• new Trek rebirth, out with the old franchise


    THIS is why we scream...
    You can find much more about Spock's ORIGINAL family and rich Vulcan history at Sarek and Amanda's Pictures and Links, BEFORE the new movie obliterated Vulcan and most of its people.
    "Despite not hitting the big screen until May, Paramount Pictures is so confident the new Star Trek movie will be a success they’ve started work on a sequel.

    Roberto Orci, Alex Kurtzman and Damon Lindelof will pen the screenplay, and J.J. Abrams will produce according to Variety. Abrams hasn’t been locked in to direct yet.

    “Obviously we discussed ideas, but we are waiting to see how audiences respond next month,” Alex Kurtzman said. “With a franchise rebirth, the first movie has to be about origin. But with a second, you have the opportunity to explore incredibly exciting things. We’ll be ambitious about what we’ll do.”

    The script is planned to be finished by Christmas with the movie to released in the northern summer of 2011."

    Sounds aggressively anti-old Trek to me, but I guess we'll see where it goes.



  • major spoiler alert, new Star Trek movie question


    Seriously, if you haven't seen the movie, close this NOW, or I'll completely ruin it for you.
    Query:  If the planet Vulcan is completely and violently destroyed by a bad guy traveling into Spock's past, never to be recovered in any spacetime shape or form, assuming even if this does become a parallel universe (hinted at in the movie), and further assuming other crucial events still play out certain ways (Khan, whales), what happens???  No T'Pring, no katra recovery, yada yada.  No Spock.  Um...
    I liked the character pre-development just fine.  The movie was ok.  (Ok, I personally thought it sucked for a long list of reasons, but the characters were still good.)  But is anyone else out there outraged that not only is Vulcan eradicated from history now, but that everything throughout all the series and the movies having anything to do with Vulcan are now negated?  Simply a different spacetime 'universe'?  Does anyone else think it's sinfully and blatantly WRONG to completely wipe out so much established story and history in such a carefully constructed scifi world?  Does this set precedence for ~anyone~ to come along and just rearrange the game board any old way they want for every other scifi world out there???  And I haven't even mentioned Kirk's whole past being changed, too.  Because it LOOKS like some lucky fart bought the franchise and decided what the heck, let's just rewrite the whole thing and go forward all over again, *ka-ching*.  Easy money.
    I'll refrain from lengthy discourse on what I truly thought of this movie (especially a couple of crucial physics you-gotta-be-kidding-mes), except to say it makes the Undiscovered Country look about 90% better now.  But I do still stand by the character pre-development, it was pretty good.  If anyone wants to argue, keep in mind I've seen every single episode and movie since I was a small child (including the cartoon), and I'm not easily swept off my feet with CGI and story gimmicks and soundtracks that rip off other shows right and left.  Not wanting to offend anyone, but if my own husband has nicknamed me Sheldon, there's probably not a chance anyone can convince me this movie doesn't just wad up Star Trek as we know it and kick it into a trash can.


    The Kevin and Patrick Blog: The New Star Trek Movie Sucks!

    Ok, ok, I have a sense of humor, too...  When *haven't* they sucked?


    Ah, I hear some of you wanting to know what else sucked.
    Let's say you've got this laser big enough to reach a planet's core.  You DON'T need to lower a 'drill' into the planet's atmosphere...  What a waste.  Plus, you'd think there'd be a little atmospheric drag.  Plus you'd think the G-force from the sudden stop at the rate they were falling woulda ripped those parachutes, or at least their necks and brains.  And since when doesn't a falling object (even a human body) heat up falling through the earth's atmosphere that fast?  Because that looked just a little too fast.  Did I mention they were falling REALLY really fast?  Everybody wants a little Iron Man in their movie...
    Red stuff.  If all it takes is one drop to crush a supernova or whatever into a black hole, why in the world do you need a tank of it?  And how in the world do you contain it in drop form inside what looks like a precautionary old-style radiation tube, like Doc Brown used for plutonium in Back to the Future?  Oh, and if the supernova woulda destroyed Romulus, wouldn't a black hole have done it, too?  Think, Spock, think!  That kind of stuff doesn't 'buy time'!!!  *writhing on floor, mouth foaming, cursing the writing team...*  We're talking EASY physics here, guys...
    Speaking of the supernova, how could Spock have been too late?  If a supernova is imminent, it's *already* too late, people.  Duh.  If you even have an inkling your star is reaching supernova stage, and you live in a generation of warp speed and stuff, you'd have the whole Federation out there getting your people out, as they have saved countless other races from imminent destruction.  That was all glossed over a little too quickly, and too easily were they conveniently sucked into the past through the hole Spock made after he wasted an incredible amount of time inventing and containing Red Stuff, and you'd think Nero would have more brains than to stew about it with all that technology at his hands.  Wow, HE could go back in time and save his planet...  He'd be a hero!  Hero Nero!  Because, and correct me if I'm wrong, if Nero went back in time, wouldn't he have all that time to warn his people, warn the planet, get hold of Spock and say Hey, dude, you're gonna mess it up...  Because back in the past, where Nero *went*, Romulus still *existed*...  I can't believe that one never came up on the writing team.  I mean, if Nero can completely rewrite Spock and Kirk history, why can't he rewrite his own?
    The ship Nero had looks like it came off Babylon 5.
    The bug he put in Pike's mouth was dangerously close to being ripped right off Stargate SG-1.  Given such a brief visual on that, never to be brought up again, I'm surprised it made it into the movie at all, barely being necessary except to save Pike's integrity in some way, since we know he'd have died before giving up any info.  Back in the old days that was called a 'plot device'.
    Soundtrack.  omg.  Since when does Star Trek throw in operatic Latinish-Vikingish chorus like every vampire, fantasy, and scifi movie has been doing for the last ten frickin' YEARS???
    You know all that lighting flashing around while they were on the Enterprise?  i.e., the light just over Sarek's head, the camera moving constantly about in between characters and the white background temporarily flashing through brightly at us-- that used to be called "bad filming".  I found it so bothersome that I wore sunglasses through the entire film.
    I'm really pissed that Spock's mom got killed.
    I'm REALLY pissed that Uhura was all kissy-faced with Spock on the transporter pad, when he's the most strictly guarded and staunchly regulatory officer in the fleet.  Since when do we get all kissy kissy on the transporter pad???  Sorta negates the whole hiding the feelings thing if he's going to let some chick feel sorry all over him like that, poor widdo boy...
    McCoy was perfect, Scotty was ok, LOSE THE EWOK.
    Sulu was ok, since when did Chekov suddenly start taking over the whole ship... wow, things we never knew about the 17 year old genius who was even smarter than Spock... again, wow...  Gee, maybe they shoulda had Chekov save Romulus...
    Best scene-- McCoy chasing after Kirk and jabbing him over and over with more shots.  Awesome.
    Poor Scott got two hours of me ranting after the movie.  He took it well.
    And I guess I'm not the only one screaming...
    P.S.  Kirk driving his (now) step-dad's vintage car around and somehow crashing it off a really big cliff in IOWA...  Isn't this in OUR future?  Do they still use gasoline?  Um...  Yeah, and it's sad that they used THAT scene to sell the original trailer on us.  Who wants to see a space movie where some little boy is crashing an old car off a cliff like Indiana Jones?  So he hates his step-dad, so big deal.
    By the way, boys and girls, Kirk was originally born in Iowa, not out in space, so even the whole Nero thing can't explain that one away.
    I'll probably see the movie again, heck, I'll probably even purchase it.  But I'll still be mad at it.  It's a Star Trek tradition to rant and spit about the movies and still continue to collect them out of loyalty.
  • You May Be an Aspie If...

    This list is all my own, from my own experiences.  I got the idea from You Might be an Aspie If..., which I found so comforting and funny that I was able to more quickly adjust to enjoy being who I am once I found out I'm a mental aberration.
 run an entire wash cycle before you remember you forgot to load it-- twice.  In a row.
 really have used a paycheck for a book marker (like Einstein) and run into it by chance 3 months later when you remembered you were reading that book and decided to finish it.
 check a pile of books out from the library, start them all at once, get halfway through, and renew them only because you really believe you're going to finish them, even though half of them are disappointing and the other half aren't addressing your questions after all, particularly if they are about physics or paranormal and astral phenomena.  Then you renew them again because you forgot to take them back.  Then you really do forget all about them and incur heavy fines.
    ...even with all this forgetting, you can remember in great detail several paintings you once saw in the waiting room of a doctor's office when you were six years old, among a number of other useless flashbacks that include the Herkimer the Homely Doll song on Captain Kangaroo (and wonder if the person singing it was Sterling Holloway), the smell of your lunch box in the first grade, and the heartbreaking disappointment of your first Valentine's day in the first grade.  AND the Johnny Appleseed song, and the kitchen table in the first house you lived in, and the time you got a needle stuck in your knee when you jumped on the couch when your mom got up from a sewing project to go do something, and...
 wear the same clothes for 48 hours straight, to bed and back again.
 forget you have makeup on and rub your eyes at work and discover it in the bathroom two hours later- *after* you've helped a dozen customers.  And it doesn't freak you out.  You just go, "Oh, yeah..."
    ...yet, in spite of this seeming lack of interest in your appearance, you obsess about the laundry.  Or your shoes being clean.  Or your eyebrows not exactly matching.
 wind up at the doctor's office a day early and are so convinced you've got the day right that they let you in anyway, even though the waiting room is packed and you're not sick.
 convince a customer at the register that they still owe you $4.38 instead of the other way around, and all the cashiers around you stop what they're doing because even though they can hear the error of your ways, your argument is so convincing they can't help but watch in awe as the customer opens a change purse back up.  (This after acing all your college algebra tests in pen.)
 don't recognize a monthly older couple checking into the hotel where you work even though you can see in the computer that you were the one who checked them in the last 6 times.
 forget you took lunch already and try to punch back out an hour later for lunch.  (stressful day)
 get lost in a Super Walmart.
 have to leave the Super Walmart before you're done with your list because the noise and lights and people and overwhelming variety are causing enough anxiety to nearly pull your shirt off while you flap your long sleeves together reading labels.  (Seriously, Scott caught me nearly pulling my shirt off once as I flapped.  Egads, that would have been a treat for a few people, eh?  I don't wear long sleeves to town any more.)
're so spaced out leaving a Hallmark store that you run right into the door and stand there wondering why it won't open while you slowly focus back and realize there is a sign saying "Use Other Door" and someone behind you is falling over laughing.
    ...yet in spite of ALL of this confusion in public and with the public, you are able to alert an entire hotel full of guests to a tornado warning and supervise them into a hallway and keep them calm while a tornado passes by two miles away, and you help clear a large department store of customers while the fire department investigates smoke and fire alarms and you find out you're the ONLY employee that not only remembered to grab a flashlight and fire extinguisher but also followed all the steps properly.
    ...and you even arrive first on the scene of an accident and save someone's life because you remember in detail everything you've ever learned about airway clearance and taking control of someone in a panic.
    ...AND you even get a 4-story hospital locked down as a housekeeper at 4 a.m. reporting an extreme error of contagion that a nurse made earlier calling you stat to the ER.  (Aspies would make fabulous Star Fleet personnel.  We kinda dig protocol and things like OSHA, NEPA, and other technoweenie stuff.  Except we might wear our uniforms backward, or for several days in a row.  And wind up in the wrong conference room.)
 find traffic so intimidating that you change lanes two miles ahead of time to be ready.
 are terrified of merging on ramps.
 have to map your route out in your head ahead of time like an inbuilt Tom-Tom, and having to change your route in the middle of it all means you have to reroute a new map in your head.
 have the city memorized in a very two dimensional way, so you don't recognize where you are three dimensionally until you check the map in your head.
've been pulled over for going too slow in a school zone or on a highway.
've ever gotten into the wrong car at a store and wondered who left their sweater there or put the dangly thing on the mirror.
 happen to know more about an obscure bit of trivia on a map or about another country than the college professor.
 don't 'get' calculus, but the professor tells you that what you're trying to explain, describe, or ask about is two semesters down the road.
 get a joke someone tells in another language that you don't speak, but a joke in English stumps you.
 can't figure out your fellow classmates to save your life, but you ace your sociology major and anthropology minor.
    ...a particular word consumes half your day, and you walk around pronouncing it in various styles and inflexions, ignoring the stares.  pink, pink, PINK, pink, *pink*, pink
    ...a professor has to send a lower classman to find you, a grad student, on the first day of classes because you are lost, but when you walk into the room and the professor asks you to explain the scientific model to the class before you even find a seat, you jump on the chance to expound, much to the chagrin of the professor.
 delight in arguing quantitative sociological analysis with a mathematics professor who doesn't agree with you that sociology is a science.
    ...finding flaws and holes in other people's reasoning is *fun*, no matter how unnecessary.
    ...a professor asks the students who they idolized growing up, and you say Mr. Spock.
 got extra credit in a Logic class just for mentioning that you own a copy of Heidegger's "Being and Time".
'd rather watch the latest series on cosmology and physics on the History channel than anything else on tv.

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