June 4, 2015

  • didn't abandon base camp

    If you're a Stargate fan like I am, and you've actually followed me onto the new blogs, you know I made it through that nasty dust storm (Xanga server move) and I'm having fun out there.

    Apologies, I don't think this blog is mobile friendly yet, but may be one day. In the meantime, if you're a lurker finding this blitzed and broken blog on search engines (I'm blown away by how much this blog is still visited) or one of my more ancient lurkers/friends and haven't figured out where I went yet, here's what's going on.

    Most of the surveys on this blog (which were shattered during the server move) have been fixed and migrated to Surveypalooza on blogger, which is mobile friendly. The vids are back in place, the links all work, and the page is beautiful.

    Most of the "Bluejacky" Aspergers related posts have migrated to Aspienado on wordpress, which is mobile friendly.

    SyfyDesigns.com (mobile friendly) was my anchor during the server migration, and I've somehow pulled in quite a bit of traffic over my Walking Dead Live Tweet Review, my Pinky Stuff, and several movie reviews I've written scattered through the forum threads and blogs there, including an original from this blog titled "Call Me Jim" under the migrated title This is your brain on JJ Abrams. I know, I keep fainting over the hit count there. It's a restricted site so it doesn't get spammed, and being somewhat admin-ish over there, I can see world traffic coming in, which is pretty sweet.

     photo syfydesignslogo.jpg

    I sort of resurrected my old chicken blog Duck Lords of the Sith, mobile friendly, but the original material is gone now.

     photo ducklordslogo.jpg

    Spaz on blogger is a mobile friendly spoonie (chronic illness) blog that sprung up during the dark years when I'd stopped blogging publicly elsewhere. I realized I wanted to separate the more intense posting about being ill from the fun posting instead of smashing it together like I did here on Bluejacky.

     photo spaz2.png

    YabloVH (Arch Heretic) was my first wordpress created during the migration and is also my gravatar placeholder account verifying my network, a klutzy attempt at consolidating my scattered public avatars through the years into one central ID hub. Yablo was my first internet name, and these are my real feet and 'sox' in the gravatar verifying the Janika Banks social media network.


     photo yablo.jpg

    The 'Arch Heretic' part of the YabloVH blog wound up becoming an aboutme pointer to a mobile friendly Lexx blog, Lexxperience on blogger, while GrandFortuna.xanga.com, my original Lexx fansite, was suffering migration issues.


    Lexxperience contains more links to more Lexx stuff I've created elsewhere.

     photo lexxperienceheader2.jpg

    This already seems like a lot of stuff, but I took one more step and made the decision to go completely public. No more private blogging, which I'd done for years and often joke that I've easily got 2 million words tucked away out of sight. Since I split Bluejacky apart, I needed to create a new personal blog home. My first new name coming back out public on twitter was PinkyGuerrero (I hadn't yet made the decision to reclaim being the one and only original Janika Banks), so my public personal blog has ever since been named that. I started immediately on Xanga after the server migration and eventually realized I had to do something about the still severely restricted mobile viewing, so I jumped over to blogger and have been Pinky there ever since.

     photo pinkyguerrero.jpg

    Since all these sites link around to everything else I do, I'm not going to list facebook, tumblr, pinterest, twitter, linkedin, G+, and all my other accounts. Everything can be reached through links on these blogs.

    The point to writing this out is me making sense of the scattered mess. I have a definite direction I'm going with this now, as explained at JanikaBanks.com, which for now is mostly just a dotcom placeholder.

     photo janikadotcom.jpg

    Bluejacky was my journey documenting bridging over from social deficit gone horribly awry to finding out why and learning how to rebuild the bridges I kept exploding. Those of you who've been part of this journey- apologies for misunderstandings galore, and I'm still around, bigger, better.


     photo endofworldbutton.jpg

    Thought I'd share the above info because apparently the traffic has been picking up lately.

    Here is the latest handful of you.

     photo bluejackymap.jpg

    I can't explain this. This is my most neglected blog ever. I just want the lurkers who keep coming back to know I really do appreciate it.

     photo bluejackypageviews.jpg

 photo surveybuttonsm.jpg

I've started transferring my survey posts over to Surveypalooza so people coming in from search engines on mobile devices will be able to see the surveys.


Apologies for the missing vids, another upgrade during the server migration swept through like a scan sweeping through the Enterprise. I'll fix those later, kinda busy...

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