January 4, 2009

  • from old to new survey


    Goodbye Old Year, Hello New Year

    2008 General
    What was the best thing that happened this year?: I got a new flock of chickens.   

    Did you get your driver's license this year?: Better!  I got my permanently disabled parking tag.

    Did you graduate high school or college?: I figured out how to put my cell phone on silent.

    Did you get married?: Pie fixes everything.
    Did you become a parent?: I am so loving the empty nest...

    Did you become an aunt or an uncle?: I hope I'm all done with the 'becoming' part.  The birthday cards are adding up.  Won't be long till graduations start rolling around.

    Did you have any run-ins with the cops?: I called the police department about an emu that fell out of a trailer on a highway ramp.

    Did you move somewhere new?: I am slowly renovating my cave.

    Did you make any new friends?: They made me.  They always find me.

    How many people did you kiss this year?: Hang on, lemme check the kiss log.

    How many people were you romantically involved with?: *More* romantically involved with since the empty nest thing...

    Did anyone close to you die?: We killed a couple of rats living under the chicken house.  Definitely too close.

    Did you get a new car?: I have never in my life owned a 'new' car.

    Did you dye your hair?: Blue.  I didn't bleach it first, so it didn't show up very well for very long.  But in certain lights you can still see a faint blue glisten here and there.

    Did you go out of the country?: I got to see Galveston before it was blown out of the country.

    What was the worst thing that happened to you this year?: Little did I suspect at the time, it was catapulting down my yard and having to get staples in my knee, which not only did I turn out to be allergic to, but have spent months in therapy for the spinal trauma.

    Did you go to a wedding?: I was invited (kid you not) to not one, but TWO very posh weddings this year, but alas, I don't travel well.  And that's not counting my own daughter's wedding that it's probably good I missed because Ike took out the entire beach she was going to have it on a few days later.

    Did you make a NY resolution at the start of 2008?: I have looked high and low for those, and have only found this in an old myspace post.

    Resolution Solution

    After a bizarre gadolinium contrast reaction with slight infiltration and the first cup of coffee I've had in probably two years (slinging a brain around on spin cycle, as it were, details unimportant), my ultra genius has come to a simple conclusion to the whole blogging conflict problem aforementioned.  (Sorry, that post is gone now.)  I am drawn to specifically verbalize, yet I loathe to vaguely socialize, right?  Sorta like slapping the occasional poster up on a public wall for passers by.  However, I feel I have a solution.  Sound bytes!  Instead of clogging up myspace with piles of posts, I shall make one post a month, entitled with the name of the month, and, should I feel like it, write one sentence (or very short paragraph) a day next to a number that stands for the date that I am adding the sentence.
    Hang on a sec, I have to stand back and admire the proper comma placement in that last sentence...  ~Beautiful!~  *wiping tear*
    BTW, New Year's Eve plans-- going to try to stay up and watch the ball drop, and hoping someone will play my new POTC monopoly with me while we wait.

    Did you keep it?: Nah.  I got bored.

    Did you go to the hospital?: Yep, even drove myself in bruised and bleeding to get those staples.

    What was the best movie you saw in theaters this year?: Do you mean any movie that simply opened in a theater, or do you mean I had to be IN the theater to see it?  I no longer sit in theaters, so I deem the question moot.

    Best book you read?: See the book featured in the left column of this blog.  Thank you.

    Greatest achievement?: Going through withdrawal off handfuls of meds I'd been taking for 20 years for lupus and fibro, without any support whatsoever.  I dare any Hollywood actor to talk to me face to face about that.

    Are you dating the same person you were dating at the start of 2008?: Scott still likes me.   

    What was the best cd released this year?: I'm going to answer this differently.  The best soundtrack I ran into this year was the 5th season of "24" when I went through a complete series marathon to catch up before the new stuff comes out in a couple of weeks.  (I missed season 5 because I was very ill that year.)  I would love to get that soundtrack.

    Are you still friends with the same people?: I'm still romantically dating Scott.   

    Did you get a tattoo this year?: I got an awesome scar on my knee, and I'm wondering if it will always be this outstandingly discolored.  It's been 5 months and still looks kinda creepy.

    How about a piercing?: Staples.  Nine.  Allergic reaction.  Ugly.

    Did you meet anyone famous?: I *always* meet someone famous.  You guys have no idea how 'enchanted' my life is.  Ask me if it was someone I actually liked.  NO.

    Did you get any new pets?: Macy, Dooney, Spencer, and Bean.  Macy and Dooney are laying the most eggs so far.

    The "Lasts" of 2008
    Who was the last person you kissed?: Yes, you know the answer, duh.

    Last person you told "I love you"?: That one is debatable.  I have no idea.

    The last place you went?: El Puente.  Awesome food.

    The last person you spoke to?: I need a 'Scott' button to just click for this stuff.

    The last movie you watched?: Mystery Men.  Yes, again.

    The last song you heard?: The Auld Lang Syne song that everyone was singing when the ball dropped in Times Square.

    The last color shirt you wore?: Maroon.  I have a picture, but it sux and I'm not posting it.

    The last person to call you?: One of my sisters.  This was a joke pic she sent my brother for something, but I think she's still so cute at 37.

    The last time you cut your hair?: No clue.  This is starting to bore the heck outa me.

    The last thing you ate?: The *very* last thing that I ate?  I had a whole bunch of little snacks going, there is no way I could remember what the actual last bite was.

    The last thing you drank?: I'm pretty sure that one was water.

    The last book you read?: I've been kinda in the middle of several...

    The last person you hugged?: [press Scott button here]

    The last time you went swimming?: Does pool therapy count?

    The last game you played?: Yahtzee.  I recall having a pain pill and counting dots...  Oh, wait, here's proof.  We were so wiped out we could barely make it through this to the ball dropping.
    last of '08, barely awake

    The last guy you hung out with?: (Scott... tee hee)  Hey, me too!   

    The last girl you hung out with?: The redheaded uber 3/3 winner in the above vid.

    The last family member you hung out with?: Ok, what more do you want, addresses and background checks?

    The last time you went to theaters?: I drive by them occasionally, don't really keep track of the dates.

    The last time you went to Walmart?: Oh, good lord.  I keep trying to grind through to the bitter end, but this is the survey that never ends.

    The last person you told "Happy Birthday" to?:   Someone must have spent a New Year's Eve alone or something and had nothing better to do than think up questions like these.

    How old did you turn on your last birthday?: I'm one of the quirkier prime numbers this year.  You can find many more fun facts such as these at Prime Curios!: 47.
    --"There is an abnormally high use of the prime number 47 in episodes of Star Trek. For example, in the Star Trek: Voyager episode "Infinite Regress," Naomi Wildman reveals that there are 47 sub-orders of the Prime Directive."
    --"The AK-47 is the most widespread weapon in the world. "
    --"47 is self-conscious: 4 + 7 = 11, 7 + 11 = 18, 11 + 18 = 29, and 18 + 29 = 47. It refers to itself. "
    --"It is approximately 47 degrees from the Tropic of Cancer (the greatest distance north that the sun can appear directly overhead) to the Tropic of Capricorn (the greatest distance south that the sun can appear directly overhead). "
    --"There are 47 miracles of Jesus recorded during his lifetime. "
    47 is also one of my magical '11' years.  My next one is 58.  Every '11' year has very symbolic turning points in my life, I have noticed.

    The last thing you bought?: I'm pretty sure it was food.

    The last time you went to the doctor?: December 30th.  Feeling nosy?  Want details?  I'm on a Z-pack (antibiotic) and medrol pack (prednisone) for severe sinus infection going into my lymph system.  If I'd spiked a fever at all, I'm sure they'd have checked me for viral meningitis.  Very icky, yes.

    The last person you dated?: [press Scott button here]

    The last restaurant you went to?: See "last place I went", above, several miles up.

    The last person's house you went to?: I've been avoiding all houses but my own for quite some time.

    2009 General
    What are you most looking forward to this year?: Actually feeling better for an extended period of time.  I dream big.

    Will you turn 16 this year?: Oh, geez...

    Will you turn 18?: Dang it, this is stupid.


    40?: We stop at 40?  For crying out loud.

    Are you getting married this year?: Just made another pie, we're good.

    Are you going to become a parent this year?: *Bite* *your* *tongue*.

    How about an aunt or an uncle?: Great, recycled questions...

    Will you be going to a new school this year?: Why do I do these?  Doesn't anyone having a midlife crisis ever make a survey?  The questions would be SO much more interesting, like "Has another spouse mysteriously disappeared?" or "What do you do in retaliation for him hitting the bars?" and stuff like that.

    Will you be graduating high school or college?: I feel like I'm on another planet.

    Do you have any big vacation plans for this coming year?: We would, but Scott needs new teeth.  See, THAT is the kind of answer you could be getting, right?  HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!

    What movie are you most looking forward to coming out?: I haven't seen this one yet.
    Mirrors Trailer


    What new music album?: Who knows.

    What book?:
    Anything brand new involving physics and cosmology.

    What game?: These are cool. 
    Games - South Park Studios

    Are you moving this year?: I might move over to the couch in a minute after I pace the floor some more.  This prednisone has got me pretty wired.

    Are you currently dating anyone?: [press Scott button here]

    Did you make a NY's resolution?: Yes, I made 10 of them.   

    Have you broken it yet?: There hasn't been time to break any of them yet.  By the time you reach my age, you get more careful making resolutions that are easy to keep.

    Did you kiss someone at midnight?: Sorry, I conked as soon as the ball dropped, and for me in central time, that was before midnight.

    Who were you with?: Scott was conked, too.

    Did you watch the New Year's day parade?: Wow, it's like you can read my mind.

    Do you know anyone getting married this year?: Good grief.  I get better questions than these in doctors' offices.

    What time did you get up this morning?: I'm assuming this survey was created on New Year's Day.  Since this isn't New Year's Day any more, who cares?

    What color shirt are you wearing?: Ha, it's my Crab House t-shirt and says "Feelin' Crabby?"

    What do you most want to happen this year?: My mom has been stuck in a nursing home for several years, so riddled with strokes that she can barely function at all, can't feed herself or even press a call button for help, nearly completely immobile, and no longer communicates or remembers us.  I've asked God to let her move on so she doesn't have to live that way.  This may sound awful, but I wish my mom would get to die now.  She had a living will, and I'm her DPA, and even with well established non-invasive and non-resuscitate instructions, she's just stuck here.  She has outlived several residents sharing her room.  If any of you out there are neglecting something serious like diabetes with hypertension or something, thinking a quick stroke will do you in and you won't have to worry about it, here's your wake up call.

    2009 Firsts
    Who was the first person you talked to?: My sister and niece popped their heads over the banister, it was really cute.

    Who did you first tell "I love you"?: I honestly couldn't say.  Sometimes it pops out, sometimes it doesn't.

    Who was the first person you called or who called you?: I think I remember more about the last of 2008...  Odd.  And I didn't drink a drop of alcohol.  At any rate, I'm not a phone person, not sure I got a call at all or called anyone.

    Where's the first place you went?: To the bathroom.  Duh.  Okay, okay, I didn't leave the house.

    What was the first thing you ate?: Not a clue.  I think I dug back into the snacks from the night before.

    The first thing you drank?: Hot chocolate.  Always.

    The first green thing you saw?: Grass.  We had a nice week out, for a change.

    What was the first electronic device you used besides a computer or cell?: Microwave.  Some of us need some blood sugar before we interact with others and kill them.

    What was the first movie you watched?: The new Mummy movie with Brendan Fraser and Jet Li.  The very beginning was awesome, the middle was underwhelming, the ending was kinda cool.

    Who was the first person to wish you a "Happy New Year!"?: Again, no clue.  My head gets weird when there's more than just Scott here in the morning.  I blame the Asperger's.  I tend to be reclusive and don't pay attention to some things.  I know that sounds weird, but mornings are different from night.

    What was the first pair of shoes you wore?: I give up, I don't know.  I don't even know if I wore my slippers.

    What was the first song you heard?: (Something on CMT...)  Ok, I'm remembering now why I closed down and shut the world out.     

    The first thing you saw on TV?: The first thing I paid attention to was a dog trick contestant show of some kind.

    The first thing you bought?: Well, the first thing I bought in 2009 was food, but it wasn't on New Year's Day.

    Who was the first girl you hung out with?: Fortunately, the same girls I'd hung out with the night before, but I didn't get video this time.

    The first boy?: [press Scott button here]

    The first relative?: Okay, this is dumb.

    What was the first thing you did the moment it became 2009?: Slept right through the moment.  Imagine that.

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Apologies for the missing vids, another upgrade during the server migration swept through like a scan sweeping through the Enterprise. I'll fix those later, kinda busy...

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