• Fun Myspace Survey


    What did you do last night?
    Anyone else see Continuum on Syfy yet? What is up with the who's who of scifi actors in the cast? I mean, could they not get work anywhere else and they ALL wound up on the same show? Or is it an attempt on production's part to keep another new show from being canceled with a super solid cast line up? I think Smoking Man being in it iced the cake.
    What was the first thing you thought about in the morning?
    Xander Bennett keeps going on about Holy Motors being so awesome, and about the time I start wondering why in the world you don't even hear about this stuff in the U.S., he tweets a link to "best speech ever". I love this trailer, it totally hooked me.
    What are you wearing right now?
    It's so tempting to make something up, but I'm not sure anything can beat my noir lace crazy 'paisley' lounge pants. They're super soft, by Liz Claiborne.
    Are you in love with someone?
    My fave Big Bang Theory character is Stuart. You can go vote on the right side of that page. He's kind of got the same rabbit caught in the headlights approach to life assessment that Scott has.
    When was the last time you got drunk?
    There used to be a fansite called the Church of Buscemi, wonder whatever happened to that. Little bit of free association here, I read that question and Trees Lounge popped into my head, my fave Steve Buscemi film.
    Do you think you are a freak?
    I have figured out I'm a MerLexxian. It's all the thing now to smash your fave fandoms up into one description so you can blurb your stuff out faster on twitter and facebook. I might quite possibly be the only Merlexxian in the entire world. If you like the sound of that, you can follow me on twitter and tumblr. In the meantime, have some brain candy. If you've wondered if Colin Morgan and Xenia Seeberg have appeared on the same page ever before in the history of the internet, why yes, yes they have, on my tumblr. I screen grabbed it because stuff on tumblr moves around so fast, I think a couple of hours later these particular configurations were already gone. These thumbnails pop up pretty big when you click them.
    Partying or watching a movie?
    Probably juggling my snack and smart phone while I munch out and check my facebook feed during whatever is on tv, quite unlike the old days when I would check the Dune books out of the library because they were better than the movie. In the future I'll have brain implants and be able to incorporate several streams of media all at once without the fear of dropping crucial tech in the toilet.
    What pisses you off the most?
    About the time the prices went up on a number of goods, the price on my fave brand of toilet paper stayed the same, and I thought that was awesome, till I opened a package and the roll looked weird, and when I replaced the old tube, the new one was shorter in width by a good half inch, and the tube inside the paper was ridiculously bigger on the inside, so not only was there less toilet paper width (1/2" x length of roll), there was less paper wound up around the ridiculously bigger tube to equal the same size as the old roll with a smaller tube, and why in the world didn't they just raise the price on it? I can't imagine the cost involved in resetting all the machinery to make these changes.
    Last thing you questioned yourself on?
    I count on other people to catch my mistakes, like how I could have sworn Terra Nova had a season 2 still going in Australia after it was canceled in the U.S. I really don't mean to get people so excited, but that went on for a little while. They were cool about not throwing rocks at me. If you wanna follow my 'watchdog' list on twitter, go to
    Bars or clubs?
    Last year around this time Scott was stuck on the giant drum (Bongo Bongo) in Zelda's Ocarina of Time. After several days of hearing it go on and on ~and on~ I finally dragged him over to a youtube I found on how to defeat it in 15 seconds. Click the pic below the youttube to go to the official Zelda site. Anyway, THIS year we have a preggo with severe morning sickness throwing up around the place, so we're a little distracted. Kinda miss Link running around the ol' kingdom.
    What is the main ringtone on your phone?
    I found a soft 'windchime' that no one can tell is my phone ringing because I have the sound turned down so low. I miss a lot of calls, but maybe that's the point.
    Where do you want to be at a year from now?
    That's what's plaguing John Carter. I finally saw that movie over the holidays and LOVED. IT. I loved the original A Princess of Mars movie with Traci Lords, too, because I love weird rambling B grade movies based on ancient scifi, but John Carter was awesome. And I really love her hair. I don't normally ooze this much love.
    How many kids would you like to have?
    My first two grandkids will be arriving this summer. I'm having flashbacks of Bartholomew and the Oobleck.
    What is your favorite trait about yourself?
    I'd love to say my rapier wit, but it turns out I don't really have one. I've been faking it all this time. I know! I seduced you under a guise! A pretense! But I'm still sexy, right? hahahahaha
    Anything bothering you right now?
    Not a thing. I can say that with all sincerity at this point in time. The trick is to skip questions like this until it's convenient. And watch fun youtube videos.
    What do you do to relieve stress?
    Any time I stall out I just shoot over to a survey and answer a couple of questions and I'm good to go again. It's like super intense brain sex, especially if you're being really honest. And since I just avoided the last question, it looks like I'm not in the mood for sex right now. That's actually not true, because I'm toying with you and that is even better brain sex.
    Do you like pickles?
    No one has ever invented pickle flavored gum.
    Are you proud of yourself?
    I'm going way too fast in my head to slow down and see how I feel about pride in my accomplishments. Whoosh, there I go. And I've long ago accepted that I'm a dork and make ridiculous blunders and say stupid things and that stopping to think about it is like getting sucked into the La Brea Tar Pits. A fave saying of mine that a passed dearly loved one used to say (which she got from Monty Python) is "How sweet to be an idiot and dip my brain in joy." Live your life, spring forth in joy, and don't worry about what the world thinks. I'm not very good at being a socially interactive human, but I love you for being human, we're all stuck in this together. *kiss*
    Do you wish upon stars?
    Who started that? Way back in the ancient days when people had ~nothing~ to do but look up at the sky at night and talk, I bet this got started because someone got really tired of hearing someone else whining and complaining and said, "Dude, if you wish on that star right there, your wish might come true" yada yada, the gods are up there with the stars yada yada, shut up and let me get some sleep now...
    What is your one possession you never want to lose?
    This is my mobile desktop that I have been doing all my Lexx work in for my nerd blog.
    And this is my mobile unit for this survey blog. As you can see, it can pack up and go out the door with me remarkably easy in a pinch.
    I have a whole stack of spirals with projects going in them. One day you might hold a book I've written in your hands and go Wo, I *know* her...
    Who was the last friend to walk out of your life?
    Does anybody remember Menudo? For this and the next 4 questions, see if you can metaphorically replace 'friend' with Menudo. No special reason, well, there is one, but the contortions I would have to go through explaining this friendship would explode your brain. Easier to just think about Menudo, trust me.
    Do you miss them?
    The fact that the sound is glitchy in one of the headphones in this youtube only adds to the one-sided complexities of a wildly imbalanced and flamboyant interpersonal relationship. The song is totally relevant.
    Would you want them back in your life?
    How can you NOT miss something that fake and colorful and ~fun~? But there's only one way to survive a fandom, and that's to be loyal to the fandom. It's not about our individual proprietary wants and who is going to beat who at their game. You're either a leader or a suck up, I can't be both.
    What is your relationship status?
    The sweet thing about having the smallest feet in the family is that no one ever borrows my shoes. K, where were we? Oh, yeah, I'm avoiding gossip like the plague. Here, have a youtube that fairly accurately describes my relationships with people. This is basically what happens when people try to use me for their own evil schemes without cluing me in first.
    Are you happy with that?
    I have recovered. I'm staying busy. But that was the worst friendship breakup ever, it hurt like suck far worse than anything haters ever did, it took a couple of years to get past, and I'm never going through that again. Just glad to see I'm not the only one who reacts to fandom stuff the way I did. tumblr, Actress Georgia King closes Twitter account after being targeted But coming back now with perspective and a really good personal support system, here's how I play going forward- spaz: haters gonna hate, in reaction to a couple of famous people I follow, nothing to do with the Merlin fandom at all in case you think that's what I'm saying because of that first link, which was only an example. -And we're done here. Moving on.
    Do your parents have myspace accounts?
    My dad thinks everyone in the world automatically has a facebook page. He barely owns enough tech to watch the local news. I've given up trying to explain the internet to him.
    Are the majority of your friends male or female?
    Scott is in the bathroom with the door closed. It's dark. I tap lightly and he flings the door open, full beam from his head lamp right in my eyes blinding me, and yells "WHAT! I'm about to do some delicate work!" Pieces from a light switch lie all over the counter around the sink. He says "I'm testing to see if I'll get shocked." I say "Um, shouldn't you just turn the electric to that fuse off?" He says "It might make the washing machine stop." I say "Priorities, I think I'd rather have the washer stop than you DIE."
    Exchanges like this are common. Surprises like these stopped surprising me a long time ago. I expect one day I'll find him croaked off somewhere from something stupid. People who make the Darwin Awards don't have SO's stopping them. Or maybe they do and they're like Scott, doing stuff without telling anyone first. My fave story is the guy who vacuumed a wasp nest.
    On a scale of 1-10 how much do you like sex?
    How about 75? Sex is awesome, as long as you leave me alone with my own devices. That was just begging for a bad pun. I lately have a mild brain sex fixation with Xander Bennett and I'm trying to hold myself down because I think I obviously need peeling off.
    Would you go back and change any part of your life?
    This youtube convinces me I'm on the right track every single time I see it.
    Do you believe love lasts forever?
    Love does, we don't. We are puny and weak and epic fail left and right. Even with love. I'm glad we have the chance to learn it, although practicing on each other without an instruction book gets a little rough. For this, I have more compassion and forgiveness for other people's lame attempts.
    If you saw someone broken down on the side of the road, would you stop to help?
    I have done that. I got $3000 for my efforts and a nice note calling me an angle. When someone's mom has a brain attack (seriously, aneurysm) and drives 400 miles to another state and sits in the cold rain by the side of the road out of gas too confused to do anything, I might just be the person that notices and stops to check on her and takes her home and puts clean clothes on her and feeds her in front of a space heater while I have a highway patrol person go through her purse and call her relatives because there is no way I'm going to go through someone else's purse like that without a witness after I've taken them home, because I'm terrified someone will try to charge me with kidnapping and theft. This world needs more angles noticing what's going on around them and less texting while we're driving, capiche? And I know I spelled that wrong. That's how it's spelled in the note. Oddly, that's how it's spelled just about every single time someone writes to me in a note that I'm an angle. I think that means I'm one of the extra special ones.
    What do you think of when you hear the word Cheese?
    *running off to get some cheese*
    What color are your bedsheets?
    Whats your favorite word?
    Let me go you one better and show you the funnest twitter interaction I've had all year.

    What does your favorite shirt say about you?
    It says I'm a super cool cult fan and you're not, neener neener. It says I know where to find really cool stuff on the internet and you don't, neener neener. It says you don't know what the heck I'm wearing and you think it's just another strange fixation on a weirdo's torso, but I refuse to change it to something from Old Navy, so suck it. Click the pic to go buy it yourself. Ok, for the uninitiated, that is Wist from season 1 of Lexx, 3rd movie.
    Do you laugh enough?
    I have noticed that every time I super load up two different browsers to the point of having to clear both caches just to be able to save my work and shut down that the next time I boot up my laptop thinks it has to go into a crash dump, and I figured out how to nip that one and avoid it. When you see a crash dump window, QUICK, turn your computer OFF asap, just push that button and KILL it. Wait a minute, then boot back up, you get a question asking if you wanna do something drastic like 'repair', just move the highlight up to 'start windows normally' and click, and everything is back to normal. I've done this 3 times over the last 9 months, nothing bad has ever happened. I laugh with glee. ~Disclaimer- I am not responsible for your computer crashing if you try this at home. I'm just a really lazy person when it comes to dealing with 'reality', and maybe this is all in my head.
    Do you believe that dreams come true?
    MINE do. Don't know about other people's. I create and fulfill my own dreams and destiny. No one else can hand that to me, despite everything they say and believe and promise. Worry about your own life, not my dreams. I think it's time for an awesome piece of King Arthur fan art that's been going around facebook, tumblr, and twitter, no idea who did it.
    Whats one thing you would change about yourself?
    Every time I run across this question I wonder how people can really sit there in a funk dwelling on what is wrong with their beautiful selves instead of plunging headlong into a super cool head world that makes being here seem dull and uninteresting. Can you imagine our pets (I have chickens) sitting around moping about what they hate about themselves? Like, the very thing you love about your pet, maybe that's what it hates about itself, and there is nothing you can do to cheer it up and convince it you really do love it for THAT. I love that we all have our own quirks and looks and points of view. This world would be such a drag if everyone really could change themselves to be what they *think* they want. Everyone would be the same.
    Have you ever read the book "the notebook"?
    I mean, I'm really busy. But I've heard about it. Guys, I just can't sit through that stuff. If you're going to be telling a nursing home story, it had better be Bubba Ho-Tep. Huge Bruce Campbell fan, and I follow him at
    When was the last time you got a phone call?
    Exactly 10 hours and 39 minutes ago. I didn't pick up. I'm real bad to have my ringer muted.
    Where do you work?
    All over my house! And my deck, in my car, anywhere a mobile device goes. I do NOT work in traffic. I've missed being in a few hairy accidents with people who do. STOP THAT! If I think I *have* to text or tweet or write something in my notebook, I whip it into parking lots.
    Who is your favorite football team?
    Not saying these guys are my faves, but I can't help mentioning that the first time I saw the Seattle Seahawks play this year I immediately thought of Dredd for some reason. The futuristic 'we mean business' look is really cool.

    Have you ever bobbed for apples?
    Not sure if it's a plus to say that I'm really good at it...
    Have you ever thought you could do a better job at being president?
    HELL no. Egads. I have a hard enough time walking past Sir Gwaine on my Merlin calendar, I feel like he's judging me or something. Maybe I shouldn't have hung it right by the bathroom. Maybe behind a closet door where I wouldn't be walking by it all the time.
    If you could only drink one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?
    Trick question, guys, always pick water because you can put a teabag or coffee grounds or drink mix in it.
    Whats one food you could eat everyday for the rest of your life?
    Let me make you drool. I cook like this all the time.
    What was your custume for halloween last year?
    Wo, we're getting close to the end. This survey has only taken me only two days this time, and that's with two trips into town that lasted several hours. I think it's safe to say I'm past the trippy holiday depression. I didn't wear a costume, I felt pretty ill that night. I did manage to hand out candy, though, thanx for asking.
    How many cousins do you have?
    I lost count a long time ago. When we were little kids we got piled all over beds and the floors during holiday sleepovers. I think one year there were 15 kids in one room. I was liberally stepped on in the middle of the night, one kid rolled off a bed right on me (get the wind knocked out in your sleep, happy holidays), oh, and throw a cat or two into the mix. I had a cat that liked to sleep on my head, I think her nerves scooted her back out the door that night. And that's only a handful of the cousins. I have cousins across the continent. I'm not very good at keeping in touch. Ok, I suck at it. But there you go.
    Your in line at Taco Bell, whats your order?
    I'm a crunchy taco & 7 layer burrito person. Anyone remember the year Taco Bell was giving away a free taco because someone hit a home run or something? I drove to every Taco Bell I could find and ate really well for free that day. It was awesome. Here, I'll leave you drooling. Click the pic to go to their dotcom.

  • New Year Survey- 2013

    So, are you excited for the new year?
    New year, all new surprises. This last year was kind of like the Hercules reruns I've been watching on The Hub (and the New Year's Eve Hercul-EVE marathon coming up), culminating in idiots being thrown into village wells and such. Who does that? Why do they throw dirty sweaty bodies into the drinking water and think they did the village a service saving them from bullies? They still have to haul some pretty cranky bullies out of the well and then drink that water. I think I'd find that a little insulting. Now if it was Hercules that got thrown in, it would be a little more pleasurable pulling him back out, but when he's the one who walks off after throwing the icky guys in, I think I'd be a little grumpy with the son of Zeus. So this year could go in any direction, really, depends on how you look at it- if your well is half empty or half full, either way it's got a hairy body in it that needs hauling out.
    What was your favorite thing about this past year?
    The Merlin fandom, hands down. Even though I live streamed the 5th season direct from BBC One while I watched distraught fans freak out live on twitter, I still can't wait for it to start over again in the U.S. on Syfy.
    Who was your best friend(s)?
    Scott told me to go outside and get pictures *during* a microburst last week when I texted him the roof was coming off. A few days later after repair and clean up, he let me know if I had, it would have killed me because the edge of a shingle gouged a chunk right out of the new deck. See??? I *know* when it's stupid to go outside, duh. He thought I was just being wimpy. He thinks he's superman because he climbs all over carrying heavy stuff, kinda backfired this time. He's on ice packs missing work, not the young thing he used to be. Poor chickens are still missing half the roof over their pen. They skipped laying the day that happened.

    Did you fall in love this year?
    Did you miss this guy in the last survey? Now's your second chance to follow him on Twitter, just in time for season 5 of Merlin to start airing on Jan. 4th in the U.S. on Syfy. He doesn't tweet much, which makes it even more exciting to put him on mobile alert.
    Did you get your heart broken?
    If you'd rather get mobile alerts from people who tweet more often, follow the Knights of the round table!
    And follow Mordred and Gaius as well.
    Did you get a new car?
    Better, I got new chickens!
    Go somewhere exciting?
    I survived 8 hours in a car with my dad through Amish country and didn't throw up on anybody when I got carsick, but it *could* have gotten really exciting.
    Did you have a resolution for this year?
    I'm coming to grips with my severe arachnophobia for the first time in my life, which is huge considering I live in the woods and regularly get tarantulas and brown recluse in my house. I nearly gripped a spider as big as my hand when I reached out to grab a door handle, and nearly stepped on one as wide as my bare foot in my kitchen in the middle of the night. I feel about spiders the same way Xena used to feel about slaughtering thousands of people while she was a warlord.
    Did you keep it?
    So, resolution for 2013- Keep rebuilding my t-shirt collection! I have started off already with these two after-Christmas purchases, and got Scott the third for Christmas. Click pix to get to the websites.
    Did you dye your hair?
    I'm trying to grow it back out. It's slow going.
    Lose any friends?
    Jaizzy finally died. She was pretty old.
    Make any?
    The coolest friend I've made is a webmaster in the Netherlands. If you're a scifi fan, this is your ultimate pitstop.
    How much do you think you changed?
    I bounded back out of being a complete recluse that no one could find or get hold of to splatting my web presence all over the internet. My spell check is still trying to capitalize internet. 
    Did you grow any?
    I went ahead and slapped out a little over $500 to expand my little universe in a myriad of ways. And Scott totally upgraded my techability, that was cool.
    What month was your birthday?
    I'm the scorpioist scorpio you ever met. Brian Diva Cox (BrianDivaCox) on Twitter is on holiday break, haven't been getting any horoscopes this week. He's a nut.
    Was it special?
    The cosmic irony that is my life dictates that any special day must be made *more* special with other people's dramas and traumas until my special day is so piled on that it turns into the worst day ever. I don't look forward to birthdays and holidays for this reason. If I am to survive this life without taking any kind of bitterness to my grave, I have to let go of the whole idea that I could ever have a special day just for me and hoping that everything is wonderful and goes right and I feel great about the world.
    How were you in school?
    I was awesome, school sucked. My fave thing about twitter is tweets like these- "I wish my iPhone would stop correcting 'omg' to 'OMG', I'm not that shocked" The little chuckles get me through my day better than anything else on the planet.
    Do anything you regret alot?
    The problem with regretting a lot is not moving forward because you clog up your brain with angst and dismay and bitterness and all kinds of other negative emotions that don't do anything but drag your day down. I hold my regretting down to wishing I hadn't had that second cup of coffee so late in the afternoon kind of thing.
    Anything you regret NOT doing?
    That is Scott's specialty. It's redundant, but he seems to need to reiterate his list every weekend (for years and years), and once he gets past the list, the rest of the day is fine. He tends to multitask through this kind of stuff while he's defrosting frozen pancakes I've made ahead, till I'm ready to pull my hair out. All he has to do it zap the pancakes on high for 30 seconds, but he'll literally spend 5 minutes defrosting them in the microwave *first* while he goes over his regret list until I'm shoving him out of the way and stabbing buttons for him and telling him to get the syrup and shut up now. He says I suck the joy out of griping. I have ways of getting even. He asked me if you spell Mayans "Myans", and without looking up I just said yeah, and later ~after~ he sealed his Christmas cards, I asked him why he needed to spell it and laughed at him and he was all crap now everyone will think I can't spell, and I'm all why don't you look it up yourself in a search bar kind of thing. I used to let guys cheat off me during tests in high school, too, and they never learned. I don't regret any of this. You don't go marry a college girl so you can ask her how to spell. Or maybe you do, whatever. Here you go, have a celebrity apology for something deeply regretted.
    This is the thing he did that he apologized for.
    Was it a leap year?
    I actually had to go look, and yes it was. Next leap year is 2016, when my debit card expires.
    What are you most thankful for this year?
    Live streaming! How did we LIVE before live television from the other side of the world???
    Did anyone you love die this year?
    Since U.S. Merlin fans may not have seen season 5 yet, like I did live streaming this fall, I have to respect the whole spoilers thing and not tell you who all dies on Merlin. Remember, starting back up on Syfy on Jan. 4th! Ok, ok, I'll spoil a little- the queen of Camelot looks pretty dead slung over the horse unconcious like that. For hours and hours. On the same horse her husband, King Arthur is on... I laughed so hard. I mean, I love Gwen, but that was the most practical man scene EVER, poor thing. If you want any more, you have to watch the show.
    How many significant others did you have?
    Does anyone else ever wonder if Alicia Bridges was the springboard for Billy Idol's look?
    Did you get in trouble alot?
    We didn't know what to do with our old Halloween pumpkin and it was going all soft, so Scott busted it in half and we set it in the chicken pen, and those girls ATE it. *wow* Well, except for the shell, but they got it down to the flat rind. Took 6 chickens only 2 days to eat a whole pumpkin.
    Who are you going to kiss at midnight?
    This Emrys pic can double as a Father Time, how's that? And guess what- I'm getting TWO new year babies! Both my daughters are pregnant.
    Who do you WANT to kiss at midnight?
    Scott and I have the coolest lunchboxes. Mine is Spiderman, and it goes everywhere with me because of all my food allergies.
    What is your resolution for next year?
    Avoid the rocks.
    Who's house are you going to party at?
    I tried this nail polish from the Sinful Colors Professional line, # 927 'Nail Junkie', because I wanted something for Christmas without looking too perky, and this was cool, with all the glitter and dark green it was like lizard scales or something. And then a week later they all peeled right off in one piece, easiest polish removal ever.
    Going to watch the ball drop on TV?
    We'll probably look out the window at the lights in the yard before we hit the hay around 8:00. We're so used to getting up around 3 a.m. that it kills us to stay up till midnight.
    Will this year be better than last year?
    Oh, I hope so. This year was pretty monumental. I'd share, because it would make really awesome gossip and stuff, but then people would fling things at my head when I walk into their houses. Not a good way to make next year better.

  • My Survey Kicks Your Surveys Butt! {Great Grammar and Spelling}

    Are you cold, warm, or just right at the moment?
    At this moment my brain is stalled out in fuzz mode and I have no input on that and can't run a diagnostic. I'm trying to play wabble and fill out a survey at the same time while I listen to You Spin Me Round over and over and see if I can't kickstart some kind of linear thinking process. I'd drink coffee, but that's disastrous this late in the afternoon.
    Are you watching anything?
    I keep toggling over to twitter on the other browser, so I guess I'm watching the feed. The music is a video, but I shrunk it to do all this other stuff. The people in the wabble game are trying to get me to go see this stuff.
    Who was the last person to txt you?
    Eoin Macken. Ok, it was a mobile tweet. Ok, you dweebs who don't know who Eoin Macken is, he's Sir Gwaine on BBC One's/Syfy's Merlin. And I'll plug him for free, he's currently filming a new show called After Hours here in the States and you're gonna love it.
    How about the last person to comment you?
    Half the spams get to stay up just because I think they're so funny. One commentor gets blocked over and over because I'm evidently part of the great satan or something. Wonder how many blogs that person has created just to keep doing that. This one is for that person special.
    What was the last movie you watched at home?
    Wow, our memories are shot. Oh, yeah, Wrath of the Titans. No wonder we don't remember it. Hey, and Dark Shadows! Scott is saving me on this survey.

    Are you mad/frustrated at anyone right now?
    I started out a little frustrated because I had just woke up from a really rare nap after a big load of benadryl and got bombed with ten texts and calls all at once before my brain could boot up, and one of the calls was really for Scott about insurance (wtf MY number???) in the middle of a text reply I was fumbling badly, and I just lost it and busted up laughing and handed Scott the phone and had to IM someone to text someone else about something in question because I couldn't text back...
    What's for dinner tonight?
    I'm putting together the homemade stuffing for Turkey Day, which is a big deal here, so Scott got frozen tortellini, but it's his favorite so that's ok.
    Are any of your parents on your IM messenger(s)?
    Wouldn't *that* be scary.... My dad would be linking me left and right to rapture preachers and vitamin stores.
    Do you feel like you need to brush your teeth at the moment?
    Thanx, now I'm going to be obsessing over my teeth till I get up and go do that. Yes, I'm one of those weirdos. I carried a toothbrush around with me for years, finally just let it go and held it down to two brushings a day at home. I always have floss on me, though, in case MacGyver needs it for anything. He's my friend. I keep telling him to get his own man purse like Jack Bauer had, but he says it's too girly and I should have everything in my purse just in case, because you never know.
    When was the last time you took a shower?
    The funniest 'shower' discussion I ever saw on tv was Charlie Kelly from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia telling Frank that he could get a whole 'shower' in a public restroom out of one of those little restaurant wet naps. Can you imagine dating someone and finding that out about them??? haha
    What have you done today?
    *wow* You're a hard one, survey maker, you sound like other people in my life who think all I do is sit around on the computer, despite the fact that the laundry gets done, awesome food magically appears, all kinds of errands get taken care of in three different towns... Today I wrote a post about weird sexuality and psychological health as relates to a tv show (curious?) and helped Scott clean out the chicken house and made my homemade stuffing for Turkey Day on top of getting all his deer hunting clothes washed back up on top of my regular chores.
    Where are your pets right now?
    Huddled on a roost. Chickens are so easy, you don't have to train them to do that.
    Who was the last person you talked to in person?
    I'm about to ask Scott what in the world that noise he's making is. Sounds like he's taking something apart upstairs. He's an endless array of surprises.
    Do you miss anyone at the moment?
    My mom has popped into my mind quite a few times this week. I could psyche analyze that, but it's easier to think she's giving me little hugs from the other side.
    Have you ever felt like you found the "one"?
    I actually have found the perfect pie plate, from the Paula Deen collection.
    "Show this number 0063189951891 to a Walmart associate to find this item in your store." I use it heavily, at least once a week for the last two years.

    What was the last piece of candy you ate?
    Probably a few chocolate chips while I was mixing up a batch of cookies. Not really into candy. Well, except this kind lately.
    Are you thirsty?
    What I'd really love right now is a good cup of tea, but I've been having to cut my caffeine down again this month. They had a monitor back on me for a couple of days, but I think it was a bad sinus/ear infection more than thyroid kicking it off. Fun and games. This is old stuff, I had heart surgery 12 years ago. Other family members have skippy hearts and pace makers, really hoping I don't wind up like that. I've been kinda messed up ever since I had measles in high school, so all you people stressed out about vaccinations being harmful, lighten up. So is having the measles.
    Does that person that you last kissed mean anything to you?
    What, Scott? Dang, if you guys could see what walking behind him in his sleek black microfiber long underwear is like during deer season in between hunts, you'd melt. He's got a nicer butt and thighs than just about *anyone* I've seen on television. I don't know how I got so lucky. No, he refuses to let me get pictures so I can show you.
    Who was the last person to IM you?
    Only one person on the planet is allowed to IM me. And it's not Scott. He types too slow.
    What is todays date?
    NOW it is the day before Thanksgiving. At the beginning of this survey it was yesterday.
    Don't you hate it when your body parts fall asleep?
    My lower lip still goes numb since the Bell's palsy in 2004, and the back of my left eyeball still itches. Better than having a numb eyeball, I guess.
    Do you take any medication on a daily basis?
    When the economy crashes, everyone on thyroid and blood pressure pills will be screwed.
    What was the best moment of your life?
    I guess this is where most people say giving birth. I remember when our eyes locked for the first time, we were both pretty pissed off because it sucked.
    Are you single, taken, or is it complicated?
    I'm surprised Scott is so cool about how much I talk about us on the internet. All he does on the internet is play fantasy sports and buy stuff, but he's seen some of the trubba I get into and he's still cool with it. In fact, he recently upgraded our broadband and now wants to upgrade our phones *because* of some of the stuff I'm doing and the goals I have set.
    How old is the computer your on?
    *sigh* I wanna go back to bzoink and find this person and ask WHAT WERE YOU THINKING {Great Grammar and Spelling}. Were you being ironic??? Sarcastic??? Ok, sorry about that. I took this laptop in to the Geek Squad a few weeks ago thinking the worst, and all it needed was a new fan and a good dusting out. They told me as well as I'm taking care of it, it could last for years. Which is a relief, because I work this thing half to death. I'm noticing that I'm getting really super wordy with this survey tonight. I took a pain pill. Kinda floating through this.
    Did you ever wet the bed when you were younger?
    No one ever asks if I've been wet on by other kids.
    How much cash do you have on you?
    I have chapstick in my pocket.
    Who is always able to cheer you up when you're sad?
    Stuff like this really helps me get through rough days. Youtube fandoms rock.
    What is your blood-type?
    I wonder that myself. All these years of blood work and I have no idea.
    Have you ever faked sick?
    I have faked being just fine so much that I'm not sure how to act sick correctly. I can whine really well, but I just don't know how to croak off properly, so no one believes me.
    The last time you were in the fridge, what were you looking for?
    I have a complex rotation system for the eggs, because the hens are machines right now. I have around 5 dozen at all times, and I'm constantly racing to stay ahead of the new ones by clearing out the old ones.
    What type of day are you having?
    Pretty good, actually. Wore myself out getting a ton of stuff done.
    In your opinion, whats the best way for someone to die?
    I'm pretty sure that anything I prefer won't be what I get, just because the cosmic irony in my life is like that. I really should have just gone through this survey correcting typos like I do all the rest and take that stupid bit out of the title.
    How do you handle stress?
    By dumping words all over survey creators. Seriously, I'm taking this one's grammar and spelling personally for some reason.
    Anything good happening tomorrow?
    Do you like clowns?
    I've never understood the attraction to clowns.
    Has anyone ever under-estimated your intelligence?
    I like it when they do. It gives me incentive to plot demises.
    Has anyone ever borrowed something from you and never returned it?
    Worse than that, Scott is always putting things away for me and then forgetting where he puts them. His logic is vastly different from mine. We're going to have to work something out about the insurance, although going on a massive easter egg hunt in the event he croaks off might distract me from my sadness.
    Do you twitch when your falling asleep?
    Scott twitches, kicks, mimics walking, flips upside down, so many things in his sleep that I've slept on the couch for years, which also solves how often I'd be waking him up with my insomnia.
    In winter, would you rather wear jackets or hoodies?
    Scott wants to know how cold of a winter it is. He takes survey questions very seriously.
    If you could pack up and leave your life now to move away, would you?
    Oh, we SAY so, but it never happens. I'll believe it when I see it.
    Do you have an innie or an outtie bellybutton?
    It's a way innie. Was kinda funny getting to see the inside of it when I was pregnant, always wondered about that.
    Do you scrunch or fold your toilet paper?
    Scott says he's a folder. If I ever have money to blow, I want to special order cool toilet paper.
    Do you have a good relationship with your family?
    I own them when I make pie. >=)
    Can you crack your neck?
    The chiropractor told me this morning this is the worst he's seen my neck all fall. I recently stepped up my workout at the fitness center, so I guess I overworked.
    Have you ever been dared to do something you totally regretted?
    I posed this one to Scott and now he's stuck in the past. I'm relieved I didn't immediately pop up in his list.
    Have you ever blocked someone on MySpace before?
    Kevin Smith is my only friend on my myspace so far. I will never block him. It's a Kip Drordy thing, maybe.
    Do you feel you have a purpose or calling in life?
    Any time I feel guilty about using a paper towel or running water, I remember the opulence I see on A-List Listings and keep doing what I'm doing.
    Is your room painted or wallpapered?
    I've had cool ideas through the years, like different rooms in my house being decorated like Chinese and Mexican restaurants, but Scott sticks to plain painted walls. I've since decided I'm a minimalist, like a Vulcan, so it works.
    Do you lick your lollipops or suck them?
    Scott's headed out the door to the Turkey Trot now. He's hyper camera aware, no matter what he's doing or how subtle you are, he automatically snaps into THIS pose just before the click nearly every single time. Every time he gets excited about entering a contest to win a spot for an extra on a scifi show, I remind him that he can't NOT snap into this pose. We've been working on this for years.
    Has someone checked you out in a grocery store before?
    Security watched me one day in Walmart because I was loading up on flash drives. Even got a guy in a suit coming over to yap with me. I guess it's not cool to make big tech purchases before 8 a.m., or maybe they were bored. It could have been because I was such a knockout, but, no.
    What is the best kind of pizza in your opinion?
    It's a really close toss up between Pizza Hut and Papa John’s. Great, it's 6 a.m. and I'm already craving pizza.

    List three of your fears:
    Big spiders, dying naked, and being medicated against my will.
    Is there something that someone has done to you that you cannot forgive?
    I tried to be the brave one and take all the responsibility for what happened, but my psychologist pointed out I was coerced and really didn't have a choice, and that no decent human should have ever put me through that. I guess that's what the whole breakdown was about last spring. Sooner or later you just have to deal with the shock and the sadness.
    Have you ever felt stupid after saying something?
    I say something at least once a day that is face palm worthy. I rarely feel stupid. First of all, everyone else does it, too, and second of all, I'm way too busy to stop and cringe in despair over how I might look to someone else.
    Who was the last person to make you smile?
    A little tiny person waved to me.
    What color is your underwear?
    If I had my druthers, Jockey Classics for Women would have a wide range of collector prints, from china patterns to scifi to cartoons to beach scenes.
    Do you believe people who live in trailer parks are trash?
    I have lived in a trailer park. I have lived in worse than a trailer park. I've slept on floors and in a car. I have lived in a really nice house now for the last nearly 20 years. What makes a person trash is how they behave and treat other people. There is plenty of trash living on my nice street full of pretty houses.
    Have you ever cried so hard that you threw up?
    I have known people who have done that because they made such a circus out of crying, while other people I have known have suffered true sadness and despair without ever going through that. I have cried so hard I couldn't breathe and my diaphragm spasmed, which was so scary that I had to stop crying. I've never heard anyone else say that.
    Look to your right, what is the first thing that catches your eye?
    Scott is vacuuming the top of the microwave, bless his heart. He has me trained, I just stay out of the way. (I kinda skip around on these things, for those of you who are going, but- he just left for the Turkey Trot...)
    What color is your tongue?
    Have you noticed some people have really pointy tongues? Mine can't point like that.
    Do you find body hair sexy?
    Scott is a fuzzy guy, very huggable.
    Do you have freckles?
    Why don't humans have stripes? I think that would be cool.
    Do you put on deodorant on every day?
    Ah, the complexities of having to explain rotating off deodorant on shave days so I won't get a rash.
    When was the last time you yelled/felt like yelling at someone?
    I don't yell very well. I get cranky at Scott getting underfoot, but the whole yelling thing is too much work.
    What was the last compliment you received?
    Someone wanted me in a picture with them.
    Is there anyone who wont leave you alone right now that you wish would?
    I'm kinda liking the song Shadows on the Wind, and I like Shadow of the Wind. Do you think humans were born to have reflections like this? Do any other beings ever have thoughts like these?
    Do you scream at scary parts in a horror flick?
    I yell at characters who flub up. You should see Scott watching football, he actually leans right and left trying to help them zigzag around the field. It gets a little too interesting when I'm sitting on the floor at his feet getting a shoulder massage and someone fumbles the ball.
    Have you ever felt like life was unfair to you?
    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. *gasp* Oh, good one. You know what? I absolutely refuse to wallow in that crap. Some people see other people getting good things in life or being born beautiful or rich or whatever and feel galled about it all the time that life is unfair, but I just have to be thankful I'm still here. I have made it through so much unfairness, life has become a very precious thing. I don't have time to waste on poor me-ism. I'm busy doing cool stuff.
    What do you spend most of your time doing?
    Making life easier and more fun for other people around me. They think I rock. If I can't make it to the party, I bring the party to me.
    Who was the last person in your bed other then yourself?
    You mean like Scott? I like his smell in the sheets. Sometimes when I'm feeling really rotten and he's still at work, I take a nap in his spot because it's comforting.
    Do you really care what's going on in celebrities lives?
    I've got to stop living vicariously through Wil Wheaton and get me one of these.
    Have you ever broke a plate/bowl?
    Anything pyrex or corningware goes into spontaneous shatter events around me without provocation. It got creepy enough one year for me to clean all that stuff out of my house after a measuring cup exploded in my hand and glass coated the whole kitchen like dust, and it went through my robe and pajamas into my skin. I use stoneware and plastic almost exclusively now, and a little metal, but I'm really picky about that, too. And I'm not alone, you can find plenty of stories like this on the internet. It's a wonder tempered glass is still allowed to be so widely marketed for home food preparation.
    Does your house have air conditioning?
    This kind of question gets big stars for the survey creator, yes, I do, and I realize so many people in the world don't, so that's on my list of things to be thankful for this Thanksgiving. I saw old cars all around me last summer with their windows down in 106 degree heat, I really feel for people who don't have AC.
    When was the last time you felt like you didn't have a care in the world?
    This is the first Thanksgiving in about 8 or 9 years I have actually felt excited and happy about, and it's such a nice change. For anyone else dealing with family crises or illness and all the depression and anxiety that brings, big hugs. I love you. I know it sux. I know you cry. This song has been very very good for me this year.
    What was the last family get together you went to?
    I went to the sweetest little elope wedding a few days ago, stuff like that is precious and fun and worth getting so lost in the winding roads through the woods and hills that even the Tom-Tom gets confused. It was magical, like stepping into another world.
    What is your favorite restaurant?
    Before I exploded into food allergies shutting all that down, I was really into Ruby Tuesday. Everyone feels guilty now about going out to eat because all I order is milk or coffee, so I started packing my Spiderman lunch box and taking my own stuff to eat. It's surprising how sweet restaurant employees are to me, all I have to do is say "Sorry, I'm allergic" and hold up my cool lunchbox when they ask for my order.
    Has anyone ever drunk called/txted you?
    The way I fumble around myself with the brain fog and dyslexic fingers, I feel like I'm the one doing it to other people.
    Do you know anyone who has a homosexual parent?
    I'm sure I do, I'm just not aware of it. And that's how it should be.
    Have you ever moved? If so, how many times?
    I've moved often enough to dread going through that much work if we ever move again.
    What is your current myspace song?
    Yes, it's personal.
    What kind of color eyes do you like best?
    What kind of color eyes... arg. Ok, eyes. Always an eye color question. I'm not picky. However, given that dogs and cats can have yellow and orange eyes and birds can have red eyes, I've often wondered why humans don't have a much bigger color variety with eyes.
    Do you fake and bake or get a tan naturally?
    I burn faster than anyone I know.
    Do hate it when people are hypocritical?
    It kinda used to bother me, but wasting time on having feelings about other people's inconsistencies seems inconsistent with my own philosophies and lifestyles. I'd rather be too lazy to care. Except when it comes to survey creators who brag about their grammar and spelling and then slop their way through survey questions as bad or worse than other people. I don't know why this is bothering me so badly this week, I usually just blow it off or correct the typos.
    What was the last website you visited other then myspace?
    Someone is still myspacing... wow. I keep telling myself I need to go update my myspace and then I walk off and forget it.
    Have you ever tweeze your eyebrows?
    {Great Grammar and Spelling}, hun, you need a different verb tense. One of the weirdest things someone ever said to me out of the blue for no reason I could ever fathom was that the Egyptians used to tweeze their eyebrows, and I had no idea how to respond back so I never said a word, and the rest of the carpooling that day was so awkward I decided I just couldn't do that any more. If someone wants to say something about how I groom myself, just say it, I don't know how to play head games. I know, that sounds like a really lame thing to end the carpooling on, but this chick had over 20 cats and dogs captive in her trailer and her daughter got some kind of blood poisoning from an infection and I was very tired of hearing about what kind of sex her husband likes and the debates we used to get into over whether her psychology major carried more credence than my sociology major. In my opinion, the mentally skewed are attracted to psychology like flies, and me being on the more autistic side of life turns it all into weird Stephen King-ish stuff in my head. I don't need that kind of weirdness, I have enough of my own. If all it takes is my eyebrows to trigger someone, omg, get on meds or something *wow*. Yeah, the culminating last comment before I blocked that person from my real life. I'm a reactionary, it gets weird, I shut it down. I'm trying to get a better handle on that behavior and deal head on with letting it go, other people can be who they are and it's ok kind of thing. Wow, sorry, this got a little carried away. But like I say, if you do these things properly, it's like a psychological closet cleaning.
    Can you do a backwards london bridges?
    Do you mean like on the piano? Or like the youtube with the backward London Bridge song that's supposed to sound demonic? Or like actually playing it out like little kids? I'm epic failing at this, but at least I know it's London Bridge Is... I keep making noises of disgust, so Scott butted in, and now he wants to know where this person got their liberal education. I asked Scott if *he* got a liberal education. He said no. I said, And you've got great grammar and spelling, right? (He's terrible.) And he said, No, I just didn't pay attention. What a goob.
    What type of music could this world live without?
    There is one piece that comes on the Spa channel around 3 a.m. that is a flute solo called "Imagination" that seems like it lasts for about 8 minutes that is so terribly annoying that I not only wake up, but have to get up and go into the other room till it's over. THAT is 'music' the world could live without. It sounds like a kid got hold of a flute they found laying around on the ground.
    Do you have a job? If so, where do you work?
    My job is this. Being myself. I have goals, but the main thing is that I keep doing what I'm doing in order to reach those goals.
    What smiley do you use the most on the computer?
    Are any of your pets "overweight"?
    "No". My chickens get regular exercise and healthy greens and proteins. They lay better when they are trim and happy.
    Do you find it romantic when a guy/girl whispers in your ear?
    Scott's breath is so steamy that I just feel damp, and I always have to ask him to repeat what he whispers because it's so buzzy, but maybe I'm taking all that too literally, maybe I'm supposed to just go with it and see where it leads. Except he probably isn't whispering in my ear to be romantic to begin with, maybe he thinks he's being covert in a situation calling for synchronized action, or maybe he's telling me a joke or something. Isn't it funny how it all depends on how you see it? Like young people think something is so romantic because every little touch and eyeblink sets them off at that age, and years later the exact same thing is a nuisance.
    Who can you go to anytime of the day for anything no matter what?
    Surveys!!!! Yay! Survey creators are always there for me.
    What color is the shirt you're wearing?
    HA!!!!! You finally caught me wearing a different t-shirt! I'm wearing my Merlin tee today.
    Name three things around you:
    Pillows, remote, and the wonderful smell of herb roasted chicken. We're having stuffed cornish hens for Thanksgiving. Not doing a huge deal. Veggies and dip, green beans and potatoes cooked together so I don't have to mash anything, cranberry ambrosia, homemade rolls, apples to dip in homemade caramel sauce afterward, punkin pie.

    Do you believe you are a nice person?
    I try not to be. I'm such a pushover that I'm constantly taking the back seat to other people's priorities, and I'm changing that. I don't want to die bitter, knowhutImean?
    Are you hungry right now?
    Yes, actually. I woke up at 1:15 and now it's 2:40, and I think that's the problem right there, I need a snack. I'm real bad about forgetting to eat sometimes, and I don't recall having any supper last night. (Ha, this was another one of those skipping around questions. That was in the middle of the night, and now it's almost 9:30 a.m.)
    Has anyone ever bought you a ring?
    I don't wear rings because I know a couple of people who have lost fingers over rings getting caught on stuff, and I'm just klutzy enough to do the same thing, but I did let Scott buy me a pinky promise ring years ago, and he took me in so I could design it myself. It's a gold rose on a twisted rope band with a pink ruby set into the heart of it. I wear it on a chain along with a matching pinky twisted rope wedding band. Odd bit of trivia, for anyone wondering where the Pinky Guerrero name comes from that I use elsewhere, this is just one of the reasons. I've been a Pinky for a long, long, long time, just never used it publicly till this year. And then discovered there are a hundred Pinky Guerrero's out there.
    Name three of your favorite colors:
    Royal blue, sky blue, and the third is a toss up between midnight blue and cornflower blue.
    Don't you just hate that morning mouth taste?
    Scott is still very garlicky from the tortellini he ate last night. I like it, he smells delicious.  Since this is the last question, I'll tack on a pic of my turkey trotters.

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