May 14, 2009

  • reset- back to default, or new programming?, or, End of the World, mach IV


    “We are going through more than a cycle. The global economy, and capitalism, will be ‘reset’ in several important ways. The interaction between government and business will change forever. In a reset economy, the government will be a regulator; and also an industry policy champion, a financier, and a key partner.” --General Electric Co. Chief Executive Officer Jeffrey Immelt
    I've had a few things on my mind the last 2-3 weeks.  That right there pretty much iced the cake for me.
    So what else is bugging me?  I'll throw a hodgepodge of thoughts on here, just for the heck of it.
    I was a minority in a New Mexico boom town school system back in the '60's and '70's, lived 16 miles from a reservation, 6 represented tribes bussed in, also blacks, Mexicans, and everything imaginable one could call oneself, like dego, mulato, spanish-indian, etc.  I was a white kid being chased around by gangs for several years.  People who haven't lived through real oppression don't have a clue what they're talking about.  When I was a kid, Navajos were starving during a blizzard on the reservation, and our govt drop-shipped rotten meat and popcorn.  Blacks had nothing to do with either side of it.  Why is it always blacks who are 'oppressed'?  I'm just saying, because the mainstream media generalizes people who are anti-big government (which I have been all my life) to being racist now, since we now have a black President, which is silly.  Especially when it comes from a mouthy broad who could be selling hot dogs in a ball park if she hadn't made it as a 'comedian'.  I feel like mainstream media has lowered themselves to a real gutter at this point, and if that's the best they can do...  But, follow the money...
    I told you I have Asperger's, get a little over focused on details.  I'm one of those people who love digging up the puzzle pieces behind the scenes.  When the Sci-Fi channel first took Lexx over from Showtime back in the '90's, Sci-Fi was owned by the same French company (Vivendi) who owns Verizon now.
    I happened to notice because I was uber into 'SciFi Prime' on Friday nights, which was a real golden age in scifi, with Farscape, Lexx, and Stargate leaping ahead of the times with state of the art filming being brought to series tv.
    That company got so huge that an American judge had to break it apart some years ago.  Immediately after, I found out that Showtime, Sci-Fi, MGM, and Universal Studios had all been absorbed by this company, and guess what-- now they own  --- wait for it ----  MSNBC.  NBC also owns the Weather Channel now.  MSNBC has teamed up with Big O and GM and will be getting kickbacks off the bailouts.  Bill O'Reilly from Fox News started going head to head with them about that just this last couple of weeks.  This all started happening over a decade ago, and people are just now starting to question it.  Personally, I'm bewildered that so many people are so clueless, but again, I tend to obsess over details and trivia that others don't find that interesting.
    I know that talk radio was threatened immediately when Obama got in, and very few people know that there is legislation trying to pass about not being able to publish written material about an incumbent during an election year, but now I see that the networks were setting this up for a long time.  When Lexx first aired, I caught the very first dotcom commercial on VHS for the retail chain I was working in at the time, and over that year, reports came back that the Sci-Fi channel was singlehandedly driving more dotcom business than any other network, showing the world that scifi fans take television viewing more seriously than any other group.  It was an experiment in teaming up corporate giants, using broadcasting media to drive computer media.  I really wish I'd been able to keep all the links to these articles, but sadly, my computer crashed between back then and now.  But basically, you have a previously French-owned company showing the U.S. how to monopolize media and USE it...
    We have never been this close to govt propaganda in America with MSNBC now as the old Soviet Russian govt was when I was a kid.  I remember listening to monkey jokes from Russia on a short wave radio when I was little, because they weren't allowed to do much else besides report what they were told.  For those of you who don't pay attention, we are ~this close~ to losing free speech in the media.
    I guess the most disturbing part of 2009 is how constantly the American people have felt jerked around, how many are feeling disenfranchised beyond the point of tolerance now, and how ridiculed "We The People" are being for saying Hey, wait a minute...  How helpless we feel standing up against noticing that we're being derailed.  And I'm not talking GOP or party affiliations, I'm talking PEOPLE.  Regular people, waking up and going What...?
    This was written by a well educated black woman, she's getting bombed about saying Jeanine is wrong to call us racist redneck teabaggers. 
    More black response to Jeanine. 
    I definitely left responses on both sites.  To reduce the whole thing to racism is childish, and and so are bully tactics.
    This was proposed nearly as soon as Obama got in.  Funny how long it's taking to get out to the public.  If this isn't a sure sign they have an agenda toward obliterating the U.S. Constitution and our national sovereignty, I don't know what is.
    "We are grateful to The Washington Post, The New York Times, Time Magazine and other great publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected their promises of discretion for almost 40 years. It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subject to the bright lights of publicity during those years. But the work is now much more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world government. The supranational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national autodetermination practiced in past centuries." --David Rockefeller, founder of the Trilateral Commission in a speech at the meeting of the Trilateral Commission in June 1991
    Columbia, Missouri has one of the leading university research hospitals for cystic fibrosis in our 4-state area.  Terminally ill children of all ages regularly show up in Columbia for treatment and maintenance.  I'd say it's a fair bet that this is going to affect MANY parents of children stricken with cancers, juvenile diabetes, and a number of other challenges, perhaps like Down Syndrome.  In short... eugenics?  Some of the brightest minds I've met were in ill bodies.  Where will our next Stephen Hawking come from?
    "President Obama and congressional Democrats insist their plan would help rein in costs, but the only way to do that is to ration care. Consider, for example, the nationalized health program in the United Kingdom. Created shortly after World War II, the National Health Service has suffered ongoing deterioration in the amount and quality of services delivered to citizens in the U.K.
    Glimpses of Obama care, tucked into the unread stimulus bill, reveal national panels deciding who gets what medical procedures and which expensive drugs. This new federal program is intended to determine which medical treatments offer, quoting former Sen. Tom Daschle, “the most bang for the buck” and will limit access for patients not meeting a cost-benefit test.

    The elderly and infirm can expect triage dispensed by distant panels favoring the younger, the more economically productive and politically connected patients. Those favored will move to the head of the line for heart transplants and other life-extending procedures. Experimental treatments might be denied."

    I find it disturbing that kids are probably going to get pulled into this, not just old people.  Got cancer?  See ya.  Born with a challenge that prevents you from being economically productive?  Can we say eugenics?  How many of you knew about Economic stimulus? Feds want your medical records.


    How will changing legislation affect your 'backyard farming' in the U.S.?  Between the Food Safety Modernization Act of 2009 and the new swine flu pandemic scare, it's quite possible that what this fellow says might actually happen.
    "The problem isn't the living in close contact, but doing so outside the traditional society/cultural system. The problem is the structure of cities and how "Western" prescriptions are written for improving them, quickly describing the problem simplistically and then proposing simplistic responses that create more problems.

    If your public health prescription is to banish the animals living with people, you are mandating specialization on people that requires that they always be able earn a living in that specialty. If there exists a possibility of unemployment, then your public health solution creates the public health problem of starvation, and that is solved by welfare.

    The integration of people and animals creates a diversity of capital investments which allows families and small groups to survive changing fortunes. Disrupt that old system that allowed societies to survive the bad times and in the good times free up time to pursue creating knowledge and built capital, (for example, figuring out how to refine iron and make objects from steel), and you end up with families and small groups vulnerable to collapse.

    From an economic standpoint, are a few thousand deaths from bird-swine flu so great that a means of living needs to be disrupted so that instead the result is tens of thousands of deaths from the poverty that denying people their capital, the chickens and pigs they keep with them to support them when other income is not available."


    Seen the movie "12 Monkeys"?
    If you can wrap your head around the med-speak in this, the suspicious 'sudden appearance' of this virus in one of the biggest cities in the world during 'spring break' gets even more suspicious, since flu deaths of this kind were NOT being locally reported before it suddenly appeared simultaneously around the world.
    Written in March by a nucleotide research scientist recognizing that our last 'pandemic' was 'accidentally' engineered.
    A never before seen strain?  If you read that first article closely about how the molecular chain not only mutates but can be engineered and stored...
    This will sound like a stretch, but think for a minute.  How odd is it that this very virulent strain of H1N1 would show up out of season without warning in multiple countries (our world watch on flu strains is phenomenal) and wind up actually making it nearly to the hand of the U.S. President on foreign soil before REAL alerts went up about it existing on the media?
    Is it too much to wonder if this was a trial run bioterrorist attack (seeing's how this conveniently affected global economy very quickly), can we assume that a real attack on U.S. soil could take place while our nation is tied down with illness/disaster response once this has mutated to a more virulent autumn season, as is being predicted?...  (the race is on, apparently, to stockpile new flu shots.)  This kind of attack is an attack on ALL of us.  You can blame poor farmers, you can blame bad business operations (I'm still not clear whether they finally settled that this really began on American soil on a corporate pig farm), but it's interesting that Obama and the World Health Organization had us going through a 'fire drill' that threw the globe into a pig-killing frenzy after NON-poor globe trotters contracted and spread it all at once after convening on one spot, and then they suddenly told us to relax.  ~For now~.
    Remember, never let a crisis go unused.  The timing, execution, and global cooperation on this one is astoundingly slick.  For instance, you can check updates on your state daily at 2009 swine flu outbreak in the United StatesIf this isn't a test of the emergency broadcast system, I don't know what is.  In case of an emergency, we will be told what to do...
    Having really blinky satellite and broadband on a beautiful day (May 7th), thought I'd check

    "Earth is entering a solar wind stream flowing from the indicated coronal hole. Credit: Hinode X-ray Telescope"
    See Also:
    "Long scorned as “mysticism” and “parascience,” concern about the year 2012 has now surfaced in a mainstream NASA report on the potential impacts on human society of solar flares anticipated to peak in 2012. The Obama administration and other national governments are not aggressively focused on contingency preparations for the 2012 solar flare impacts, or on introducing available anti-gravitic, new energy sources that would transform centralized high-power electrical grid systems into de-centralized, anti-gravitic and quantum process energy sources. These new energy sources are less vulnerable to destructive solar storms, have no negative environmental impact, and could unleash unprecedented economic and social transformation."
    The rest of that article is really informative.
    If His O-ness is too cool to listen to real scientists, perhaps he will bail us out when the grid goes down???
    I will make a prediction.  This is something people don't think about.  Do you all remember the Pirates of the Caribbean movies?  They spent elaborate amounts of money filming on location, dealing with weather, getting costuming and CGI down to the jot and tittle, using *thousands* of people to pull all this together...  Has it occurred to ~anyone~ that this kind of ART in film making will never come again after our economy flips over?  Anyone?  Are we witnessing the end of our Golden Age?  If big industry is coming under federal regulation now, can we assume that the film industry and sports and the tourism industry will all come under regulation, as well?
    We take it all for granted.  Beautiful things.  Even the poorest of us owning technology and eating well.  My brother-in-law did several tours of duty in Iraq and Kuwait, and he saw POVERTY.  He saw MISERY.  He came home and said the poorest American is RICH compared to the people he saw over there.  I know other peoople who do mission work around the world.  They say the same thing.  Americans don't appreciate what they've got.
    I have been predicting for well over a decade now that our very taken for granted American freedoms and the assumption that we'll always be able to run to a store to shop will go away one day, and we'll wake up and wonder what the heck happened.  We go, No, we're this big strong country...  Um... are we?  I have never seen America look so glaringly crippled as the way it's been portrayed through the eyes of Obama.  Crisis!  Continual crisis!  We must fix it!  Hurry!
    Is he right?  Is he wrong?  Is it more than that?  Is it Orwellian???
    Am *I* right?  Like I said, I've been saying this for a long time.  It's been coming for a long time.
    I'm worried that if anything happens to Mexico, I won't be able to get avocados.
    Have you guys heard about the Food and Drug Administration going after cheerios?  They either have to take their claim of reducing cholesterol off the box, or be regulated by the govt like a drug.  Seriously, won't be long till green tea is regulated because it touts antioxidants, and blueberries are regulated because they have cancer-fighting properties...
    Sometimes I wonder if the only thing that can save us from all that crap is to be pulsed to a standstill by a nuclear warhead, because I think the economy crashing won't let us reset to a default free market system at all.  If anything, it'll make it easier than ever for the govt to control everything we get to have in our lives.
    "An EMP attack on the United States could mate­rialize in two forms: nuclear and non-nuclear. The most devastating form, and most difficult to achieve, is an EMP that results from a nuclear weapon. This form destroys any "unhardened" elec­tronic equipment and electric power system— which means virtually any civilian infrastructure in the United States. The pulse occurs when a nuclear weapon explodes above the visual horizon line at an altitude between 40 and 400 kilometers. The deto­nation of the nuclear warhead releases photons in the form of gamma radiation and x-rays. These energetic particles scatter in every direction away from the blast. Many of the particles descend and interact with the magnetic field lines of the Earth, where they become trapped. The trapped electrons then create an oscillating electric current within the field, which rapidly produces a large electromag­netic field in the form of a pulse. Once the pulse reaches electronic equipment, it negatively interacts with them and either disables, damages, or destroys them. An EMP generated by a nuclear weapon could affect all critical infrastructures that depend on electricity and electronics within the vicinity of the nuclear warhead blast radius. A nuclear weapon with a burst height of approximately 100 kilometers could expose objects located within an area 725 miles in diameter to the effects of EMP."
    Think about it-- RESETTING our economy back to zero...  Erasing all debt.  Throwing us back into third world conditions until grids and batteries are rebuilt and replaced.
    Think about it.  North Korean missile launch...  Smaller countries with bigger agendas wanting to 'take us down'...
    "Besides the domestic consequences of an EMP attack, it would also be difficult for the U.S. to orga­nize a coherent retaliatory strike against the aggres­sor. America's armed forces may simply be unprepared for an attack, or our national devasta­tion could prove too distracting. Furthermore, it may be too difficult to rapidly determine the per­petrator of the attack, for instance, if a compact E-Bomb were smuggled into the U.S. If a nuclear warhead is detonated in orbit, there is a strong potential for substantial damage to U.S. and other satellites as well as any spacecraft in use at the time of the explosion. The military applications of such satellites are critical for defense systems that rely on GPS guidance, such as ballistic missiles and many conventional military strike weapons. The adverse impact on U.S. space-based communications, early-warning assets, fire-control systems, overhead sen­sors and imagery, and geospatial intelligence would be substantial as well.

    Near-term recovery could prove impossible because of America's dependence on extensive transportation networks and other electricity-pow­ered infrastructures. America's infrastructure is highly interconnected, as was demonstrated during the blackout. A problem in one part of the country can translate into problems across the United States, contributing immensely to lives lost and property destroyed during an EMP attack."

    It'll be interesting to hear Jeanine G.'s commentary after something like that happens.  Oh, wait.  Our tv's won't work...


    Just a few things on my mind.


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