May 12, 2009

  • long forgotten survey (or, Let's Get Spocked)

    Will you cry at your wedding?
    Another useless survey to get me through a long night after I've exhausted all other avenues of interest or entertainment. 

    Are you named after one of your parents or grandparents?
    I wish I could say I was named after this song.

     (I would have preferred this hi-def full vid version here, but the embed codes it contains automatically started ALL my youtubes playing...)The Rocky Horror Picture Show - Dammit Janet Free Movie and Video Clip 
    But I was named after a cousin, go figure.  I could have been named Betsy, but there was a Betsy Wetsy doll at the time, so my dad objected.  I could have been named either Rachel or Rebecca, have no idea how those got tossed out, just know they were options.  I was almost named Gretchen, seriously.  Scott's boss at work calls me Gretchen since I told him that.  But no, I got the same name as my dad's older sister's second kid, and I was my dad's first child.  Lack of creativity?  No other cool names on either side to borrow from?  I might've liked being Claudette, even, maybe that grandfather would've liked me better for it.  Needless to say, was a little awkward growing up with a cousin nearly my age with the same name, like I was a copycat or something, and the only saving grace I've ever found in having this name (since it's terribly unromantic and plain and seems like I constantly run into women I don't like with my name) is that it actually made it into one of the most memorable movie cult songs of all time.  One of my coolest memories from college was walking into class and the boys on the front row announcing my arrival with "Dammit!"
    Are you wearing any clothes that don’t belong to you?
    My sox are getting pretty close to not belonging to me.  Holes.  Growing.

    Have you ever liked someone who all your friends hated?
    It's pretty sad when not one of the 150 people you work with has a *clue* when you pull a classic Jack O'Neill line.

    What is your current annoyance?
    Beware.  ~Asking~ me to whine is dangerous, I could easily go 10,000 words on you here.

    What are you doing besides this survey?
    Thinking maybe if I body slam myself backward just right against a door frame, maybe I can kill the nerve that's keeping me up right now.

    Do you know anyone who is pregnant?
    One of my chickens laid an inside-out egg the other day.  It was pretty gross.

    Does anyone hate you?
    Yeah, but I don't keep a list, and I don't care why.  No one ever asks in surveys if I've received threats of bodily harm or malicious intent to 'take me down'.

    Is there anyone you want to come see you?
    It's tempting to wake Scott up to massage my neck...  I like this commercial.

    What are your plans for the weekend?

    Are you a bad influence?
    I realized when I was about 7 or 8 that someone switched universes on me, so there is an evil me out there somewhere wreaking havoc on the unwitting masses.

    Have you ever had a serious conversation with your dad?
    Trying to convince the man that scifi isn't corrupting my soul got pretty serious one evening.

    Do you miss anyone?
    Quit it, I'm trying not to go in there and wake Scott up to rub my neck.  I'm trying to be a ~good~ wife.

    Last person to make you smile?
    I'll tell you what I'm really good at.  I'm fresh outa bed at 5:30, bumping into things with my eyes half closed, turn on the tv and can't for the life of me punch in the channel right so it takes 5 tries to pull up Fox News, and I've got 3 seconds before Michio Kaku comes on (ON THE SET) to discuss the new Star Trek movie, and I come full awake and recording it live in a flat nanosecond, and totally understanding everything he says.  ~No~ ~coffee~.  Anything else, I'm useless.

    What are you doing tomorrow?
    Delicately avoiding contracting swine flu during a necessary trip to town for an appt and a refill.

    Do you think/know anyone has feelings for you?
    Scott has no idea how much he adores me right now for not waking him up to rub my neck.  I'll let him know tomorrow so he can appreciate that.

    Do you have a lot on your mind at the moment?
    I've got a bag of hot corn on my left shoulder attempting to smooth things over with sweet nothings to my neck.

    Who was the last person you talked to on the phone, what was it about?
    I think it's working.  Plus I took some benadryl.

    Who was the first person you talked to today?
    Not a clue.  I tend to talk to objects.  The first object I talked to today was the remote.

    When is the next time you will hug someone?
    Gotta love this question, so many ways to approach it.  The network is down, you'll have to reschedule.  I can pencil you in next Thursday.  Woops, you missed it, just hit the back button.  Hang on a sec, let me focus my time binoculars so I can get a good reading on that...

    Do you know anyone whose name starts with a Z?
    Do you know anyone whose name ends in Z, though?
    I've got a cracker conundrum.  I like different kinds of crackers to munch on with cheese, cashews, and juice, right?  Every time I decide to get some crackers lately, I'm noticing that the 'better if used before' date is a year ago.  I'll either have to limit my selection so I'll finish them up on time, or just clear them all out and get all new ones and then clear them out again next year.  Do you guys ever wonder if food will get ridiculously cheap if we ever really do have a pandemic that wipes out part of our population or a nuke goes off somewhere because they have to move it off the shelves by that date?  And then prices will skyrocket because the people who make the food will croak off and the shipping industry will grind to a halt.  I wonder these things late at night.  Strategic food price watching...

    Someone asks you on a date, where do you wanna go?
    We usually wind up going to Lowe's or the local hardware store, and once I got to go fishing, but my dates mostly consist of a weekly breakfast out before we get groceries.

    You have to get a facial piercing, what do you get?
    Tough decision.  Maybe one of those big round things that stretches your bottom lip out down to your neck...

    Are you mad about anything?
    I'm a little peeved that my Slap Chop takes longer to use than simply mincing everything manually with a knife, because stuff gets so packed up in the blades that I have to keep digging it all out.  They don't show you that part on the commercial.

    Have you ever ridden a horse?
    I'm getting the weirdest feeling I've filled this survey out before.

    Are you scared of sharks?
    I'm pretty landlocked, but big black spiders do the trick.

    You get arrested, what for?
    Taking the big round thing out and using my droopy pierced lip for a slingshot.  You can put an eye out with those.

    Who did you last hang out with?
    Need we ask?  After I recorded Michio, I went straight to an old Star Trek rerun that dvr'd at 5 a.m.  Sorry, once I get into the Spock youtubes, I really can't stop, they crack me up.  Need some 'Spirky goodness'.
    Last thing someone bought for you?
    *about 12 hours later*  I asked the chiro if he remembered the way the lights strobe up the plasma coils in front the antimatter containment field in Star Trek, and he said no, it's been years since he's seen that.  I said Too bad, because that's how the pain was strobing from my left shoulder up my neck and into my cranial nerves all weekend.  He did confirm that the bizarre bolts of pain shooting down my left leg into my foot every time I go to the bathroom was classic for irritation of the the ol' lower disk bulge.  ~Niiiiiiice~.

    Does anyone know your password besides you?
    So, where were we?  Ah, yes, I'm doing this stupid little survey to help time go by while I suffer.  Nothing like stubbing your toe real good to take your mind off a throbbing migraine, I always say.  Nothing like a survey to challenge one to new heights in pain management.  Beats heck outa meditation.

    Have your parents ever caught you drinking?
    I would ~love~ a margarita right now.  Haven't had one in years.  If you love your liver and take medication warnings seriously, you sadly dream of margaritas and dig up cool stuff in youtube.

    What woke you up this morning?
    Today was one of those crazy mornings where I actually slept in till 7, can you imagine?  I know!  I slept the whole stinkin' day away!

    What’s the last thing you laughed really hard over?

    I have to hold it down to snickering.  Yeah, sux.  One of these days I'm gonna go down in total bronchial spasms and laugh myself to death, sure hope it's worth it, because once I start, *I* *can't* *stop*.  Doesn't take much, either, so I must always keep the strictest vigil over hilarity ensuing.

    Did you have a good birthday this year?
    The deja vu in this survey is throwing me off track.  I keep getting rerun answers stuck in my head.

    Have you broken up with anyone in the past week?

    Sorry, I must be on this Spock kick because I can't go see the new Star Trek movie without being heavily medicated and someone driving me.

    Do you think relationships are even worth it?
    I think this pretty much says it.

    Has anyone told you lately that they would always be there for you?
    Scott told me if I go before him he'll die, because he can't cook.  I guess if he's assuming I might go first, that's an automatic "I'll always be there for you" rationale.  Having a pie hanging around never hurts a relationship.

    Would you ever get a tattoo?
    On purpose?  Pay someone to scar me up artistically?  And then watch it fade and blur on aging hairy skin?  Or have a mosquito bite swell part of it up into something ridiculous?  It would be a real drag if I had another accident plummeting down my backyard head first and half scraped the thing off or something.  It would be a ~tragedy~ if it were a really cool 'too of Mr. Spock in his prime.

    Did it rain today?
    Shut up.  I'm sick of rain.

    Would you rather be called hot, cute, or beautiful?
    I get a compliment out of Scott once every 3 or 4 years.  A couple of months ago he said I look cute in my bell bottom jeans.   

    Do you have a little sister?
    I tried to stop them...

    Do you like Taylor Swift?
    No one ever asks if I like Carly Simon.

    Tell me a fact about the last person that texted you.
    She hasn't spoken to me in person in about a year, and never acknowledges my existence unless she's mass texting people on holidays.  I refuse to reciprocate or validate that crap.

    When's the last time you ate at Taco Bell?
    Dang, I've got that written down some place...

    Have you ever broken anything because you were mad?
    I never dreamed I could break a door frame.  Years ago, folks, move along, nothing to see here.

    Have you ever been in a long distance relationship?
    Scott's at work.  I'm here.  I'm not sure about the actual mileage, but I'm pretty sure you could call it long distance if you were using a horse and buggy, might take a couple days to get there.  Or longer if your horse came up lame and the river swelled up from all the rain.  Better get used to thinking like this, people, one of these days we'll be pulsed and go back a century or two.

    What was the last thing you ate?
    I hashed browned a potato and then scrambled an egg in it, then put ketchup on it.  It's about the only thing besides a burger than I'll put ketchup on, and I rarely eat burgers.

    Do you like the song Crush by David Archuleta?
    This is such a drag...  Gotta liven it up a little again.
    Have you ever watched The OC?
    Sorry, walked off from this again.  Let's see, about 17 hours have gone by since that last youtube.  If I told you I folded space and just skipped all that, would you believe me?

    Have your parents ever hated your boyfriend/girlfriend?
    My parents stayed out of my love life a little too much, actually.  Wouldn't have minded if they'd have been a little more interested in some of my more catastrophic alliances.

    Do you and your best friend share clothes?
    Scott refuses to wear my nightgowns.

    Is fall your favorite season?
    Wo, how did you do that???  Ok, what number am I thinking of?

    What should you be doing instead of this?
    I'm doing exactly what I should be doing, finishing this up and getting it out of my way.  The fact that I'm doing it so early in the morning while I drink my hot chocolate makes me doubly productive.

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