July 4, 2011

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    When was the last time you had popcorn and watched a movie at home?
    I had one piece of popcorn two nights ago.  I also had part of a movie.

    How many alarm clocks do you use?
    None.  I'm usually awake before anyone else, no matter what time it is.  I can also usually say what time is on the clock before I ever look at it.  I have no way of explaining this.  Scott thinks I'm creepy.

    What or who first got you into myspace?
    I followed family onto all web hosting.  I thought it would be a good way to stay in touch.  I was wrong.

    How loud do you play music when you drive?
    Apparently not as loud as anyone else around me on the road.

    What size shoe do you wear?
    Now see, THAT is a mystery.  I noticed my shoes were getting looser about halfway through the 40 pounds I lost.  I just figured it was water retention.  But now my feet slide backward and forward when I walk, and I guess I'll have to get sized before I buy another pair of shoes.

    Is it the same size when you wear sandals?
    I was just thinking I haven't had sandals in awhile, maybe this is a good year to pick some up.

    Have you ever been out of the country?
    I've been to Mexico briefly, twice.  Would love to go back.  In a parallel world where drug cartels don't exist.

    Where would you travel to if you could hop on a plane right now?
    I would have to be drugged and carried onto a plane, but Scott says one day I'm going to either Florida or Hawaii on a plane.

    How many hours of sleep do you get on an average night?
    I ~would~ pick this survey after waking up at 2 a.m. and never getting back to sleep...

    Are you a morning person or a night person?
    Both, it seems.

    Have you ever been too scared to make the first move?
    Scott killed a huge wolf spider in the basement this morning.  I was too afraid to even go down there, let alone make the first move.

    Did you end up missing out?
    Thankfully, yes.  I'm not a puker, but big crumpled spider bodies set off a gag reflex that won't quit.

    How do you determine whether or not someone is compatible with you?
    They kill big spiders for me.  I'll tolerate a lot out of a person for that.

    How long does it take you to discover this upon first meeting them?
    As soon as the spider shows up.

    Which do you prefer: hicks or bikers?
    Turned out a biker kills the spiders, so here we are.  Married 18 years in August.  He sold the bike though, poor guy, nothing can fill that void.

    Would you ever consider climbing Mt. Everest?
    No, I let the other people risk their lives 'conquering' the mountain.  I conquer it from afar on my tv.

    Have you ever been called a tease?
    Only once, and I threw a punch.  I can't flirt to save my life, so that guy was asking for it.

    Are you a good kisser?
    Is this before or after he got his dentures?  Sometimes you get a big game changer.

    Do you believe there is life out in the galaxy(ies)?
    Heck, there could be life between the galaxies and we'd never know.  I don't think life necessarily has to be corporeal.

    Are you allergic to anything?
    Everything.  Don't touch me.

    Which is better: sugar or honey?
    Sugar is better in hot chocolate and coffee, but I've eaten gallons of honey in my lifetime.  I've stop that since I found out I'm diabetic, though.

    Love or Money?
    Money gets me a crab cake dinner with asparagus at Ruby Tuesday.  Love kills big bad spiders for me.  What the heck, I'll take both.

    Children or a successful career?
    I made a successful career of successfully raising my kids.  In fact, I walked away from a career in resource planning to do that, and I don't regret it.

    Mountains or the Beach?
    I grew up in mountains and then fell in love with the beach.  No need to choose, just enjoy the wondrous variety.

    Bonfires or fireplace?
    A fireplace precludes having to hang out in the weather and bugs and can keep going even when you want to fall asleep.

    Would you ever go sky diving?
    If my plane was going down, I'd have no problem with it.

    What is your biggest fear?
    Seriously, that nasty big spider.  My fear is irrational and all consuming, and I will hurt people and break things to avoid facing it.

    Is there any way you could possibly prevent it from happening?
    Just don't go down in the basement.

    Do you prefer gum or mints?
    I haven't had either one in so long I'm not sure I'd even enjoy them any more.

    Cameras or video cameras?
    I'm cranky at both.  And my phone camera.  I can't get a single one of them to pick up the color deep hot pink correctly.

    Can you type fast?
    Yeah, but then you can't read it.

    Where did you learn how to type?
    High school, on a typewriter.  The brown cow jumps over the lazy dog.  Kids I know nowadays keyboard with two index fingers and text with two thumbs.  One day we'll have implants and only have to think it.

    Do you prefer going to the beach at night or going for a joyride at night?
    I stay in my house at night.  Scott has me trained to fall asleep by 9 because he gets up around 3 or 4 to go to work.

    Pens or pencils?
    Keyboard.  But pens if I have to resort to my barbaric henscratch.

    Blue or black ink?
    Been using a green one lately.

    Do you enjoy sushi (with or without the raw fish)?
    Never tried it, but it looks cool.

    If your house was on fire & you could save only one thing/item from your room, what would it be?
    I'm old.  The first thing I'd grab is my thyroid and blood pressure pills.  Photo albums aren't worth risking my life.  If it's not already in my purse, it's not vital to my existence.

    Which parental figure do you respect more: your mom or dad?
    I had to stop at this one yesterday and see if an answer popped up later.  I'm not sure what I have or feel for either of my parents is/was respect.  I have very little respect, actually, but not because they were bad people.  More like ignoramously neglectful of their children having feelings and stuff.  And I don't mean because they were too busy or selfish, but because each of them had brains with complex problems that made it difficult for them to see outside their own little boxes, even though they were pretty smart at times.  I can see ~now~ how this all works and that it was not their faults and that they really did try, but it took many years to understand it and forgive them.  Out of your curiosity, my dad very obviously has Asperger's to the point of severely annoying people, and my mom suffered clinical depression that ran back at least 4 documented generations in her family, and somehow she managed to twist it into munchausen by proxy.  I had a weird childhood.  So, no, not respect.

    Why did you choose them over the other?  
    Since I've never seen this respect for which parent question on a survey before, I'm suspecting this survey creator was going through a difficult time with parents.
    Why is the ocean blue?  
    I'm trying so hard...  It's impossible not to wind up psyche analyzing survey creators.  We get the big respect parents question, then we get this 180 into your basic curious child question.  (If you really want to know why the ocean is blue, type the question into a search bar, you'll get all kinds of wordy science stuff.)  So this looks like an indicator that the survey creator might have a real problem with the parent thing, and instead of actually dealing with it, simply slaps the question out on a survey and then whirls away into very nonemotional questioning as a recoil.  Kinda thought I'd make it through a survey this time.  Oh, well. 

    Who really invented the internet?  
    See what I mean?  Nonemotional, no personal investment, a trick to steer us away from the fact that the survey creator accidentally hit his or her own sore spot while creating a survey.  Actually, my opinion is that survey creating is the ultimate in identifying what's eating Gilbert Grape, if you will.

    Are you allergic to any type of food?  
    Now we ease back into something personal.  Yes, I do have to stay away from nuts.    (a pointed jab, for those who get the double entendre)

    Do you prefer rap or rock music?  
    Why did you leave out the plethora of other music genres that I might prefer over these two?  I'm feeling kinda cranky after being jerked around with the parent question.
    Which movie(s) do you prefer: Lord of the Rings, or Harry Potter?  
    >:?(    Still cranky.  Like both of these, but the books are better in both cases.  I'm a purist.

    Pop Quiz: Is the U.S. currency backed by gold? (don't look it up you dork!)
    Oh, here we go.  Now I have to squelch a lecture about the way I believe our economy is being prepared for complete collapse so we can be flipped into digital currency, and after that gold will be 'worthless' as a paper money standard.  (look it up, you dork)
    Heavy reading, I know, but paper money has been on the way out for a long time, and e-currency is perfect for that.  I'm not going to be surprised, though, if down the road this evolves into a full credit system and the words money and cash wind up being dropped, and one's worth in currency is dependent on one's 'credits', whether earned or handed out.  I think it's going to be terribly easy to wipe out the old system once the national smart grid is established and something bad happens (blame an act of terrorism, solar flares, space aliens, EMP, whatever) and all our electronic systems crash, and the only way to salvage our economy is for the govt to hand out food and housing 'credit' to every citizen, basically the start of equalizing us all.  From there forward, all buying and selling will be completely digital once they get the grid back up, which could take months.
    Just sayin'.  I think the whole push to 'buy gold' is a scam to get your money before this all goes down.  I mean, the gold just sits there, you can't really do anything with it, and who is going to buy it back?  With money you have power to feed yourself.  They take away your power and give you a little bit of gold, then they use your money to exchange for other stuff, because they know what's coming.  If gold really were the salvation of our monetary system, why are they advertising so hard to get rid of it themselves?
    Why aren't American's actively seeking alternate means of energy for transportation? (other than petroleum)
    They are, you nit.  Water powered cars have been a big deal since the 1800's, but the inventors keep getting  squeezed out (sometimes literally). 
    By the way, let's lay off assumptions about Americans, ok?  Why has no one else in the world solved the problem, either?
    Do you prefer the Jetson's or the Flintstones?  
    Jetsons, an American family using alt powered flying vehicles and robots.  We inspired the world to dream.

    The Simpson's or Family Guy?  
    I cringe in horror that these are my only two choices.

    Full House or Family Matters?  
    I tore my eyes out years ago over those, thank God kids grow up.

    Salute your Shorts or Legends of the Hidden Temple?  

    Xena: Warrior Princess or Hercules?  
    Gabrielle or Iolaus.  What the heck, I'll take Joxer.

    What is your favorite dog bred?  
    HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!  *gasp*  Wow, what some people would give for spell check if they only knew.

    Are you afraid of reptiles?  
    I love watching my chickens chase critters around.  Modern dinosaurs at their best.  Jaizzy can chunk down an 8 inch garden snake.  You've never laughed until you've seen a frog do getaway hops in super speed, or a lizard make a chicken turn fast tight circles till it's dizzy.

    What is, in your opinion, your best physical attribute?  
    So far this year, my left upper eyelid.

    Do you think you have a good sense of humor?  
    I know I do, because other people often want to shoot me and throw rocks. 

    What makes you unique?  
    I think everyone has the time thing wrong.  It's not a single dimension, it's not linear, it's not a smear of dimensions that can run in alt directions, it's not an illusion, it's not even a dissectible entity that is either preexistent on its own or completely dependent on the processes of the space we live in.  I think time is more like a macrame, fragmenting, intertwining, weaving throughout our existence in a way that would explain parallel worlds and p-branes.  But since I can't do the math, we just have to be satisfied that the quantum level of our awareness is about all possible worlds meticulously converging in beautiful loops and curves as we interface our observations with others, from the lowliest life form to other beings we know not yet of.  Which brings up the whole philosophical debate about sharing this 3D medium with other observers and the definition of reality, but I won't go there.

    If you could change one thing you did/did not do TODAY, what would it be and why?
    It's still early enough in the day, nothing comes to mind.  Maybe later this afternoon an epiphany will grind me to a halt with heavy regret, but for now I'm lighthearted and carefree.  Oh, wait- that's right, I'm not the sort of person who regrets and wishes to change things.

    Have you ever played Texas Hold'em?  
    I don't have that kind of patience, like mind games in slo-mo.

    Do you enjoy sports? If so, what is your TOP favorite sport to play or watch?  
    This is about the most boring question on surveys.  My fave sport to play is toying with people's minds because no one will play chess or badminton with me.  My fave sports to watch are the Triple Crown and all those crazy youtube extreme sport disaster vids.  I really miss pro football during spring and summer, but I'm not into it enough to be like a cheesehead or anything, like my mother-in-law.  I think I'm more into it for the weekly party/food ritual than anything.

    Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
    I answered something like this in a survey back in '06, weird how I remember that, but now it's five years later, right?  I'm in a way better place in my life than I ever dreamed I'd be.  So in another 5 years, who knows.  Maybe I'll be rich and able to travel.
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