July 6, 2009

  • A to Z survey

    This is a fresh survey, not one of the summer reruns.

    The Letter A
    Are you available?
    - Did you know we can connect to all of space and time during morning naps?  I think people need more naps.
    What is your age?:
    - 47, but I'm not sure what that is in chicken years.
    What annoys you?:
    - Dang ol' spiders, mostly.  Had a nightmare a couple of weeks ago, 6 foot fuzzy gray and black stripe spider was after me, and I was using one of those old fashioned curved scissor-shaped hay bale tongs to try and pop its head.  I know, the phobia is a little out of control, but I blame a protracted med withdrawal for this one.  Man, it was nice waking up...

    The Letter B
    Do you live in a big house?:
    - Some might say yes, by sheer relativity, but others, such as Paris, might think this a tiny little box.  Without servants.
    When is your birthday?:
    - In about 16 weeks, but you can only find it while the crows caw at a first quarter moon.
    Who is your best friend?:
    - I buy Scott off with tantalizing savory, succulence, and sweetness.  I make pretty awesome food.

    The Letter C
    What's your favorite candy?:
    - I like to put a slice of snicker in the microwave with a marshmallow.  That's about all I get, then Scott comes along and steals the rest of the snicker bar.
    Who's your crush?:
    - We're into Web Soup lately.  Nothing makes us run to the computer faster than trying to find the crappy crazy idiotic videos they dig up for us.
    Last time you cried?:
    - No one ever asks when was the last time I cared, another good C word.

    The Letter D
    Do you daydream?:
    - Do you ever wonder if we can float around and watch whatever we want happen after we die?  I hope so.
    What's your favorite kind of dog?:
    - Someone else's way up the street that actually stays in its own yard.
    What day of the week is it?
    - "Fifth Day"  That's what monks used to call Thursday.  But now it's a stage in the evolution of consciousness in the Galactic Underworld or something.  I'm thinking about making up my own gobbledygook to indoctrinate the world with and see what happens.

    The Letter E
    How do you like your eggs?
    - I was watching a show about the mystery of the crystal skulls.  No one ever pursues the mystery of the rock eggs.

    Have you ever been in the emergency room?:
    - I wondered for years whether I might have one of those chips that UFOs put into your sinus, because I had so many bloody noses as a child.  Disappointingly, numerous CTs and MRIs haven't turned up anything so exciting.
    What's the easiest thing ever to do?:
    - Fall down abruptly and very spectacularly.  I could never replicate it if I tried.

    The Letter F
    Have you ever flown in a plane?:
    - I've sure urped all over one...
    Do you use fly swatters?:
    - One of these days that's going to backfire.
    Have you ever used a foghorn?:
    - My next to last rooster that I ever owned (Mr. Pink)(if you don't get that, nevermind) was an up and coming Foghorn Leghorn.  The neighbors ate him.

    The Letter G
    Do you chew gum?:
    - I'm a gum atheist, converted after a really bad TMJ year.  You really don't appreciate a good jaw spasm until you're in 4-lane 70 mph traffic and nearly go blind from the pain.
    Are you a giver or a taker?:
    - If fish is involved, my half is gone before dinner even starts.  Then we begin negotiations for the other half.
    Do you like gummy candies?
    - Scott fears Chinese takeover via gummy candy sales.  I don't eat squishy candy.

    The Letter H
    How are you?:
    - I refuse to assess myself right now.  Ignorance is bliss.
    What color is your hair?:
    - Hold on a sec, I need a shot of coffee.  They're saying now it can prevent strokes.

    The Letter I
    What's your favorite ice cream?:
    - Twenty years ago I was eating ice cream 3 meals a day through the summer.  Now I rarely touch the stuff.  Musta burned out or something.
    Have you ever ice skated?:
    - My back yard is a 45 degree slope.  My chickens are out there.  In the winter we get inch thick ice.  Oh, *hell* yeah.  You basically learn to fall and crawl before you go catapulting off into the trees.  Yes, I tried those little shoe things with the cleats, you still slide.

    The Letter J
    What's your favorite jelly bean?:
    - Sealed and in another building.
    Do you wear jewelry?:
    - I give up.  Everything I put on makes me itch now.

    The Letter K
    Know anyone whose name starts with "K"?:
    - Kwik Kopy.  We should all get to know this guy.
    Do you want kids?:
    - I may be starting another flock of chickens next year, but I'm going to have to plan it out a little better than the last two batches.  I'd love to become a regular chick starter and sell completely organic layers and exotics, but the stupid food safety modernization act (along with a stack of even more complicated legislation) threatens to take my freedom to do that away from me.

    The Letter L
    Are you laid back?:
    - Spatula in one hand, pellet gun by my side, me and my chickens wearing sunglasses in a lawn chair with the grill...
    Do you lie?:
    - I change names to protect the innocent.

    The Letter M
    Whats your favorite movie?:
    - See my very incomplete profile list.  It's impossible for me to pick a fave.
    Do you still watch Disney movies?:
    - Well, Jack Sparrow sorta forced me back into it...  I was truly boycotting (not for religious reasons, like the other boycotters) until that happened.

    The Letter N
    Do you have a nickname?:
    - Pick a card, any card.
    What is your real name?:
    - Which life?  What is real?  Who are we ~really~?  Maybe our current names are just a convenient library tagging system for our particular occupation of spacetime.
    Whats your favorite number?
    25 (number) - Wikipedia

    Some interesting facts about the number 25--

    It is a square number, being 5² = 5 × 5. It is the smallest square that is also a sum of two squares: 25 = 3² + 4². Hence it often appears in demonstrations of the Pythagorean theorem.

    The atomic number of manganese

    In Ezekiel's vision of a new temple: The number twenty-five is of cardinal importance in Ezekiel's Temple Vision (in the Bible, Ezekiel chapters 40-48).
    The number of years of marriage marked in a silver wedding anniversary.
    The minimum age of candidates for election to the United States House of Representatives. "Under 25" provides a common cut-off point for designating youth.
    Year 25 (XXV) was a common year starting on Monday (link will display the full calendar) of the Julian calendar.
    Do you prefer night over day?:
    - Night is when most of the bugs come out.

    The Letter O
    What's your one wish?:
    - I'm sure I've had one, and I'm pretty sure it's changed a few times, and I can't remember at all right now.  What the heck, I must be content or something.  You don't hear a lot about contentment nowadays.
    Are you an only child?:
    - I share DNA liberally with 3 others who followed me through the womb.  Our port of entry, as it were.

    The Letter P
    What one fear are you most paranoid about?:
    - You know those dreams where you are driving straight up at a 90 degree angle and you feel like the car is going to fall backward off the road, and you cling to the steering wheel for dear life and hope to God you are going fast enough to somehow keep the car from falling?  I think my paranoia comes more from going subconscious and doing life reviews in a sort of symbolic hell, than anything else.  I've managed to remain conscious through incredible injury, illness, and loads of medications and alcohol simply because I was terrified of going unconscious and losing control of me being me.  Does that make sense?  If there really are past lives, I have experienced some pretty powerful tortures and sufferings, because I have a really strong psyche when it comes to staying in control while I'm simultaneously dealing with seemingly irrational fears.

    What are your pet peeves?:
    - This survey is severely lacking a youtube.



    The Letter Q
    What's your favorite quote?:
    - The last year or so it's been "You're unworthy of my instruction in the immobile arts." --Patrick Star

    The Letter R
    Do you think you're always right?:
    - By default, I have to be.  I'm open to being proved wrong, though.  I don't take it personally.
    Are you one to cry?:
    - The longer my life is, and the more cruel experience I go through, the less it takes to jog a tear out of me, although I'm more likely to do it over a commercial than a real life issue.

    The Letter S
    Do you prefer sun or rain?:
    - I'm glad it changes around all the time.
    Do you like snow?:
    - I used to love it, now I'm getting really sick of it.  When you get the rheumatiz, you'll understand.
    What's your favorite season?:
    - Mid-autumn is pretty cool.  There's an underlying excitement somehow, anticipation of things just around the corner.  Like lots of good food and football, and more good food and presents, and more good food and a huge Superbowl party.
    The Letter T
    What time is it?:
    - About 4 or 5 days since I first started this.
    What time did you wake up?:
    - I wake up so frequently that it doesn't matter.
    When was the last time you slept in a tent?:
    - I got to visit a real teepee when I was a child.  It was pretty cool.

    The Letter U
    Are you wearing underwear?:
    - We should all protect the environment from our toxic bodies.
    Underwear or boxers on men?:
    - I could care less, as long as they aren't so raggedy with holes that they're practically a skirt.  Some guys get really attached to their underwear.

    The Letter V
    What's the best veggie?:
    - Sweet potato fries.  Wo, I seriously need to go make some...
    Where do you want to go on vacation?:
    - I think the rest of my life I will dream of
    Galveston Beach.

    The Letter W
    What's your worst habit?:
    - Dissing movies Scott watches.  I have to evict myself from the room.
    Where do you live?:
    - High atop the
    Krelvin Building.
    What's your worst fear?:
    - I have nightmares of drowning, giant spiders, car accidents, horrible murders by men and monsters, getting to college class too late to take an exam, being on a plane crashing, blowing up in a bomb, watching buildings burn and people screaming, seeing my kids dead in some kind of awful alt world scenario...  My worst fear is going to sleep and dreaming, and waking up to any of that being real.  But I always come back to this in-between place, where the mundane rolls along with minutes and seconds that stretch into hours and days of blissful retreat from terror.  I don't know if I have medications to thank for all those nightmares, but a few of the better ones are still pretty funky, full of chickens and weird places I visit, even other planets.  I would shrug it all off, but some of the dreams (plane crashes, earthquakes, other tragedies) have been corroborated the next day on the news, and some of the 'other planet' dreams have been far too intricately detailed with technology and science I've never seen before even on the coolest scifi, so maybe I'm picking something up, who knows.  I've often wondered if I experience death with other people because I've died so many times in my dreams.

    The Letter X
    Have you ever had an x-ray?:
    - I've had so many x-rays it's a wonder I haven't mutated by now.
    Have you seen the x-games?:
    - One of the many things I avoid since I'm already in overload.

    The Letter Y
    Do you like the color yellow?:
    - It looks pretty cool on finches, roses, and autumn leaves.
    What's one thing you yearn for?:
    - After considerable thought, I have decided it's the same thing I've always wanted-- to be able to know everything.  I wish I could time-lapse continental drift and have a bird's eye view of solar magnetic storms, I wanna watch how life on the ocean floor has made it all this time, see how rocks are born and what the inside of the earth is like, watch the ice ages come and go, see how our cells can communicate faster than thought, and that's just the beginning.  I want to see the whole big bang and go outside our universe and see other stuff,

    The Letter Z
    Whats your zodiac sign?
    - Nearly everything you look up on Scorpio is me to the core, and I don't apologize for any of it.  Coincidence or not (I'm not into astrology), you guys might wanna reconsider bringing babies into this world on my birthday.
    Astrological Chart of the United Nations  I have no idea what the implications of this chart are.  You can click on the 'home' link at the bottom and get the gist of what the website is about, but I want to qualify my response to this as ~not~ being fond of the United Nations, through which will come Transnationalism and the loss of our national sovereignty.  Is it coincidence that I was born on United Nations Day and very firmly denounce their growing power?  Is it coincidence that I, a Scorpio, would so firmly stand for my country, the Eagle?  From Why Scorpio? -
    "The most prominent national characteristics are symbolized by the Ascendant, so in a country known worldwide as the only remaining superpower, it makes sense that the United States should have Scorpio Rising, the sign directly associated with the eagle."
    Like I said, maybe it's coincidence, but I stand with Branwen O'Keefe (L'Engle), an often overlooked quote by a crucially missed glimpse into the importance of even the most minor character, showing up on the doorstep at the very moment that history faces a terrible fork in the road.
    "At Tara in this fateful hour
    I place all Heaven with its power,
    And the sun with its brightness,
    And the snow with its whiteness,
    And the fire with all the strength it hath,
    And the lightning with its rapid wrath,
    And the winds with their swiftness along their path,
    And the sea with its deepness,
    And the rocks with their steepness,
    And the earth with its starkness,
    All these I place
    By God's almighty help and grace
    Between myself and the powers of darkness."

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