May 16, 2011

  • 'no title' survey


    1.) When was the last time you had tea?
    Ok, how many of us own a copy of The Book of Tea by Kakuzo Okakura?  Or get Tea Time magazine?  Scoff at the dorky tubes of cheap tea flowers they sell at Christmas?

    2.) Do you ever watch those cake shows on the Food Network?
    Get with the times, geez, I watch the Israeli Spice Agent on the Cooking Channel.

    3.) Is it annoying when sites have a music player on their profile?
    Easier to keep the sound down, I never have a clue.

    4.) Do you think Friend-Locked is annoying?
    When your xanga is so old it doesn't support having friends in the first place it doesn't matter.  Or, easier to just never accept friends if it does.  Seriously- friends, subs, they're all annoying at some point.  I've trained my readers to just bookmark my page in their faves.

    5.) Do you ever read someone else's survey site & know pretty much what's going on or what went through in their life?
    Everything from the gay liasons after school to the heartbreaking fight, egads, I need to find a better survey site before the college saga begins.

    6.) Are you failing any classes?
    I've got a movie on pause while I think about making supper.  My life, it's so complex.

    7.) What do/did you have plan for Spring Break?
    I was oblivious.  We went on vacation one year a week before spring break, awesome way to get everything you want pretty cheap.  Top of the line hotel room with an ocean view, etc.

    8.) When was the last time you used a calculator?
    Constantly.  I can't trust my brain any more.

    9.) Are you wearing pants?
    Awesome pj's, right?


    10.) Do you follow your horoscope or do you think it's bullshit?
    They fail to warn me about many bad things.  I can't believe people get paid to make that stuff up.

    11.) Do you really think the world is going to end in 2012?
    I'll be on the twitter feed live from Jerusalem about the May 21, 2011 rapture being false.  And watching the Preakness.  Sir Isaac Newton calculated the world wouldn't end before 2060.

    12.) Have you ever encountered a ghost?
    A ghost encountered me, it got ugly.  Glass tends to shatter spontaneously when that happens.  I don't know if they fear me or what, but I was pretty ticked about the glass shards going right through clothing into my skin.

    13.) If the last person that called you confesses that they like you, what would you do?
    It's ok to let people just randomly like you as long as they don't make a big deal of it.  What gets a little too funky is when they want to do something about it.  I had a friend once who couldn't stop giving me expensive gifts and many pictures of herself.  I've often wondered how badly I could creep certain people out doing stuff like that.  It would be like a social experiment.

    14.) Do you have a Stickam?
    This old pc I'm on is a tricky thing, I get it to fly and then it realizes it has no propulsion.  I have avoided live streaming for many years, and I had to get a top of the line laptop and a special security package just for Rush, and even then the streaming wouldn't work until I told the security to calm down a bit.

    15.) What's the plural form of octopus?
    Did you know that wild flamingos aren't born pink?  They turn pink from the beta carotene in the algae that grows in certain hot chemical springs.

    16.) Do you think pick-up trucks are awkward?
    Even more awkward hauling a sheep cross country in the back of a station wagon.

    17.) What was the reason why you stayed after school for?
    What was the reason I raced across campus and dove headlong onto the bus?  Hint: I wasn't about to miss the bus.

    18.) Does your school ever have bonfires?
    My school wouldn't let me outside to see an eclipse because I didn't have a note signed by a parent.  I never forgave the school for that.

    19.) Would you rather be at the beach right now?
    Beachside 5 star hotel and room service.

    20.) What do you have planned for this summer?
    I am growing lettuces on the deck so I won't have to pay $3 a bag at farmer's market.

    21.) Do you think there's a lot of potheads on Xanga?
    I don't care.  I see a lot of pseudo-intellectuals out there... 

    22.) Sheepdogs are cute, right?
    Arg, this survey is getting on my nerves.  I can't say enough how I have loathed sheepdogs since childhood because they look like giant mops without eyes.

    23.) Have you seen the movie Avatar?
    Yeah, I got really irked about the whole flying issue around the weightless floating giant rocks, especially when the explanation was something about GRAVITY.  *aaaah, I just shot way up into the skyyyyy...*

    24.) Do you know what a vasectomy is?
    I have helped to vasect many a calf and lamb.  Be careful how you handle cats or you'll bleed to death.

    25.) When was the last time you washed your pet? If you don't have a pet, when was the last time you showered?
    Chickens don't need to be washed.

    26.) Don't you just hate it when you run out of hot water while you were in the middle of taking a hot shower?
    Ha, try living with a community well sometime and they shut it down with no warning in the middle of a shower...  Yeah, really happened, had shampoo in my hair and everything.

    27.) Chocolate or vanilla cupcake?
    You can have the cupcake.

    28.) Do you think crabcakes are delicious?
    I eat one at Ruby Tuesday every little bit, with grilled lemon squirted all over it, and that dip they make  mmmm

    29.) How often do you get the munchies?
    I found out a really cool secret that you'll never hear outa big pharma or the diabetes foundation because they make so much money on sick people.  Did you know that eating carbs gives you more carb cravings?  Every time your blood sugar goes up and then drops back to its normal resting level, your body thinks it has to go up again, and you get the munchies.  Doesn't do that if you stick to proteins and healthy fats.

    30.) Do you know any parent that lets their kids smoke or drink?
    I don't even care any more.  You reap what you sow.  I see parents all around me wondering why their kids wind up flushing their lives down the toilet, but it never dawns on them that the vices might have anything to do with it.  They used to call them vices for a really good reason.


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I've started transferring my survey posts over to Surveypalooza so people coming in from search engines on mobile devices will be able to see the surveys.


Apologies for the missing vids, another upgrade during the server migration swept through like a scan sweeping through the Enterprise. I'll fix those later, kinda busy...

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