• New Year Survey- 2013

    So, are you excited for the new year?
    New year, all new surprises. This last year was kind of like the Hercules reruns I've been watching on The Hub (and the New Year's Eve Hercul-EVE marathon coming up), culminating in idiots being thrown into village wells and such. Who does that? Why do they throw dirty sweaty bodies into the drinking water and think they did the village a service saving them from bullies? They still have to haul some pretty cranky bullies out of the well and then drink that water. I think I'd find that a little insulting. Now if it was Hercules that got thrown in, it would be a little more pleasurable pulling him back out, but when he's the one who walks off after throwing the icky guys in, I think I'd be a little grumpy with the son of Zeus. So this year could go in any direction, really, depends on how you look at it- if your well is half empty or half full, either way it's got a hairy body in it that needs hauling out.
    What was your favorite thing about this past year?
    The Merlin fandom, hands down. Even though I live streamed the 5th season direct from BBC One while I watched distraught fans freak out live on twitter, I still can't wait for it to start over again in the U.S. on Syfy.
    Who was your best friend(s)?
    Scott told me to go outside and get pictures *during* a microburst last week when I texted him the roof was coming off. A few days later after repair and clean up, he let me know if I had, it would have killed me because the edge of a shingle gouged a chunk right out of the new deck. See??? I *know* when it's stupid to go outside, duh. He thought I was just being wimpy. He thinks he's superman because he climbs all over carrying heavy stuff, kinda backfired this time. He's on ice packs missing work, not the young thing he used to be. Poor chickens are still missing half the roof over their pen. They skipped laying the day that happened.

    Did you fall in love this year?
    Did you miss this guy in the last survey? Now's your second chance to follow him on Twitter, just in time for season 5 of Merlin to start airing on Jan. 4th in the U.S. on Syfy. He doesn't tweet much, which makes it even more exciting to put him on mobile alert.
    Did you get your heart broken?
    If you'd rather get mobile alerts from people who tweet more often, follow the Knights of the round table!
    And follow Mordred and Gaius as well.
    Did you get a new car?
    Better, I got new chickens!
    Go somewhere exciting?
    I survived 8 hours in a car with my dad through Amish country and didn't throw up on anybody when I got carsick, but it *could* have gotten really exciting.
    Did you have a resolution for this year?
    I'm coming to grips with my severe arachnophobia for the first time in my life, which is huge considering I live in the woods and regularly get tarantulas and brown recluse in my house. I nearly gripped a spider as big as my hand when I reached out to grab a door handle, and nearly stepped on one as wide as my bare foot in my kitchen in the middle of the night. I feel about spiders the same way Xena used to feel about slaughtering thousands of people while she was a warlord.
    Did you keep it?
    So, resolution for 2013- Keep rebuilding my t-shirt collection! I have started off already with these two after-Christmas purchases, and got Scott the third for Christmas. Click pix to get to the websites.
    Did you dye your hair?
    I'm trying to grow it back out. It's slow going.
    Lose any friends?
    Jaizzy finally died. She was pretty old.
    Make any?
    The coolest friend I've made is a webmaster in the Netherlands. If you're a scifi fan, this is your ultimate pitstop.
    How much do you think you changed?
    I bounded back out of being a complete recluse that no one could find or get hold of to splatting my web presence all over the internet. My spell check is still trying to capitalize internet. 
    Did you grow any?
    I went ahead and slapped out a little over $500 to expand my little universe in a myriad of ways. And Scott totally upgraded my techability, that was cool.
    What month was your birthday?
    I'm the scorpioist scorpio you ever met. Brian Diva Cox (BrianDivaCox) on Twitter is on holiday break, haven't been getting any horoscopes this week. He's a nut.
    Was it special?
    The cosmic irony that is my life dictates that any special day must be made *more* special with other people's dramas and traumas until my special day is so piled on that it turns into the worst day ever. I don't look forward to birthdays and holidays for this reason. If I am to survive this life without taking any kind of bitterness to my grave, I have to let go of the whole idea that I could ever have a special day just for me and hoping that everything is wonderful and goes right and I feel great about the world.
    How were you in school?
    I was awesome, school sucked. My fave thing about twitter is tweets like these- "I wish my iPhone would stop correcting 'omg' to 'OMG', I'm not that shocked" The little chuckles get me through my day better than anything else on the planet.
    Do anything you regret alot?
    The problem with regretting a lot is not moving forward because you clog up your brain with angst and dismay and bitterness and all kinds of other negative emotions that don't do anything but drag your day down. I hold my regretting down to wishing I hadn't had that second cup of coffee so late in the afternoon kind of thing.
    Anything you regret NOT doing?
    That is Scott's specialty. It's redundant, but he seems to need to reiterate his list every weekend (for years and years), and once he gets past the list, the rest of the day is fine. He tends to multitask through this kind of stuff while he's defrosting frozen pancakes I've made ahead, till I'm ready to pull my hair out. All he has to do it zap the pancakes on high for 30 seconds, but he'll literally spend 5 minutes defrosting them in the microwave *first* while he goes over his regret list until I'm shoving him out of the way and stabbing buttons for him and telling him to get the syrup and shut up now. He says I suck the joy out of griping. I have ways of getting even. He asked me if you spell Mayans "Myans", and without looking up I just said yeah, and later ~after~ he sealed his Christmas cards, I asked him why he needed to spell it and laughed at him and he was all crap now everyone will think I can't spell, and I'm all why don't you look it up yourself in a search bar kind of thing. I used to let guys cheat off me during tests in high school, too, and they never learned. I don't regret any of this. You don't go marry a college girl so you can ask her how to spell. Or maybe you do, whatever. Here you go, have a celebrity apology for something deeply regretted.
    This is the thing he did that he apologized for.
    Was it a leap year?
    I actually had to go look, and yes it was. Next leap year is 2016, when my debit card expires.
    What are you most thankful for this year?
    Live streaming! How did we LIVE before live television from the other side of the world???
    Did anyone you love die this year?
    Since U.S. Merlin fans may not have seen season 5 yet, like I did live streaming this fall, I have to respect the whole spoilers thing and not tell you who all dies on Merlin. Remember, starting back up on Syfy on Jan. 4th! Ok, ok, I'll spoil a little- the queen of Camelot looks pretty dead slung over the horse unconcious like that. For hours and hours. On the same horse her husband, King Arthur is on... I laughed so hard. I mean, I love Gwen, but that was the most practical man scene EVER, poor thing. If you want any more, you have to watch the show.
    How many significant others did you have?
    Does anyone else ever wonder if Alicia Bridges was the springboard for Billy Idol's look?
    Did you get in trouble alot?
    We didn't know what to do with our old Halloween pumpkin and it was going all soft, so Scott busted it in half and we set it in the chicken pen, and those girls ATE it. *wow* Well, except for the shell, but they got it down to the flat rind. Took 6 chickens only 2 days to eat a whole pumpkin.
    Who are you going to kiss at midnight?
    This Emrys pic can double as a Father Time, how's that? And guess what- I'm getting TWO new year babies! Both my daughters are pregnant.
    Who do you WANT to kiss at midnight?
    Scott and I have the coolest lunchboxes. Mine is Spiderman, and it goes everywhere with me because of all my food allergies.
    What is your resolution for next year?
    Avoid the rocks.
    Who's house are you going to party at?
    I tried this nail polish from the Sinful Colors Professional line, # 927 'Nail Junkie', because I wanted something for Christmas without looking too perky, and this was cool, with all the glitter and dark green it was like lizard scales or something. And then a week later they all peeled right off in one piece, easiest polish removal ever.
    Going to watch the ball drop on TV?
    We'll probably look out the window at the lights in the yard before we hit the hay around 8:00. We're so used to getting up around 3 a.m. that it kills us to stay up till midnight.
    Will this year be better than last year?
    Oh, I hope so. This year was pretty monumental. I'd share, because it would make really awesome gossip and stuff, but then people would fling things at my head when I walk into their houses. Not a good way to make next year better.

  • major spoiler alert, new Star Trek movie question


    Seriously, if you haven't seen the movie, close this NOW, or I'll completely ruin it for you.
    Query:  If the planet Vulcan is completely and violently destroyed by a bad guy traveling into Spock's past, never to be recovered in any spacetime shape or form, assuming even if this does become a parallel universe (hinted at in the movie), and further assuming other crucial events still play out certain ways (Khan, whales), what happens???  No T'Pring, no katra recovery, yada yada.  No Spock.  Um...
    I liked the character pre-development just fine.  The movie was ok.  (Ok, I personally thought it sucked for a long list of reasons, but the characters were still good.)  But is anyone else out there outraged that not only is Vulcan eradicated from history now, but that everything throughout all the series and the movies having anything to do with Vulcan are now negated?  Simply a different spacetime 'universe'?  Does anyone else think it's sinfully and blatantly WRONG to completely wipe out so much established story and history in such a carefully constructed scifi world?  Does this set precedence for ~anyone~ to come along and just rearrange the game board any old way they want for every other scifi world out there???  And I haven't even mentioned Kirk's whole past being changed, too.  Because it LOOKS like some lucky fart bought the franchise and decided what the heck, let's just rewrite the whole thing and go forward all over again, *ka-ching*.  Easy money.
    I'll refrain from lengthy discourse on what I truly thought of this movie (especially a couple of crucial physics you-gotta-be-kidding-mes), except to say it makes the Undiscovered Country look about 90% better now.  But I do still stand by the character pre-development, it was pretty good.  If anyone wants to argue, keep in mind I've seen every single episode and movie since I was a small child (including the cartoon), and I'm not easily swept off my feet with CGI and story gimmicks and soundtracks that rip off other shows right and left.  Not wanting to offend anyone, but if my own husband has nicknamed me Sheldon, there's probably not a chance anyone can convince me this movie doesn't just wad up Star Trek as we know it and kick it into a trash can.


    The Kevin and Patrick Blog: The New Star Trek Movie Sucks!

    Ok, ok, I have a sense of humor, too...  When *haven't* they sucked?


    Ah, I hear some of you wanting to know what else sucked.
    Let's say you've got this laser big enough to reach a planet's core.  You DON'T need to lower a 'drill' into the planet's atmosphere...  What a waste.  Plus, you'd think there'd be a little atmospheric drag.  Plus you'd think the G-force from the sudden stop at the rate they were falling woulda ripped those parachutes, or at least their necks and brains.  And since when doesn't a falling object (even a human body) heat up falling through the earth's atmosphere that fast?  Because that looked just a little too fast.  Did I mention they were falling REALLY really fast?  Everybody wants a little Iron Man in their movie...
    Red stuff.  If all it takes is one drop to crush a supernova or whatever into a black hole, why in the world do you need a tank of it?  And how in the world do you contain it in drop form inside what looks like a precautionary old-style radiation tube, like Doc Brown used for plutonium in Back to the Future?  Oh, and if the supernova woulda destroyed Romulus, wouldn't a black hole have done it, too?  Think, Spock, think!  That kind of stuff doesn't 'buy time'!!!  *writhing on floor, mouth foaming, cursing the writing team...*  We're talking EASY physics here, guys...
    Speaking of the supernova, how could Spock have been too late?  If a supernova is imminent, it's *already* too late, people.  Duh.  If you even have an inkling your star is reaching supernova stage, and you live in a generation of warp speed and stuff, you'd have the whole Federation out there getting your people out, as they have saved countless other races from imminent destruction.  That was all glossed over a little too quickly, and too easily were they conveniently sucked into the past through the hole Spock made after he wasted an incredible amount of time inventing and containing Red Stuff, and you'd think Nero would have more brains than to stew about it with all that technology at his hands.  Wow, HE could go back in time and save his planet...  He'd be a hero!  Hero Nero!  Because, and correct me if I'm wrong, if Nero went back in time, wouldn't he have all that time to warn his people, warn the planet, get hold of Spock and say Hey, dude, you're gonna mess it up...  Because back in the past, where Nero *went*, Romulus still *existed*...  I can't believe that one never came up on the writing team.  I mean, if Nero can completely rewrite Spock and Kirk history, why can't he rewrite his own?
    The ship Nero had looks like it came off Babylon 5.
    The bug he put in Pike's mouth was dangerously close to being ripped right off Stargate SG-1.  Given such a brief visual on that, never to be brought up again, I'm surprised it made it into the movie at all, barely being necessary except to save Pike's integrity in some way, since we know he'd have died before giving up any info.  Back in the old days that was called a 'plot device'.
    Soundtrack.  omg.  Since when does Star Trek throw in operatic Latinish-Vikingish chorus like every vampire, fantasy, and scifi movie has been doing for the last ten frickin' YEARS???
    You know all that lighting flashing around while they were on the Enterprise?  i.e., the light just over Sarek's head, the camera moving constantly about in between characters and the white background temporarily flashing through brightly at us-- that used to be called "bad filming".  I found it so bothersome that I wore sunglasses through the entire film.
    I'm really pissed that Spock's mom got killed.
    I'm REALLY pissed that Uhura was all kissy-faced with Spock on the transporter pad, when he's the most strictly guarded and staunchly regulatory officer in the fleet.  Since when do we get all kissy kissy on the transporter pad???  Sorta negates the whole hiding the feelings thing if he's going to let some chick feel sorry all over him like that, poor widdo boy...
    McCoy was perfect, Scotty was ok, LOSE THE EWOK.
    Sulu was ok, since when did Chekov suddenly start taking over the whole ship... wow, things we never knew about the 17 year old genius who was even smarter than Spock... again, wow...  Gee, maybe they shoulda had Chekov save Romulus...
    Best scene-- McCoy chasing after Kirk and jabbing him over and over with more shots.  Awesome.
    Poor Scott got two hours of me ranting after the movie.  He took it well.
    And I guess I'm not the only one screaming...
    P.S.  Kirk driving his (now) step-dad's vintage car around and somehow crashing it off a really big cliff in IOWA...  Isn't this in OUR future?  Do they still use gasoline?  Um...  Yeah, and it's sad that they used THAT scene to sell the original trailer on us.  Who wants to see a space movie where some little boy is crashing an old car off a cliff like Indiana Jones?  So he hates his step-dad, so big deal.
    By the way, boys and girls, Kirk was originally born in Iowa, not out in space, so even the whole Nero thing can't explain that one away.
    I'll probably see the movie again, heck, I'll probably even purchase it.  But I'll still be mad at it.  It's a Star Trek tradition to rant and spit about the movies and still continue to collect them out of loyalty.
  • Sikes and the Alien Nation


    Since I'm feeling grosser than Matt when he wrote the Grand Wizard review for (I swear, that is the funniest thing I've ever had tears rolling down my cheeks laughing out of my chair over), please excuse me when I challenge Tim Geitner and Friends to successfully navigate a full season of fantasy baseball before they keep telling us all how to run our businesses and health care.  I may be caught in the middle of the current stomach bug ravaging through (yeah, the one that had David Buckner fainting on Glenn Beck), and have a sinus infection to boot (keeping my car between the lines going to the doctor today got a little challenging), and now we're doing the C3-C4 thing to test for active lupus because my fever hasn't come down for 5 days (I haven't been able to make fevers for years, no matter how sick I get), but if I can still pull this off without any typos (I'm manic), then we're cool.
    If you are new to this blog, hello, I enjoy writing End of the World posts.    Kind of a hobby.  I grew up with a self educated (after graduating the 8th grade) Mennonite father teaching me how to grow my own food, butcher my own meat, stand up to many a political debate, and checkmate you in a delightful charade of cat and mouse making you think you really could take me down with a queen and all her army when all I had left was a knight and a bishop.
    I didn't stop there, of course, had to annoy a lot more people all through college and beyond, sort of a blood sport, I guess.  I've lost that edge, have started feeling a little more empathetic nowadays for people who don't get it, but I still don't apologize.  Freud is dead, and if you can't get off that, see ya.  If you can't handle the nitty gritty of social psychology, go back to your texting, gaming, and soft drinks.  You're just a big sale to the people at the top, and if you're an easy sale, your mind is blank enough to brainwash with a 30 second commercial to 'go green'.  Take a few geology and cosmology courses if you wanna think you're smart.
    By the way, any of you know what a BLATO is?  Bacon lettuce avocado tomato and a little bit of onion, and I put in on french bread.  ~heavenly~  Yeah, floating on the vicodin and antibiotic.  Good times.  Nice to be able to actually eat something.
    So this whole Fox News thing taking over the ratings lately has been kinda cool.  I'm not a big news fan, tend to lean toward hermit in the cave stuff (with chickens, yes), but since the Big O has taken charge, *everything* I ever predicted in a work-related break room over the last ten years has started coming true.  I thought my dad was looney tunes going on about the Illuminati and the New World Order and the Secret Society, and for decades since I was a child I've had to listen to every conspiracy theory out there, plus the prophecies and numerology he got into.  The man was avid, excited, ecstatic-- we would see the End Times.  Are you NUTS?  He had me *terrified*.  Six months ago he tried telling me that soon the government would even want to keep track of my chickens, my 5 little pet chickens.  Ok, that's going a little far... chickens in my back yard?!  Until, whadayaknow, here comes the Food Modernization Safety Act of 2009.  Egads...  When I can't hand an egg to a neighbor without risking my backyard being deemed a biohazard site and a health violation, and I know some of you are shaking your heads that I'm being too over reactive here, but let's just start asking what's next.  Rabbits?  Guinea pigs?  Cats?  Plenty of feral cats in this world.  Dogs?  They are the most common privately owned and overabused animal on the planet.  So of course, my chickens hosted a little tea party this month to protest men in black suits coming to take them away.
    That got wildly off my point.  I used to hang around break rooms at work discussing political problems and agendas with my coworkers, and it blew me away how many of us agreed that the United States canNOT keep up this pace of expecting 4th quarter sales to keep the nation afloat, especially being based around a very commercialized religious holiday.  Can you just imagine God telling Jesus his stock market numbers are down?  I've retailed around, spent nearly 5 years with a retail giant (no, not Walmart), and then some time in a year-round touristy 'Christmas village' of shops that catered amazing numbers on very pricey collections, and my first reaction to ALL that was how badly I was consistently treated by the very customers who held up the economy in that holy time of year.  If there is a God, surely this isn't how it was all supposed to turn out...
    But I do believe in the free market system.  We don't grow avocados around here, and I ~need~ them.  I'm sick.    I don't want anyone screwing that up for me.  But when you work long enough in the private sector, you start noticing how things fall apart if you don't keep up your ETHICS.  You want customers to come back?  Then you treat them well, you keep a clean place, you pass health and safety inspections, and you keep smiling because that is your bread and butter.  You serve, not because you have to, but because you choose to, and your service is either a boon to those around you, or it's dragging everyone else down.  To serve means to *work*, by the way.
    That is ~not~ a hard concept.  Well, for a bunch of people, it actually is...
    Enter Neil Cavuto, April 1st, 2009, interviewing one of my fave guys from Alien Nation, Gary Graham.
    Now, on both Alien Nation and Star Trek Enterprise, Graham plays characters who struggle with political agendas going on.  Do you know how many of us go to conventions ~*believing*~ we will someday have a utopian Federation based on human rights and freedoms as set forth in the U.S. Constitution?  We take that so for granted that we ASSUME we will naturally progress from there on to a peaceful global unity that will finally solve all our problems and make humanity a force to be reckoned with among the stars.  According to the TV Guide, the scifi audience makes a pretty big dent in the population, and anyone familiar with conventions, gaming, collectibles, and anything remotely technoweenie knows that it means big money, just like sports.  And why?  Because these concepts aren't just cute, like Barbie dolls and Hot Wheels.  These are stories with belief systems, they ~mean~ something.  In every scifi, fantasy fiction, or cartoon hero legend, there is a line drawn between right and wrong, freedom and tyranny, justice and the perversion of power.  Challenge is risen to with valid reasoning and the courage to fight.  Our lives are inundated with movies, games, books, artwork, and music that compel us to look at our humanity and decide who we are.  But, sadly, that's all 'make believe' now.  None of it really matters once we put the book down, leave the theater, or turn off the game, and return to our lives of cars and cell phones and assuming that quid pro quo goes on just fine without us.
    You didn't see me totally space out for about an hour in the middle of that last paragraph.  I don't normally drink more than half a cup of coffee a day, but I'm kinda floating in a sea of surrealism that had a point in there somewhere.  For the uninitiated, I created GrandFortuna's League of 20,000 Planets during a long period of illness, and it's one of those deals where you're not sure if that's the last thing you'll get to have a say about on this planet.  I guarantee, the brightest minds I've ever met are teens who are born terminal, and they know they have only a few short years left.  When you take the world for granted, you stop *thinking*.  I look around me, and I see a nation of dullards holding ipods and cell phones and watching American Idol.  Very few of them appreciate the minds behind the technology that went into all these things, and how quickly we can lose our toys if something goes wrong.  You know why we watched that North Korean missile launch so closely?  Nuclear electromagnetic pulse (EMP) - Imminent danger to the US # 1  I believe a scifi show was created around this concept, let's see what was it... oh, yeah, Dark Angel.
    "Several months after her escape, terrorists detonated an electromagnetic pulse in the atmosphere over the U.S., on June 1, 2009. This destroyed the vast majority of electrical systems, not only knocking out all the vital electrical systems but also wiping clean all the electronic data, "turning all those ones, and zeros into just plain old zeros" throwing the United States into chaos. This made it a third world country overnight, which let corruption and crime flourish and eventually leading to a stricter martial control of the population."
    You know it would be so weird if something like that really did happen this year, kinda like the Twin Towers being hit so soon after that Lone Gunmen episode about the Twin Towers nearly being hit by a plane.
    Ok, hang on.  Reeling a little bit.  Fever, coffee, what the heck, let's throw in a little software glitch that just sucked a couple of paragraphs into another universe.  I once aced an essay style final exam by writing it out the night before and memorizing the whole thing to rewrite in class, no notes.  I believe the class was some kind of linguistics nightmare with Juris Zarins- I was surrounded by students immersing themselves in dead languages and such.  I don't know which is harder, sitting in calculus without a clue, or trying to translate a paragraph in Navajo with no prior experience.  I really liked Dr. Zarins though.  In one of my first classes with him I made him laugh so hard he couldn't talk for nearly five minutes.  He asked the class why humans have armpit hair but animals don't.  My hand shot up so quick, I'd thought about this one as a child and had already figured it out-- to reduce friction.  omg.  It was so worth being an idiot to see that man nearly fall to his knees in seizures like that.  Oh, and if by any chance he's still teaching, if you sit on the front row, bring kleenex.  He's a very animated speaker, you kinda feel it sometimes.
    I have wandered around the house in a little fever haze a few times in the middle of this, but I think I was about to reconstruct something important.  We were talking about belief systems.  Yeah.
    "Habeas Corpus is a legal action, or writ, through which a person can seek relief from the unlawful detention of him or herself, or of another person. It protects the individual from harming him or herself, or from being harmed by the judicial system. The writ of habeas corpus has historically been an important instrument for the safeguarding of individual freedom against arbitrary state action."
    The United States is not the only country to use habeas corpus, but I think we are the only country in the world that has extended it to the personal levels we have regarding our rights and freedoms as guaranteed under the Constitution.  However, Transnationalism is coming wickedly close to taking that guarantee away.
    "Internationalism refers to global co-operation between nation states, and points to the affairs between nation-state governments, while transnationalism refers to global co-operation between people, and points to activities, which transcends national boundaries and in which nation-state governments do not play the most important or even a significant role.

    Furthermore transnationalism often entails a vision of the obliteration of nation states to make way for a unified world government. Transnationalism is closely related to cosmopolitanism. If transnationalism describes the individual experience, cosmopolitanism is the philosophy behind it."

    You guys might not have thought of this, but once we lose our constitutional freedom of speech, no more good scifi, eh?

    Thought that might get your attention.


    Because once they pull the goodies we take for granted out from under us, you think they're going to let us openly dream about them?  If what we dream disrupts the new order, we will be hushed.  The first step is to mock those of us who are afraid of losing our freedoms, to call us crazy conspiracists, extremists, even racists because our President happens to be black.  But I have to wonder-- if conspiracy is the crazy few, how come there seem to be so many of us?  Why are they trying so hard to ignore us, like we're just dumb little kids or something.  Rednecks, I believe one reporter called us.  I'm a very educated 'redneck', thank you very much.  My ancestry is 400 years of pure Mennonite on my father's side, and I believe we saved the world from starvation by creating 'bread baskets', and you're quite welcome.  My ancestry on my mom's side goes back to John Bankes, who owned Corfe Castle during the English Civil War.

    "The castle was bought by Sir John Bankes, Attorney General to Charles I, in 1635. During the English Civil War, the castle twice came under siege by Parliamentarian forces. Sir John Bankes was away from his estate attending to Charles I so defence of the castle was led by his wife Lady Mary Bankes — "Brave Dame Mary" as she became known."

    Oh, and btw, my family history says Mary was pregnant with my ever-so-great grandfather during the siege, wherein she rallied the servants to defend their home.

    I guess the 'doth protest' stuff is in my blood, both sides.  My father's side migrated around the world avoiding wars, my mother's side wound up being in the middle of wars.  Sometimes I think about all the people before me who survived so many things, and if even one of them had been missing, I wouldn't be here.  And the reason I am here is because they ~believed~ in things.  And those are just examples.  I'm a pureblooded Heinz 57, also representing two Native American tribes, so I feel I'm a fair representative of a world citizen.

    So when I see an article like Bilderbergers excite conspiracists and notice how many familiar names meet to discuss 'world affairs', and suddenly we have a globe-trotting President making buddies with everybody while he bankrupts our country and new legislation pops up every day like candy out of a vending machine and the word 'global currency' is being tossed glibly around, I'm sitting back thinking I'd better stock up on vanilla and cocoa before Chavez ruins our relations with Columbia...

    If you don't think this stuff is going to affect your daily life, you might wanna plug a new light bulb into the ol' noggin.  Use one of those new 'green' ones with mercury in it...

    Unlike Matt from x-entertainment, I didn't urp my way through this, but I can attest to the intensity one feels writing an article in a feverish state.  I don't have a scary Tim Curry music video to leave you with, but I did find a little ditty on youtube...


    Visit Gary Graham to read his essays.  My fave is One Pissed-Off Dude

    And kudos to Fox News for all those runaway ratings.  Choosing to watch a network, if I remember my economics correctly, is a 'vote' for that product or service...  Looks like America is voting.


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