April 6, 2008

  • Tolerance in Mental Diversity


    Vernon Smith, aspie, Nobel Prize winner:  "I think it's different kinds of minds, and the recognition that certain mental deficiencies may actually have some selective advantages in terms of activities. We've lost a lot of the barriers that have to do with skin color and with various other characteristics. But there's still not sufficient recognition of mental diversities. And we don't all have to think alike to be communal and to live in a productive and satisfying world."
    I feel mentally diverse today.    I'm enjoying it.
    Someone once said something to me about what I call 'staring off' or 'spazzing out'.  That, apparently, is a waste of time.  I'm not sure what better use I could make of that time- gaming? American Idol? taking out the trash? yapping on a cell phone? reading some kind of celebrity gossip? shopping?
    I know there are many people who spend thousands of dollars to visit luxury spas where they can relax, let go, possibly even reach nirvana.
    Those people go to extraordinary efforts to do what I do whenever I stare at a textured wall or light or moving water.  I reach Nirvana in seconds.  I wonder if they would pay thousands of dollars to be able to do what comes naturally to me.
    And then the coolest ideas suddenly zap through my brain and I feel such a surge of joy over neat thoughts.  Like, what if other universes could bump time around in ours?  If you're not a cosmology fan, don't scoff.  They are actually researching stuff that will probably sound like this.
    When I was in 6th grade I realized that a hand waving back and forth fast enough across a projector light could create a faint permanent shadow that light couldn't get completely around.  That's really weird, because it was getting through to hit the screen and dilute the shadow.  Yes, the teacher had to move me away from the projector.
    When I was in my 20's I realized that light could slow down and speed up and take shortcuts.  When they discovered fiber optics, I was the first one to say that they would find a way to break the speed of light barrier and that the phone at the other end would ring before you dialed, sure wish I had that documented.  Well, guess what.  Quantum packets are boosted through fiber optic cables in such a way that it ~appears~ that there was a tiny time jump into the future.  But we all know that sometimes a person picks up a phone before it could have conceivably rung after you've dialed, and they say it rang twice...
    After that I said Just watch, next they'll find a way to slow light down.  Bing.  A few years ago they successfully slowed down a beam of light in a lab. 
    I've never had a college physics class.  I'm not a mathematical savant.  But I love thinking about light.  I mean, photons- they go into your eyeballs, right?  And then what...?  If they bounced out our eyes would glow.  Do we absorb them into our heads?    Am I messing with your brain?
    A college professor once asked our class what our first memory was.  I said mine was of sunlight coming through the branches and making the yard bright green and the flowers bright colors.  Turns out that if your first memory is of a thing, you are different than if your first memory is of a person or social situation.  It means you're able to see things in a different way than other people, because I guess most people's first memories involve other people.  He was curious, testing us to see who of us would survive World Religions.  Could we think outside our little boxes?
    I didn't even know I had a box.  I think I left it somewhere way back in another galaxy.
    I remember someone asking me in an anatomy lab what my favorite thing was, and I said, "The raging debate over the age of the universe."  Because back then, a few years ago, there was a math error and they had the age set at 1 billion some odd years, and the earth is over 4 billion.  But now we know it's over 13 billion years old, so what is my favorite thing now?
    Now it's the twisting of time and space stuff.  I have a feeling it's happening all the time, we just don't have a way of measuring it yet.  Like, you're at work, right?  Everyone says it's the longest day...  Or some days fly right by.  What if they really do?  What if our universe is bottlenecking through another universe, hmm?    I sure messed with a few minds at work.  But it might be possible that we can intuitively feel this stuff.
    Or, yeah, I could just be weird.  But you know you'd love it on a scifi show.   
    Enough for now.

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