Day: May 12, 2008

  • If I Died Tomorrow survey


    If I died tomorrow, you would never ever get a chance to see me ever again.. Please answer the following questions and message them back to me!
    (I have no idea where this came from, I had it saved with a bunch of junk in an old folder I just rediscovered.)

    What are 3 things you would want me to know before I died? It can be anything.

    1]  I leave money laying around.  Be careful how you shovel out my junk.
    2]  You dang betcha I wrote all those secrets in my private blog, heh heh.  Now you have to guess who has access.
    3]  Tell Michio *cough cough* I loved him most *cough* and that Hawking guy ~gasp, *cough*~ was just an affair *last dying breath*

    What would 3 questions be that you have been wanting to ask me? They can be anything.

    1]  Did you really think I wouldn't notice?
    2]  How many times do I have to tell you it's *not*???
    3]  Why did you create such an elaborate scheme if you knew I could tell the world the truth?

    If I died, would you come to my funeral?  Depends, what kind of snacks do they serve?

    If I died, would you cry?  Um, I might smirk a little when I remember the time that...

    If I died, would you forget me eventually?  "I'll never forget about Larry, no matter how I try..." --Weird Al.
    I Remember Larry

    If I died, what would be going through your head?  Crap, I forgot to ask about the...

    If I died, would you tell me you loved me before I died?  If you left that gunk in the fridge with the weird mold, I might have reservations.

    Would you mean it?  Oh, what the heck, I can just throw the gunk away.

    If I died, would you regret anything you said to me?  Actually, that kinda gets me off the hook, doesn't it?

    If I died, would you regret anything you said about me?  Only if I wind up implicated.

    If I died, would you be wishing you told me something that you haven't already told me?  Well, that kinda begs the question, doesn't it?  I assume if you were looking for an apology that you'll just haunt me and make me miserable, in which case I can have you exorcised.  So there.

    If I died, what would be your last memory of me?  Bugging the crap outa me with these questions.

    If I died, what would you remember me by?  I'm sure I would name a chicken after you if I thought it wouldn't degrade the chicken.  I would name it "Survey Maker of Death".

    If I died tomorrow, I would want to know your true feelings about me. What are your complete feelings about me, up to this day?  Sorry to disappoint  you, but I was thinking how nice it would be to have a little pudding right now.

    What is our best memory together?  Throwing up on a carnival ride.  Seriously, you can't beat a memory with puke.

    What did we laugh the hardest at?  The surprised look on everyone's faces.


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I've started transferring my survey posts over to Surveypalooza so people coming in from search engines on mobile devices will be able to see the surveys.


Apologies for the missing vids, another upgrade during the server migration swept through like a scan sweeping through the Enterprise. I'll fix those later, kinda busy...

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