rest of ur life with them?:I'd hate to start over at this point, you never know if the next guy will have worse gas or something. Besides, I think he likes me.
    how do they make u feel?:It's so handy having someone around who can put ben gay on places you can't reach.
    do you fight purposely to make them leave?:Egads, I want the insurance, I would never be so dumb.
    root through their things when they are not around?:BOR-ing. But I'm letting him keep my pistol under his side of the bed. We take turns pretending to be Jack Bauer.
    trust them ?:Um, I let him use my pistol...
    have thoughts they would cheat?:I gasp with laughter at the thought. And he knows I do.
    like their ex's?:I tried to like the hard core druggie on an alcoholic roller coaster thing, I really really did, but in the end, ok, I'm lying. She's a bitch.
    good lover?:"You are here". *x marks spot* Real men don't ask directions.
    do they stick up for you?:After a few years, a man instinctively realizes that going between a mom and a wife is a death warrant. Funny how long it takes that instinct to kick in.
    do u feel safe with them?:I TRY.... It's really hard not to smirk sometimes, but honestly, I do feel safer than if I were to take over and blow someone's head off and wind up in jail.
    do they get jealous easy?:The only guy he's ever been jealous of is Eddie Izzard.
    what 2 songs ever made u cry?:Why 2? There's a whole radio station I have to avoid.
    what song describes ur life?:My *whole* life, or my life right now? I think this morning it would be I Think I'm a Clone Now.
    would u ever go on american idol?:Only if Jack Bauer showed up thinking all the contestants were terrorists and I was assisting him.
    what family member makes u laugh?:Beware being a family member. I laugh at all who cross my path.
    who is ur best friends?:Right now I've got nails on a chalk board going over that serious plurality issue.
    why are they the best?:Because someone doesn't proofread.
    do u know how to subtract?:Help me, the survey creator has me trapped in a little jar...
    do u have to add using ur fingers sometimes?:I am a bug trapped in a jar... hellllpppp...
    have a celebritiy look-alike?:Let's pretend I look like Freddy Kruger right now.
    wonder where choclate milk comes from?:I was so grossed out the first time I saw a Cadbury bunny commercial. Think about it.
    why isn't animal crackers called cookies?:aauuugghhh *holding head* grammar!!!!!
    scared of any kind of dolls?:I'm a big doll coming to kill the survey maker, with an evil grin on my face. >=)
    afraid of the dark?:Dark matter does not frighten me. I have heard it makes up over 70% of the universe, and it hasn't eaten me yet.
    ever get hit with a pickle?:I'm a little concerned that the survey maker has inspired someone to attack him with a pickle. Or her...
    did O.J. simpson do it?:I think OJ hit you with the pickle, eh?
    like Micheal Jackson?:I fear for you having an eye put out with a pickle.
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I've started transferring my survey posts over to Surveypalooza so people coming in from search engines on mobile devices will be able to see the surveys.


Apologies for the missing vids, another upgrade during the server migration swept through like a scan sweeping through the Enterprise. I'll fix those later, kinda busy...

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