• shop till you drop survey

    Gonna geek my foodie obsession all over you guys in this one. Run screaming if you are on a diet.

    1. What is your favorite way to shop? Online or in the actual store? 
    I've been known to haunt any kind of shop far and wide that sells ~any~ kind of food, but I'll definitely have it shipped in if I can't find it locally. Got the most wonderful avocados that way. Click the pic to check it out.

    I can tell already this survey is going to turn into a book, because I get excited about food history and the movement of food around the globe as goods and services (seriously, 4th grade, I have this textbook, I LOVE social studies, and now I own the huge A History of Food).
    I think about food *all* *the* *time*, like when I'm watching Merlin, you think about people way back then not having the food we have nowadays and stuff. Well, apparently some fans got really picky about it and went to great lengths to point out to the show creators that Merlin couldn't have eaten a sandwich or had tomatoes thrown at him in the stocks (from to which the creators laughed and said Yeah, well, they didn't have talking dragons back then, either... (commentary in this video)

    My favorite meat counter is at Harter House, my fave fresh organic vegetables are at MaMa Jean’s Market, my fave place to buy bulk olive oil and butter and other pricey stuff is Sam’s Club, and my fave place to pick up locally produced foods is Heather Hill Farms. Since I'm working on this survey on Cinco de Mayo, here is one of my fave Weird Al fanvids. He's a good one if you like food songs.

    I love making pretty food that tastes good. One of the neatest tricks I learned was mixing a dash or two of smoked paprika into the breading mix before I bread and fry stuff, along with a dash of garlic powder, a dash of black pepper, and a sprinkling of something herbly like basil, thyme, rosemary, or oregano. Or all of them. Lightly salt the meat or veggies first, then dredge, then fry.
    I sometimes think managers cringe because I ask so many questions, like where is the saffron and could they get any in for me, and they're going what the heck is saffron... even though I live in a very ethnically diverse area. It used to be almost impossible to find smoked paprika in SW MO, too, and I know this because I hunted high and low through 15 stores across 3 towns. Well, thanx to the food channels making ethnic cooking more popular and the McCormick® Gourmet Collection making a new display, I can now find saffron in nearly every store I visit, including Walmart.


    Now all I have to do is dress up like Nadia G while I cook...

    My fave aisle is the baking stuff, flours and oils and all kinds of stuff for pies and cakes and cookies. Since I'm allergic to everything with nuts and citrus in it, even by association, I have had to learn to make everything from scratch, and I have to say I make the most delicious yellow cake I've ever tasted from a combination of recipes I hunted down on the internet. I've never seen another recipe quite like mine, and Scott has sworn off gourmet cupcake shops over it. One day I'll share it.  
    Speaking of cake, I was invited to Matthew Willson's 40th birthday party!  And so was Ellen Dubin!  I know! If we were both going I could hang out with her! But alas, 'tis not to be. Friend Matt on facebook and follow his twitter. Like Ellen's facebook fanpage and follow her twitter. (some of you coming back might notice I changed Ellen's facebook link-here's why)


    So Matthew Willson produced and starred in an independent film called Skinning the Cat, and if you want to see him in other stuff here is a demo reel- caution for language and very brief male nudity (not Matthew), so do NOT watch this if you don't like the rough stuff.
    And which account do I use, while we're at it? I'm notorious for paying with a baggy full of change just so I can clean out the coin bowl. Really going to miss those pennies when they finally revise them out of our monetary exchange system. I'm picky about my tea, too. If I forget that I've got a bag steeping and come back later, I throw it all out and start over. Went through half a box of tea bags one day because I was absorbed in something else I was doing.


    Friend of mine on twitter has been in India with a group and told me it doesn't matter how strong it gets there, you just milk and sugar it up and drink it!  You can read about her experiences there and follow Sarais_thoughts on Twitter.
    I kind of am. When I see a really beautiful head of cauliflower it's all I can do not to bring it home. Despite loving cauliflower, I think I throw more of that away than anything because I have way too much to eat. This song could be my cauliflower song if it rhymed with anything.
    We've been through major debt because of medical bills, which I think a lot of people go through sooner or later. No matter how bad stuff gets, stick to someone. Don't go through it alone. Lately one of my fave authors is facing massive medical debt because his son was in an accident. He made the coolest post on his facebook yesterday. If you'd like to keep up with updates you can also follow David Farland on Twitter.



    I used to hit my favorite restaurants there quite a bit, but now that I can't eat anything on the menu without risking a reaction, I hardly ever go any more. I drool over kitchens like this one since I'm in my own kitchen so much.


    This actually happened.


    And since I was having a slow brain day, I was a nidiot and said no thanx, I don't play video games. ~DERP omg~ Ten seconds later I was going back begging for that key because I know sooooooo many people that DO. And I would have given it to you all right here because I'm that cool. Except now I suck because I was so dumb.
    But that has nothing to do with food, you say. And I say I KNOW, so let's go comfort ourselves with some junk food!  Here, look, I made another chocolate pie! Well, actually two since the last survey, the one with the pink meringue is me playing around trying to make it look like marshmallow strawberries, and the purple meringue was me playing around with how well I could make shapes. I think eventually I'll be sculpting meringue like a pro.





    People are always asking me that about my coffee. We used to drive a couple of states north just to pick up Caribou coffee and a few other things once a year, but they've finally got it down here now at Target and Hy-Vee, thank goodness. Caribou Daybreak is Scott's favorite. My favorite is Ozark Mountain Blend from Churchill Coffee. We mix them half and half for the most perfect coffee we've ever tasted, guess you could say it's our own house blend.



    My youngest is getting a LOT of oohs and ahhs over these baby shoes that came across the pond from Gems-Stones-Studs at Diddy by Design, and she can't wait till her little girl is born and can get pictures made in them.  

     This is a recipe going around facebook that I think would be precious to try at a baby shower, and super easy to make.

     photo pinkfudge.jpg

    1 16 oz can of strawberry frosting
    1 12 oz bag of white chocolate chips
    2/3 cup chopped pecans
    Lightly spray an 9×9 pan ( or a 9 x 13 pan for thinner bars ) with cooking spray. 
    Put chocolate chips in microwave safe bowl and melt them,( not letting them burn) You could also use a double boiler.
    Stir in entire can of strawberry frosting.
    Stir in pecans. 
    Spread into pan and chill in refrigerator for 30 minutes.
    Cut into squares and serve.

    I buy whatever I want wherever I see it if I have the money to spend, but since I'm about the least material person I know, that means I have more money available for nice food. I heard about this really rare white honey that comes from only one place in the whole world and had to try it. Volcano Island Honey

    Not yet. What I'd *like* is to splurge on some more ceramic bakeware. I ~luv~ that stuff. It's heavy like cast iron so it cooks more evenly than metal pans, and so much easier to clean up. I also like those new Orgreenic pans, picked one up, guess we'll see how it works out. So far so good.

    I get all kinds of coupons back from companies I've written to about either what I loved about their products, or problems I had with them. I live near the heart of Tyson Chicken country and know people on several big farms that contract with them raising chickens and turkeys. I have absolutely no quarrel with them, except one year I noticed their frozen cornish hens seemed more feathery than they used to be, and I let them know I was really tired of having to pick out the pins and feathers that had been missed. I got all kinds of free chicken, the more I complained, the more coupons I got. I finally went online and did some research (plus I get World Poultry Magazine), and basically the whole line had been revamped to accommodate the problems live chickens were going through at the top of the line, which led to not only better quality in the meat down the line, but far less suffering overall. So I thought Ok, I can handle a few feathers for that. Since then a new line called Smart Chicken® has moved into most of the stores, and that's usually what I pick up, even though it costs a little more, because the meat is in such good condition, which means the chicken wasn't treated badly getting all bruised up and broken, although, yes, you still get to finish cleaning off a few pin feathers and fuzz. This is kind of a big deal when you make your own chicken stock, but since I very thoroughly inspect and wash my chicken before it goes into the pot, I've never found any of that in my stock.


    There are certain grocery items I ALWAYS check prices on as I shop. I'm not a browser, so I glance around at high speed, most people probably never see me do that. For instance, canned milk- depending where you go and what brand you buy, that stuff is regularly 30 cents higher or lower per 12-oz can, which would be a monumental deal if we were talking gas prices. Every time I save $1 buying store brand canned milk, I can spend that $1 on nicer meat, capiche? If I wait till Christmas season and buy chocolate chips $1 cheaper per bag and stock up enough to make a batch of cookies once a month all year, I've saved $12 dollars. If you guys aren't noticing this insane waste of your money and still complaining about gas prices, you're kinda dumb. I save so much money just noticing when is the right time to buy staples with long shelf lives that I never need coupons. I get real butter at very reasonable prices and throw piles of it into my freezer, and then don't worry about needing it when the price doubles back up. Bacon goes more than half off around bbq season, I buy piles of it and it lasts all year. Stuff like that. We eat really well in this house, and some people think that's a hoity toity way of life, but when you save $50 a month on all your staples, it's easy to spend that $50 at a quality meat counter. And really, this is my kind of gaming. I'm so good at remembering prices between all the stores, it's like hitting that pot and finding a gem in Legend of Zelda when I run into a price drop. I get a little rush.  When you find your fave designer coffee going down $1 per a 12-oz bag, it's insane not to grab about 6 or 7 of them, right? Free bag of designer coffee right there. This is what hunting and gathering is all about in the 21st century, people.

    I have worked in retail till I dropped, literally. I've always been a workaholic, thanx to my upbringing. I grew up labor intensive on a self sustaining Mennonite farm, which probably goes against all child labor laws, but it certainly created a framework for successfully navigating through the rest of my life. I think that's what I like about watching Chopped All Stars, you can tell they're the same way. We love food work. These are my people. The ONLY reason I left restaurant work was because I didn't want to commit 24/7 to management over being with my kids, but if I'd never had any kids, that's exactly where I'd be right now, or most likely would own my own place by now. My very fave celebrity chef (among MANY over the years) is Anne Burrell. I first watched her sous chef for Mario Batali on Iron Chef America, and I haven't missed a single one of her shows since then, especially Worst Cooks in America. I'm a rabid scifi fan, but I bet I've watched more food shows in my life than any other kind of tv show. One of my very favorite shows is Two Fat Ladies, I've seen every episode 3 times and read all the books they've written.
    I've been known to crack open a chocolate milk and take a pain pill after physical therapy while I shop for groceries on the way home, yes. There is one store in particular I hit where one of the sackers has known me for years, and she watched me crawl through the nightmare of immobility and motor carts for a couple of years, and now I'm walking around pushing my own cart again. Still difficult to bend into the cart and get my stuff out to put onto the little conveyor (I have doctor ordered weight restrictions on what I can lift), but it's SO nice to be able to do the shopping myself again. Because of all the spinal pain I still go through, I've discovered that eating standing up is actually quite enjoyable. We have this mindset that we must sit to eat, but when we do that, we miss our deeper instincts. Picking through fresh roasted meat while it's still fresh from the oven before I shred or dice it up is heavenly, and moving around between bites (since I'm already conveniently standing up) keeps me from overeating. It's so easy to gain weight as we age, but if you stop sitting down through most of your meals and keep doing chores in between bites, it's very enjoyable to eat without overdoing it.
    Scott's a real man, he doesn't eat quiche. I make a ~fabulous~ quiche. We call it egg pie. He loves egg pie. I would love to get the Spice Agent's take on quiche.  



    I'd rather be alone! I know that sounds harsh, but I get so distracted when I'm shopping with someone that we laugh ourselves silly and I can't follow my list for beans. That sounds nice, you say, and I say yes it is, until we get home and I'm missing vital ingredients. Does this mean I choose food over friends? I don't know, I've never psyche analyzed that part of myself, but I do know I love cooking FOR friends. I believe in the burrito. From Enjoy Your Burrito-
    “Enjoy Your Burrito” has become a catchphrase of sorts for the Nerdist Podcast, closing every episode, but what does it mean? All was revealed in this episode, which posted on October 4, 2010. The burrito thing comes up at about the 56-minute mark, when Jonah discusses living in San Pedro, trying to get his comedy career going, and getting depressed. He talks about going to his favorite burrito place, and being depressed when halfway done with the burrito because it meant he’d have to go back to his depressing job. And that’s when he decided to “believe in the burrito,” enjoying the rest of the burrito right at that moment and worrying about the other stuff later. That story became, in shorthand form, “Enjoy Your Burrito,” which Nerdist fans have adopted as a motto for life.
    And since Jonah Ray, Matt Mira, and Chris Hardwick have impacted ~my~ life for the better through that, they can help you, too. (Brief language warning, mostly after 7:45.)



    Have you noticed that people using 'green' bags don't always shield the insides of the bags from direct contact with their raw fruits and veg? The reason plastics are such a big hit is because they are an effective barrier against germ spread. I'm all for going green, guys, but if you seem to be having upset stomachs a bit more than you'd like, read this handy guideline about the use and care of green bagging it.

    Food safety awareness is key to healthy living. I am acutely aware that my own organically raised chickens may be salmonella carriers because of stuff like this video. Please be aware that 'organic' isn't synonymous with 'germ-free'. Because of this, I keep my hands away from my face as much as possible, wash my hands thoroughly when I come back into the house, and thoroughly cook the eggs my chickens lay. Living a healthy lifestyle with reusable bags and organic foods can still lead to fevers and puking your guts out, so be smart.

    This is someone else's chicken.

    This is my chickens eating watermelon, yum!


    I can never not use a cart. I need it to hold my purse and jacket while I look at stuff.  I'm mise en place everywhere I go.
    I actually like eating the bones, but I make sure they're crunchy crumbly first.
    I have never tried making chocolate crepes. And I've kinda been wondering how chocolate pancakes taste, but that seems a bit much. Can you tell I'm in a chocolate mood? Scott likes grape jelly on his pancakes, which I think is weird. Speaking of grape jelly... Scott is one of those guys who walks past flinging blurbs out that he *thinks* is part of a conversation he's already having with me in his head. He's an avid fantasy baseball player juggling multiple teams, so it got a little weird last month when he walked by and asked out of the blue if the Orioles had any grape jelly. I couldn't imagine what in the world was going on in one of his ball teams THIS time, so I was all whaaa?, but then I thought Ok, musta heard him wrong, he meant Oreos because he loves those spring Oreos with the yellow filling, but jelly??? So I had to ask. I usually try to avoid asking, because sometimes it gets ridiculously more complicated than it needs to be, and sure enough, he thought *I* was the crazy one asking about Oreos and grape jelly. I'm sure you birders have already figured out he was thinking about putting an Oriole feeder up. I got this picture a few days ago in between one slurping jelly. It's the only way I could get it on camera at all.

    This is where it comes in real handy being allergic to nuts and peanuts. Nearly all candy near a register has an allergy warning on it. Since I steer clear for that, I never have to worry about calories from impulse candy.
    Shopping for chocolate!  I snack on Hershey's milk chocolate chips because there is no nut or peanut allergy warning on them.

    Follow your destiny!


  • Fun Myspace Survey


    What did you do last night?
    Anyone else see Continuum on Syfy yet? What is up with the who's who of scifi actors in the cast? I mean, could they not get work anywhere else and they ALL wound up on the same show? Or is it an attempt on production's part to keep another new show from being canceled with a super solid cast line up? I think Smoking Man being in it iced the cake.
    What was the first thing you thought about in the morning?
    Xander Bennett keeps going on about Holy Motors being so awesome, and about the time I start wondering why in the world you don't even hear about this stuff in the U.S., he tweets a link to "best speech ever". I love this trailer, it totally hooked me.
    What are you wearing right now?
    It's so tempting to make something up, but I'm not sure anything can beat my noir lace crazy 'paisley' lounge pants. They're super soft, by Liz Claiborne.
    Are you in love with someone?
    My fave Big Bang Theory character is Stuart. You can go vote on the right side of that page. He's kind of got the same rabbit caught in the headlights approach to life assessment that Scott has.
    When was the last time you got drunk?
    There used to be a fansite called the Church of Buscemi, wonder whatever happened to that. Little bit of free association here, I read that question and Trees Lounge popped into my head, my fave Steve Buscemi film.
    Do you think you are a freak?
    I have figured out I'm a MerLexxian. It's all the thing now to smash your fave fandoms up into one description so you can blurb your stuff out faster on twitter and facebook. I might quite possibly be the only Merlexxian in the entire world. If you like the sound of that, you can follow me on twitter and tumblr. In the meantime, have some brain candy. If you've wondered if Colin Morgan and Xenia Seeberg have appeared on the same page ever before in the history of the internet, why yes, yes they have, on my tumblr. I screen grabbed it because stuff on tumblr moves around so fast, I think a couple of hours later these particular configurations were already gone. These thumbnails pop up pretty big when you click them.
    Partying or watching a movie?
    Probably juggling my snack and smart phone while I munch out and check my facebook feed during whatever is on tv, quite unlike the old days when I would check the Dune books out of the library because they were better than the movie. In the future I'll have brain implants and be able to incorporate several streams of media all at once without the fear of dropping crucial tech in the toilet.
    What pisses you off the most?
    About the time the prices went up on a number of goods, the price on my fave brand of toilet paper stayed the same, and I thought that was awesome, till I opened a package and the roll looked weird, and when I replaced the old tube, the new one was shorter in width by a good half inch, and the tube inside the paper was ridiculously bigger on the inside, so not only was there less toilet paper width (1/2" x length of roll), there was less paper wound up around the ridiculously bigger tube to equal the same size as the old roll with a smaller tube, and why in the world didn't they just raise the price on it? I can't imagine the cost involved in resetting all the machinery to make these changes.
    Last thing you questioned yourself on?
    I count on other people to catch my mistakes, like how I could have sworn Terra Nova had a season 2 still going in Australia after it was canceled in the U.S. I really don't mean to get people so excited, but that went on for a little while. They were cool about not throwing rocks at me. If you wanna follow my 'watchdog' list on twitter, go to
    Bars or clubs?
    Last year around this time Scott was stuck on the giant drum (Bongo Bongo) in Zelda's Ocarina of Time. After several days of hearing it go on and on ~and on~ I finally dragged him over to a youtube I found on how to defeat it in 15 seconds. Click the pic below the youttube to go to the official Zelda site. Anyway, THIS year we have a preggo with severe morning sickness throwing up around the place, so we're a little distracted. Kinda miss Link running around the ol' kingdom.
    What is the main ringtone on your phone?
    I found a soft 'windchime' that no one can tell is my phone ringing because I have the sound turned down so low. I miss a lot of calls, but maybe that's the point.
    Where do you want to be at a year from now?
    That's what's plaguing John Carter. I finally saw that movie over the holidays and LOVED. IT. I loved the original A Princess of Mars movie with Traci Lords, too, because I love weird rambling B grade movies based on ancient scifi, but John Carter was awesome. And I really love her hair. I don't normally ooze this much love.
    How many kids would you like to have?
    My first two grandkids will be arriving this summer. I'm having flashbacks of Bartholomew and the Oobleck.
    What is your favorite trait about yourself?
    I'd love to say my rapier wit, but it turns out I don't really have one. I've been faking it all this time. I know! I seduced you under a guise! A pretense! But I'm still sexy, right? hahahahaha
    Anything bothering you right now?
    Not a thing. I can say that with all sincerity at this point in time. The trick is to skip questions like this until it's convenient. And watch fun youtube videos.
    What do you do to relieve stress?
    Any time I stall out I just shoot over to a survey and answer a couple of questions and I'm good to go again. It's like super intense brain sex, especially if you're being really honest. And since I just avoided the last question, it looks like I'm not in the mood for sex right now. That's actually not true, because I'm toying with you and that is even better brain sex.
    Do you like pickles?
    No one has ever invented pickle flavored gum.
    Are you proud of yourself?
    I'm going way too fast in my head to slow down and see how I feel about pride in my accomplishments. Whoosh, there I go. And I've long ago accepted that I'm a dork and make ridiculous blunders and say stupid things and that stopping to think about it is like getting sucked into the La Brea Tar Pits. A fave saying of mine that a passed dearly loved one used to say (which she got from Monty Python) is "How sweet to be an idiot and dip my brain in joy." Live your life, spring forth in joy, and don't worry about what the world thinks. I'm not very good at being a socially interactive human, but I love you for being human, we're all stuck in this together. *kiss*
    Do you wish upon stars?
    Who started that? Way back in the ancient days when people had ~nothing~ to do but look up at the sky at night and talk, I bet this got started because someone got really tired of hearing someone else whining and complaining and said, "Dude, if you wish on that star right there, your wish might come true" yada yada, the gods are up there with the stars yada yada, shut up and let me get some sleep now...
    What is your one possession you never want to lose?
    This is my mobile desktop that I have been doing all my Lexx work in for my nerd blog.
    And this is my mobile unit for this survey blog. As you can see, it can pack up and go out the door with me remarkably easy in a pinch.
    I have a whole stack of spirals with projects going in them. One day you might hold a book I've written in your hands and go Wo, I *know* her...
    Who was the last friend to walk out of your life?
    Does anybody remember Menudo? For this and the next 4 questions, see if you can metaphorically replace 'friend' with Menudo. No special reason, well, there is one, but the contortions I would have to go through explaining this friendship would explode your brain. Easier to just think about Menudo, trust me.
    Do you miss them?
    The fact that the sound is glitchy in one of the headphones in this youtube only adds to the one-sided complexities of a wildly imbalanced and flamboyant interpersonal relationship. The song is totally relevant.
    Would you want them back in your life?
    How can you NOT miss something that fake and colorful and ~fun~? But there's only one way to survive a fandom, and that's to be loyal to the fandom. It's not about our individual proprietary wants and who is going to beat who at their game. You're either a leader or a suck up, I can't be both.
    What is your relationship status?
    The sweet thing about having the smallest feet in the family is that no one ever borrows my shoes. K, where were we? Oh, yeah, I'm avoiding gossip like the plague. Here, have a youtube that fairly accurately describes my relationships with people. This is basically what happens when people try to use me for their own evil schemes without cluing me in first.
    Are you happy with that?
    I have recovered. I'm staying busy. But that was the worst friendship breakup ever, it hurt like suck far worse than anything haters ever did, it took a couple of years to get past, and I'm never going through that again. Just glad to see I'm not the only one who reacts to fandom stuff the way I did. tumblr, Actress Georgia King closes Twitter account after being targeted But coming back now with perspective and a really good personal support system, here's how I play going forward- spaz: haters gonna hate, in reaction to a couple of famous people I follow, nothing to do with the Merlin fandom at all in case you think that's what I'm saying because of that first link, which was only an example. -And we're done here. Moving on.
    Do your parents have myspace accounts?
    My dad thinks everyone in the world automatically has a facebook page. He barely owns enough tech to watch the local news. I've given up trying to explain the internet to him.
    Are the majority of your friends male or female?
    Scott is in the bathroom with the door closed. It's dark. I tap lightly and he flings the door open, full beam from his head lamp right in my eyes blinding me, and yells "WHAT! I'm about to do some delicate work!" Pieces from a light switch lie all over the counter around the sink. He says "I'm testing to see if I'll get shocked." I say "Um, shouldn't you just turn the electric to that fuse off?" He says "It might make the washing machine stop." I say "Priorities, I think I'd rather have the washer stop than you DIE."
    Exchanges like this are common. Surprises like these stopped surprising me a long time ago. I expect one day I'll find him croaked off somewhere from something stupid. People who make the Darwin Awards don't have SO's stopping them. Or maybe they do and they're like Scott, doing stuff without telling anyone first. My fave story is the guy who vacuumed a wasp nest.
    On a scale of 1-10 how much do you like sex?
    How about 75? Sex is awesome, as long as you leave me alone with my own devices. That was just begging for a bad pun. I lately have a mild brain sex fixation with Xander Bennett and I'm trying to hold myself down because I think I obviously need peeling off.
    Would you go back and change any part of your life?
    This youtube convinces me I'm on the right track every single time I see it.
    Do you believe love lasts forever?
    Love does, we don't. We are puny and weak and epic fail left and right. Even with love. I'm glad we have the chance to learn it, although practicing on each other without an instruction book gets a little rough. For this, I have more compassion and forgiveness for other people's lame attempts.
    If you saw someone broken down on the side of the road, would you stop to help?
    I have done that. I got $3000 for my efforts and a nice note calling me an angle. When someone's mom has a brain attack (seriously, aneurysm) and drives 400 miles to another state and sits in the cold rain by the side of the road out of gas too confused to do anything, I might just be the person that notices and stops to check on her and takes her home and puts clean clothes on her and feeds her in front of a space heater while I have a highway patrol person go through her purse and call her relatives because there is no way I'm going to go through someone else's purse like that without a witness after I've taken them home, because I'm terrified someone will try to charge me with kidnapping and theft. This world needs more angles noticing what's going on around them and less texting while we're driving, capiche? And I know I spelled that wrong. That's how it's spelled in the note. Oddly, that's how it's spelled just about every single time someone writes to me in a note that I'm an angle. I think that means I'm one of the extra special ones.
    What do you think of when you hear the word Cheese?
    *running off to get some cheese*
    What color are your bedsheets?
    Whats your favorite word?
    Let me go you one better and show you the funnest twitter interaction I've had all year.

    What does your favorite shirt say about you?
    It says I'm a super cool cult fan and you're not, neener neener. It says I know where to find really cool stuff on the internet and you don't, neener neener. It says you don't know what the heck I'm wearing and you think it's just another strange fixation on a weirdo's torso, but I refuse to change it to something from Old Navy, so suck it. Click the pic to go buy it yourself. Ok, for the uninitiated, that is Wist from season 1 of Lexx, 3rd movie.
    Do you laugh enough?
    I have noticed that every time I super load up two different browsers to the point of having to clear both caches just to be able to save my work and shut down that the next time I boot up my laptop thinks it has to go into a crash dump, and I figured out how to nip that one and avoid it. When you see a crash dump window, QUICK, turn your computer OFF asap, just push that button and KILL it. Wait a minute, then boot back up, you get a question asking if you wanna do something drastic like 'repair', just move the highlight up to 'start windows normally' and click, and everything is back to normal. I've done this 3 times over the last 9 months, nothing bad has ever happened. I laugh with glee. ~Disclaimer- I am not responsible for your computer crashing if you try this at home. I'm just a really lazy person when it comes to dealing with 'reality', and maybe this is all in my head.
    Do you believe that dreams come true?
    MINE do. Don't know about other people's. I create and fulfill my own dreams and destiny. No one else can hand that to me, despite everything they say and believe and promise. Worry about your own life, not my dreams. I think it's time for an awesome piece of King Arthur fan art that's been going around facebook, tumblr, and twitter, no idea who did it.
    Whats one thing you would change about yourself?
    Every time I run across this question I wonder how people can really sit there in a funk dwelling on what is wrong with their beautiful selves instead of plunging headlong into a super cool head world that makes being here seem dull and uninteresting. Can you imagine our pets (I have chickens) sitting around moping about what they hate about themselves? Like, the very thing you love about your pet, maybe that's what it hates about itself, and there is nothing you can do to cheer it up and convince it you really do love it for THAT. I love that we all have our own quirks and looks and points of view. This world would be such a drag if everyone really could change themselves to be what they *think* they want. Everyone would be the same.
    Have you ever read the book "the notebook"?
    I mean, I'm really busy. But I've heard about it. Guys, I just can't sit through that stuff. If you're going to be telling a nursing home story, it had better be Bubba Ho-Tep. Huge Bruce Campbell fan, and I follow him at
    When was the last time you got a phone call?
    Exactly 10 hours and 39 minutes ago. I didn't pick up. I'm real bad to have my ringer muted.
    Where do you work?
    All over my house! And my deck, in my car, anywhere a mobile device goes. I do NOT work in traffic. I've missed being in a few hairy accidents with people who do. STOP THAT! If I think I *have* to text or tweet or write something in my notebook, I whip it into parking lots.
    Who is your favorite football team?
    Not saying these guys are my faves, but I can't help mentioning that the first time I saw the Seattle Seahawks play this year I immediately thought of Dredd for some reason. The futuristic 'we mean business' look is really cool.

    Have you ever bobbed for apples?
    Not sure if it's a plus to say that I'm really good at it...
    Have you ever thought you could do a better job at being president?
    HELL no. Egads. I have a hard enough time walking past Sir Gwaine on my Merlin calendar, I feel like he's judging me or something. Maybe I shouldn't have hung it right by the bathroom. Maybe behind a closet door where I wouldn't be walking by it all the time.
    If you could only drink one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?
    Trick question, guys, always pick water because you can put a teabag or coffee grounds or drink mix in it.
    Whats one food you could eat everyday for the rest of your life?
    Let me make you drool. I cook like this all the time.
    What was your custume for halloween last year?
    Wo, we're getting close to the end. This survey has only taken me only two days this time, and that's with two trips into town that lasted several hours. I think it's safe to say I'm past the trippy holiday depression. I didn't wear a costume, I felt pretty ill that night. I did manage to hand out candy, though, thanx for asking.
    How many cousins do you have?
    I lost count a long time ago. When we were little kids we got piled all over beds and the floors during holiday sleepovers. I think one year there were 15 kids in one room. I was liberally stepped on in the middle of the night, one kid rolled off a bed right on me (get the wind knocked out in your sleep, happy holidays), oh, and throw a cat or two into the mix. I had a cat that liked to sleep on my head, I think her nerves scooted her back out the door that night. And that's only a handful of the cousins. I have cousins across the continent. I'm not very good at keeping in touch. Ok, I suck at it. But there you go.
    Your in line at Taco Bell, whats your order?
    I'm a crunchy taco & 7 layer burrito person. Anyone remember the year Taco Bell was giving away a free taco because someone hit a home run or something? I drove to every Taco Bell I could find and ate really well for free that day. It was awesome. Here, I'll leave you drooling. Click the pic to go to their dotcom.

  • 100 fun questions survey

    Do you sleep with your closet doors open or closed? Wow, there really are a hundred questions here, I just counted them. Open closets at night are creepy. Have you ever woken up to a chair right next to your bed? I was about 8 when that one happened, middle of the night there's a chair right up against the bed, and I never found out why. I was known for sleep walking, so I think the things I might do in my sleep creep me out more than anything because I have no recollection of doing them.

    Do you take the shampoos and conditioner bottles from hotel? I use to mix those and all kinds of other little things in the big Halloween candy bowl for kids to grab. We had the coolest house on the street.

    Do you sleep with your sheets tucked in or out? You assume I'm in a bed with sheets. I'm on a couch with an afghan because I'm always getting up.

    Have you ever stolen a street sign before? I didn't stop at one. And getting a guard rail through town and into my friend's house was a trick, but we pulled it off. Seriously, how do you not catch a person driving through town with a guard rail sticking out of the back of a pickup?

    Do you like to use post-it notes? I find myself using at least 3 because I always run out of room. I can't *not* keep writing stuff that pops into my head. I need giant post-its, like 8.5 X 11 or something...

    Do you cut out coupons but then never use them? Not any more. I refined it into actually having them in my hand at checkout and never handing them over and walking out after paying with them still in my hand, so I vowed to just never clip coupons again. I mean, how ridiculous was that?

    Would you rather be attacked by a big bear or a swarm of a bees? My luck I'd probably be tangled up in a zipline or crashed a hang glider through a bunch of trees, and I'd be stuck there for the bear and bees to toy cruelly with.

    Do you have freckles? Somewhat. I stood behind a woman in a Walgreens line one summer, and I could not help looking her over really really good. She had the most perfect continual freckle pattern all over her skin that I could see, and I tried to nonchalantly step around a little so I could see her chest above her little top to see if it matched her back, and it did! People breed pets for color patterns, and I have to wonder how terribly rare it is to find a human with a perfect color pattern like she had. I mean, her freckles were that stunning, there wasn't one patch that I could see that lacked this pattern running all over her arms and back and legs and chest and neck and stuff. If she'd been a pet, she'd have been priceless for that alone and used for breeding stock just because it's so rare to see something like that.

    Do you always smile for pictures? People complain because I always have my mouth open.

    What is your biggest pet peeve? Trying to find diphenhydramine chewable tablets between two metro areas over the last month. NO ONE has any. One clerk told me the last person she assisted with those bought some for her dog on the advice of a vet. Seriously??? This has been like hunting for the golden ticket to the chocolate factory, and you can't buy them online and no one can order them in for people wanting them.

    Do you ever count your steps when you walk? I can't count crochet stitches straight to save my life. I always seem to skip over certain numbers, or an entire set of ten somewhere.

    Have you ever peed in the woods? When I was a kid I got the worst poison ivy you ever saw from peeing in the woods.

    What about pooped in the woods? You know those video clips they show of people pooping in grocery stores? How do they do it??? I could never drop a bomb like that in public. I worked a retail fitting room for nearly 5 years and thankfully never got that, although I heard horror stories from other departments. I think The Fear hung over my department because I was the Bra Nazi, and if you were the person who left a half empty can of Dr. Pepper on the boxed bras and it tipped over and you cowered behind a Bali display while I maniacally and very crabbily shredded Playtex boxes out into a pile on the floor to save them from negligently being destroyed, I hope you realize now THAT is why bras are so expensive, because nidiots like you go around spilling pop all over them. Kinda like health care being so expensive because people won't buy insurance and then won't pay their bills. Ok, all this from a question about pooping in the woods... I'm free associating a little more spontaneously than usual this morning.

    Do you ever dance even if theres no music playing? People look at me funny when I do that, so I try not to. I have accidentally danced right into strangers without any music, gets a little awkward. Especially for Scott, who hangs back and pretends not to know me.

    Do you chew your pens and pencils? I am kind to them. They are my friends.

    How many people have you slept with this week? Scott is starting to feel a little frantic. I won't let him touch me since the pregnancy scare. For the clueless, I'm allergic to condoms and chemicals, and I was pulled off birth control. All the guys he works with have had vasectomies. They don't see what the problem is. He turns white and nearly faints just thinking about it. I think it's funny. Especially since I raised his child. Way funny.

    What size is your bed? Super big.

    What is your Song of the week? Did you guys know that the ocarina songs from Legend of Zelda have been immortalized in the Zelda Symphony? Now touring across the U.S., click that link for tickets. I ~love~ the ocarina pieces on the game, can't wait to get hold of something digital!!!!! See more info at The Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses | The Mann Center- (I don't get paid to advertise, I'm just excited )

    "The Legend of Zelda™: Symphony of the Goddesses is the first ever video game themed concert to feature a complete 4 movement symphony, showcasing the work of Nintendo composer and sound director Koji Kondo.

    Witness 25 years of video game history unfolding complete with a gorgeous and cinematic video presentation, synced to picture with the game’s sensational, thematic and action-packed music played live by a full symphony orchestra.

    The Legend of Zelda™ is among the most famous media franchises of all time. Over 62 million copies of the game have been sold since its introduction in 1986, grossing more than Avatar and Titanic combined.

    Beyond the fifteen Zelda video games, Zelda’s popularity has spawned a book series, comic book, Saturday morning cartoon, and even its own breakfast cereal. The most recent game, Skyward Sword, set a new record for the franchise, selling over 550,000 copies in a week and becoming Zelda's fastest-selling title. Nintendo’s fan club and mailing list continue to add over a million new members every year throughout the world."

    Is it okay for guys to wear pink? I think it's being way overdone in sportscasting. If they're wearing pink for the joy of wearing pink, it's all right, but to be continually having to wear pink as an awareness color in all-male sports feels burdensome. I'd love to see sportscasters reporting on all-female sports wearing a designated color for testicular cancer or something to balance it out. Putting it that way kind of brings out how ridiculous it is, doesn't it? But it's politically incorrect to say how we really feel, so yeah, I'm ok with men wearing pink. Because they want to.

    Do you still watch cartoons? Scott is more like Fry than another other cartoon out there.

    Whats your least favorite movie? Blank. I'm sure I could make a list, but that seems a little too counterproductive while I'm diverging away from what I originally intended to be doing.

    Where would you bury hidden treasure if you had some? Riiiiight... That was a little too obvious. Wonder how many people were stupid enough to actually write that down.

    What do you drink with dinner? Water. Goes with everything.

    What do you dip a chicken nugget in? I haven't had one of those in years. Lately my BBQ sauce of choice is Curley's.

    What is your favorite food? I used to answer these, but it seems lately that I'm becoming allergic to all my fave foods, so I don't want to jinx myself by writing something down. Getting anxious about eating too much of anything now, too, so I started a rotation diet, desperate to keep new food allergies from popping up. And we're not talking hives, we're talking going anaphylactic without warning several times this last year, so yeah, I have a little anxiety about jinxing myself.

    What movies could you watch over and over and still love? I always have to come back to Monsters, Inc on this one.

    Last person you kissed/kissed you? Chickens can't hug or kiss each other, but I've noticed my hens gather around and give little nips of consolation on the neck feathers of a frantic hen in distress from illness or fear. At first I thought they were being mean, but after I watched awhile it was easy to see she really did feel better that everyone was around her paying attention, and when she calmed down they stopped and dispersed. A couple stayed around her for awhile to make sure she was ok.

    Were you ever a boy/girl scout? No one ever asks if I was in 4-H. I was president of a 4-H club for two years, entered stuff in the fair and won ribbons, it was pretty cool.

    Would you ever strip or pose nude in a magazine? They never show a chicken in full molt in a chicken magazine, have you noticed that?

    When was the last time you wrote a letter to someone on paper? All the time. I'm a snail mail enthusiast. I still use colored pens and cool spirals and stickers. Scott brought home Harry Potter stamps last time he went, I'm still using them. The coolest paper I ever used was by Lisa Frank and was blue on one side and pink on the other.

    Can you change the oil on a car? I can. I delegate anyway.

    Ever gotten a speeding ticket? They really watch you in Iowa.

    Ran out of gas? Too paranoid to actually get that low. Now ask me if an emu has ever fallen out of someone's trailer in front of my car.

    Favorite kind of sandwich? Not particularly into sandwiches. Just not a bread person.  Unless I'm starving.

    Best thing to eat for breakfast? I'm all over anything protein first thing. Carbs totally screw up my day if I do them first thing. Most awesome breakfast ever is omelet with lotsa veggies.

    What is your usual bedtime? I jump into different time zones every so many days, at least in my biorhythms, I can't count on a 'usual'. Been like this for years.

    Are you lazy? My philosophy is this- you never really *have* to do anything. Thinking you *have* to do something stresses a person out more than anything. It's easier to *choose* to do it, or choose not to. Choosing not to do something doesn't mean you are lazy, it means you chose not to do it. You can always choose to do it later. I'm more concerned with people's lazy ways of thinking, like allowing other people and organizations to make up their minds for them, or tell them who they are and what to think or believe. Emotionally lazy people are even worse. A messy house or desk has nothing on a person who has a messy social life and screws up their relationships over and over because they are too lazy to take responsibility for the problems they cause and/or take the time and make the effort to care about someone else's challenges and needs and/or allow other people to walk on and use them over and over. That, too, is a choice in this life, far more important than whether you pick up your laundry or get your dishes done. Obsessive compulsive cleaning, to me, isn't much different than anorexia. It's a symptom of something else being way outa wack.

    When you were a kid, what did you dress up as for Halloween? As an adult, I dress up as a transgendered person and laugh when people get bug eyed waiting for their candy. Bearded ladies will never go out of style.

    What is your Chinese astrological sign? I'm not just an ox, I'm a super ox. Kinda like being super scorpio. I don't just fit the mold, I was the mold. I've been told that makes me evil.

    How many languages can you speak? I get a kick out of people on facebook listing that they know 5 different languages. Whatever. Most of them don't know how to spell conjunctions properly, much less speak 4 other languages. The real question is- can you *read* other languages? Slam through a linguistics class and see if you can decipher a couple lines of Navajo for an exam without any prior exposure to it. The best I can do in other languages is smatter a bunch of random words together. You'll get a coherent sentence, but I hope you can understand Spanish, French, German, Japanese, Cajun, and southern hillbilly with Valley talk in it. My brain refuses to differentiate languages and dialects. I do my best to stay away from Klingon and PortuGreek. I can speak uno languageo.

    Do you have any magazine subscriptions? The Progressive Farmer isn't at all what I thought it would be. World Poultry Magazine should be required reading for everyone trying to follow world politics. Cooking Light has been threatening for months that it's my last issue, and still they keep sending them.

    Which are better legos or lincoln logs? It's the best when you throw everything together, those and tinker toys and blocks and a couple of farm sets and a zoo set and tonka trucks, and then you set up with some big rocks and good dirt so you can make roads, and bring a magnifying glass in case you get distracted by an ant or caterpillar. Don't let the chickens into it, they'll tear it up. The biggest drag is having to pick it all back up, because if you don't, the dog carries some of it away, or the cat poops in your dirt. Prolly why video gaming is so popular, you don't have to pick up your toys...

    Are you stubborn? I've been working on this survey for a solid week.

    Who is better...Leno or Letterman? I prefer Nerdist- Chris Hardwick is da bomb.

    Ever watch soap operas? My fave was Burt thinking he was invisible and Bob the puppet getting drunk. There is a serious lack of this stuff on youtube. Raise your hand if you own Soap dvd's, like me.

    Afraid of heights? I think I may have been sacrificed off a cliff in a past life. Going up the Gatewary Arch in St. Louis was quite the challenge, also given that I'm extremely claustrophobic. But I did it, yay! As an aside, I cannot think of the Arch without thinking of the Krelvin Building, the tallest building in the world with no elevators.

    Sing in the car? I used to sing every Weird Al song ~ever~ in the car. For years. That changed when I changed cars, sans tape deck. I miss super long cassette tapes that can hold nearly 3 albums. NO, I have never gone MP3 *hands over ears* lalalalalalala

    Dance in the shower? Ricocheted right out of the shower... It hurt.

    Dance in the car? I was doing the whole Butabi thing years before Chris Kattan was. Love the scene where he totally breaks the window out with his head. Would you believe this song didn't make it into the soundtrack?

    Seriously?!? My right headphone went out and I dug out my backup...

    Can't help wondering if I'm the only person in the world who actually washes the foam covers in a lingerie net bag. Yes, 3 sets there, plus the one that just croaked, and that's not counting the ones I've thrown away. Took nearly 10 minutes to untangle these. I can't believe tossing them around from sack to sack (I keep all my hardware in old gift bags, easy to grab the handles and haul them around) twice a year while I look for stuff winds up in such quantum entanglement.

    This is an ~action survey~... You don't generally get cool on the spot reporting like this in regular surveys.

    Ever used a gun? This question is so loaded, yuk yuk. Um, I have a gun, I've handled guns, I've never shot anyone with a real gun, although I do shoot at roaming dogs and cats with the pellet gun. Don't worry, they laugh while I pump it up. It's a sport, trying to get a pellet ready while someone's stupid Fido flings itself off my chicken pens like a vertical trampoline. Easier to stomp around grabbing them by the scruff and scaring the bejeezus out of them, aaaah, insane human, ahhhh... and then leaving a note for the owner that I've got the whole attack on youtube, and if they don't want a bunch of chicken lover stray dog hater commenters knowing where he lives, he'll keep his dogs put up.

    Last time you got a portrait taken by a photographer? I couldn't tell you. I'm sure the glasses date this more than anything.

    Do you think musicals are cheesy? The coolest most awesome dream I ever had was done in opera, and some of the my other coolest dreams included soundtracks. My mom exposed me to musicals at a very young age, which I think did something to my brain, because even though I generally don't gravitate to musicals in real life, I seem to always have some kind of background theme running behind everything I do.

    Is Christmas stressful? Not anymore since I stopped doing it. I was always the Christmas kid, the year round Christmas fan, even worked in a Christmas shop at the Grand Village next to Andy Williams' Moon River Theatre. It all changed the year I nearly lost one of my kids to a surgical mishap over Christmas. There is nothing in the world worth stressing out about after something like that.

    Ever eat a pierogi? Nope. Looks pretty carby.

    Favorite type of fruit pie? I don't eat pie, but I make really good ones.

    Occupations you wanted to be when you were a kid? I think I sort of thought being a vet would be ok, since I grew up on a farm, but my parents were so dedicated to squelching every idea I ever had that by the time I hit high school I never gave my future a second thought. The here and now occupied my mind to the point of heavy philosophical wrestling matches.

    Do you believe in ghosts? They fear me.

    Ever have a Deja-vu feeling? They say that's a brain lag from one half to the other, but that doesn't hold up when that lag shows up a couple years later or something. I've deja-vu'd several times over something that hasn't even happened yet, no one can explain that to me at all. Those kind eventually show up for real and then I'm all like, Hey, I deja-vu'd about this a few times, remember when I told you yada yada? and people are all like ~Wo~, you are like a prophet or something, and I'm all like I know! 

    Take a vitamin daily? See last survey...

    Wear slippers? Footies, dude, all the time. I have a whole board on pinterest devoted to sox.

    Wear a bath robe? An older more experienced survey maker might ask me if I've ever driven the kids to school in my pajamas, and yes, yes I have. A really super experienced survey maker would probably ask me if I've ever had to walk to a public restroom in a hospital gown, and yes, yes I have. A fun loving survey maker would ask if I've ever escaped wearing only a hospital gown, and I can at least say I've seen that happen, some old geeber ran out of Thunderbird Samaritan in Phoenix one night while I was on shift, took security forever to catch him in the parking lot, just a dinky little hospital gown.

    What do you wear to bed? I'm fully clothed from the neck down so I don't get surprises in the dark. Like little legs tickling me on their way to other places. Every time I answer questions like this it sounds like I live in a bug infested home, but I'm just that paranoid. I wake up to a spider on me maybe 3 times a year. The spiders are proof that we're not bug infested, because they come after me.

    First concert? How embarrassing is it to go to the bathroom at a KC and the Sunshine Band concert and little girls are in there sobbing in unfulfilled anguish? Do boys ever sob like that? I would feel so sorry for a boy if I ever saw one sobbing like that. I look back on youth and all that suffering and wonder what the heck I'm supposed to tell myself in my middle age now that I can truly appreciate it. You know why women my age are getting divorces and going to bars? Because they sobbed in public bathrooms over inaccessible has-beens twice their age instead of noticing the angsty anguished boys their age when they had the chance. I think the reason I'm not getting a divorce now is because I had no clue what all that was about back then, and now that I have a clue, I go all pon farr on Scott. Waste not, want not.

    Wal-Mart, Target or Kmart? Wow, someone is into proper proper noun spelling. So many of these surveys is me correcting stuff as I go, haven't touched this one so far. It's not perfect, but so minor that I don't feel ruffled. I don't have a personal preference here.

    Nike or Adidas? asics, see last survey for awesome pic.

    Cheetos Or Fritos? I avoid these. I kinda miss them sometimes, but not enough to go after them.

    Peanuts or Sunflower seeds? Allergic, and no.

    Ever hear of the group Tres Bien? Did you know that TresBien Group Consultancy, Inc. is a provider of high quality IT services in the areas of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Marketing Technology solutions, e-Business and related technologies? I didn't either until I put that into the search engine. And did you also know that the Quartette Trés Bien was an American jazz combo based in St. Louis led by pianist Jeter Thompson in the 1960's. I assume this survey maker is talking about Tres Bien, a foursome from Clearwater, Florida who bop their heads Beatles-style while churning out 60s-inspired power-pop, but since I didn't go past the first page of search returns, it might actually be something else.

    Ever take dance lessons? Total free associating here, you know that routine Columbia does in RHPS during the Timewarp? The first time I saw the movie I was all like I cannot *believe* PeeWee Herman is in that!!! And you see him again dancing on the balcony, and you even get that famous pout. I have searched high and low, he has never been credited in RHPS. If that's not him, it's sure a dead ringer.

    Is there a profession you picture your future spouse doing? He keeps saying he'll wind up working at Walmart after he retires, but I'm not sure I can picture him making it that long. He's too carefree climbing all over the roof and 4 story scaffolding. I keep telling him what is going to wind up on his headstone.

    Can you curl your tongue? I'm curling it around an egg sandwich right now.

    Ever won a spelling bee? I think it's more likely that more people than not throw spelling bees so they can sit back down and doodle while everyone ignores them. I know I've done it when I could easily have won.

    Have you ever cried because you were so happy? I'm trying to wrap my head around a definition for happy. I've probably wept a little with relief. Happy seems so transitory to me. I'm not sure that I could handle happiness to the point of weeping. I'm sure Mr. Spock would see that as hysteria.

    Own any record albums? Stacks. Stuff you can't get any more in any form of media.

    Own a record player? They make those now where you can digitally record and convert to MP3. I'd like to get one of those.

    Regularly burn incense? I tried that once.

    Ever been in love? It never stops. Can't help wondering how the incense question ties into the love question for the progression in the survey maker's head.

    Who would you like to see in concert? See, I can't help thinking this suddenly took on a hippie vibe or something.

    What was the last concert you saw? I saw Lady Gaga and Pink in concert, thanx to satellite tv. I don't do crowds. Television is the sliced bread of our millenia.

    Hot tea or cold tea? I grew up on lots of both and spent my adult life trying all kinds of teas, but lately I'm just not that into tea. I was reading where fermented (dried) teas can raise the histamine levels in the body, and I've been so replete with allergic reactions this last year, seems logical to slack off on that.

    Tea or coffee? I'm super picky with both.

    Sugar or snickerdoodles? *gag* Sorry, not into pure carbs like that. Once you stop eating them for awhile, they kinda make you feel sick when you try to go back. It's a lot like quitting smoking, once you stop, it kinda makes you feel sick to start back up. This coming from a person who had to have at least one cookie a day for years.

    Can you swim well? Not really, but I haven't drowned yet, so I guess well enough not to drown so far.

    Can you hold your breath without holding your nose? And dive, and somersault, and get pulled under by little kids. I might hold someone else's nose...

    Are you patient? I have the patience of Job. He was a whiner, too.

    DJ or band, at a wedding? I have avoided weddings for years.

    Ever won a contest? We've been trying to give away this humongous fish tank with stand and light for years, no one has ever taken it. I won it during a dog food drawing.

    Ever have plastic surgery? I once saw a show where a vet repaired a gaping hole in the abdomen of someone's pet spider. He saved the spider's life.

    Which are better black or green olives? I seem to need about a can a week of the jumbo blacks. Ten years ago I'd never have dreamed I'd ever like them at all. I like radishes now, too. I think these might be early signs of a pre-zombie condition.

    Can you knit or crochet? My dad wanted me to crochet him some long underwear one winter. He was born in the wrong century.

    Best room for a fireplace? Central heating. If I must have a fireplace, I think it would be awesome to have one in a big bedroom, and there must also be a walk out balcony made of rock like a castle, and the moon is up and snow falling. Actually, every room should have one, but every room must also be spacious and really cool. And there should be a fire pit outside year round, and a fireplace with a big spit built into it, and a bonfire out in a field.

    Do you want to get married? When I was 14 a ouija board said I would marry Scott. At the time everyone thought it meant a Scott at school and teased me. We moved to another state soon after and I totally forgot about it, and almost 15 years later I married a Scott. I didn't remember the ouija board until later.

    If married, how long have you been married? 19 years in another month. This prolly goes with the stubborn question awhile ago. Never give up! Never surrender! Ooh, this calls for another youtube. I know, it seems random, but you could argue that marriage is kinda like this, given in-laws, homesteading, neighbors, kids, relatives during holidays, etc. Little distractions like this are probably why it takes me 10 days to fill out some surveys.

    Who was your HS crush? I had an invisible friend. He still shows up once in awhile.

    Do you cry and throw a fit until you get your own way? I don't understand people who do this. It's so much more fun to discreetly manipulate spacetime and other people's thoughts until everyone does whatever I want.

    Do you have kids? Successfully self replicating automaton, *check*.

    Do you want kids? We don't have pets in the house. All chickens must live in pens.

    Whats your favorite color? This is totally covered in *wo* I just realized my Surveypalooza page turned 5 last month. In celebration, I am turning on comments. Doesn't mean I'll respond to comments or even read them, I'm so bad about not checking stuff.

    Do you miss anyone right now? After 36 hours of nearly nonstop continual talking from Scott's dad, who stopped in for a week long visit, I am not missing them at all while they run off to town. Bits of my brain are slowly oozing down the walls and creeping back into my skull while I enjoy the sounds of my washing machine, a bird outside, and general dead air space. I didn't know it was possible for anyone to talk so much. And he started getting after me for looking bored and not paying attention after Scott got home from work last night. I told him this is my ~lazy face~. I'm on break now. I made my interested face for 8 straight hours (omg, it was like being on full alert for a 3 year old), and now it's my turn to rest while he talks to his son. He didn't get it. He thinks I'm being rude and started poking me with a horrible joke stick. This is the kind of stuff people with Asperger's put up with in school from bullies. They think they're funny. If you don't acknowledge that they are the spotlight all the time, they poke your brain till it explodes and sticks all over the walls and ceiling. He's over 80, so I refrained from putting him through my paper shredder.

    Did you watch, Next Great American Band on FOX? Poke my eyes out.

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Who is the Existential Aspie?

disclaimer- I am not compensated for linking and sharing. I share what I like when I feel like it.

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