April 3, 2008

  • Autism AWARENESS??

    Since this is Autism Awareness Month, as showcased on the xanga front page in a featured post, I'd like to share this small insight that is so SPECTACULARLY overlooked by the public in general.
    I'd also like to share this little tidbit.
    A teacher's thoughts on Asperger's.
    I am autistic.  I have autism spectrum disorder.  I have Asperger's Syndrome.  These are all the same thing.  Granted I am verbal and socially interactive, but I have come a long way in 40 some odd years.  And funny thing, I didn't need intervention or 'help'.  All I needed was for everyone to back off and let me be myself.  Turns out I can run intellectual circles around everyone around me.  I may not be able to handle hanging out at the mall very long, and I might embarrass you in public, and I might really annoy the heck outa you when it comes to debating a topic, but dang, at least I have a clue when it comes to problem solving and dynamics.
    I was APPALLED at how misinformed so many people in the comments on that featured post were, even though some of them have spent years living with ASD people.  It's one thing to be ignorant because one isn't exposed to information.  It's another to remain ignorant surrounded by it.
    In light of such ignorance, I prefer being aspie, I thank God I am aspie, and I am so glad I am aspie.  As much as I stumble around and seem to fall on my face socially and whatever, at least I am able to catalog and remember pertinent information, like what Asperger's IS.  I thought that's why we HAVE brains.  I don't know if I can handle one more person using phrases such as 'those people' and 'terrifying condition' and 'mental illness' and 'we found a way to fix it' (referring to someone else in the family).  O-M-G
    I can't tell you how many times I've wished I could 'fix' other people being cruel or bubbleheaded or bossy or codependent.  I suppose if I were 'normal' I would be able to be those things better.
    Sorry so crabby, but most of you out there have no clue you are not only SURROUNDED by aspies, but may even be aspie yourself.  The latest guesstimate I heard was one in 150 people, which in any statistical book makes it FUNCTIONAL in society.
    *walking off flinging my hands back and forth*

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