Day: June 17, 2009

  • old survey from 11-11-07

    1. When you looked at yourself in the mirror today, what was the first thing you thought?
    Gee, why can't my hair have this much body during the day...  Well, I guess it would if I didn't wash it, it would look like I just got out of bed.  But you know what I mean.  Right now I look like Sock from Reaper.  Yes, his nickname is Sock, short for Wysocki.  Ok, I found a picture of his hair for you.  It actually looks pretty tame here, so you have to imagine mine being a bit wilder.


    2. How much cash do you have on you?
    When you get stamps from a machine, the dollars you get back are those new coins that are about the same size as quarters.  I have five of those.  I haven't counted the pennies in awhile.  I can't tell you how many egg mcmuffins I've gotten over the years just picking up other people's pennies that they don't want.  I've actually seen people sweep change up and throw it in the ~trash~.  And then they go gripe about the cost of gas or something.  Makes ya wonder how many tens of thousands of dollars might be in garbage dumps across America because they aren't 'worth' picking up.  A penny is MONEY, you dorks.

    3. What's a word that rhymes with "DOOR?"
    I was about to write 'hot chocolate', but then Skeletor popped into my head.  Boy, haven't heard that name in a long time.

    4. Favorite planet?
    mRpl's home planet.  I really need to get back there some day.

    5.Silver or gold?
    I kind of lean toward colored decorations on my Christmas tree.  And cookies and candy.  We grew up putting strings through cutout cookies to hang on the tree, and after a week or so on a real pine tree, cookies taste really super good.

    6. What is your favorite piece of jewelry?
    French hook earrings.  All of them.

    7. What shirt are you wearing?
    I just realized I should have some music going in my ears to help wake me up.  Hang on.

    8. Do you "label" yourself?
    I like the word 'freakazoid'.  I put on "A Night at the Roxbury" cd, by the way.

    9. Name the brand of your shoes you're currently wearing?
    ~Waaaayy~ too early for shoes...  Ok, I'll explain.  Scott popped awake at 2:30 this morning and decided to get his shower and go into work early.  Then he got on the computer after his shower and didn't leave until 4.  I finally fell back asleep a little bit after that, and then his alarm clock went off a few minutes later...  Now I can't get back to sleep again, so I'm trying to wake up.  I've technically been awake since 2:30 with a ten minute nap, but I feel like I'm drunk or something.

    10. Bright or Dark Room?
    Wo, the 'dark' is capitalized.    Sounds ominous.  Darkish for waking up, bright for making cookies.

    11. What do you think about the person who took this survey before you?
    I think it would have helped if they'd had a disco cd going.  I don't like to outright call someone boring, but dang.  Get some brain waves flowing.  Pretending to be Jack Sparrow in your own fantasy fiction on a survey isn't exactly a brain wave.

    13. What were you doing at midnight last night?
    I remember this crazy dream I was having about way in the future, animals had evolved to really strange weird things, and the cities were empty and crumbling.  We (I was some guy with a few other leftover ragtag humans) had figured out there was a power source for an automatic door in one of the buildings and were trying to use that to figure out how to build some kind of force shield to keep the animals out, because the glass was all gone, and wouldn't have held if it had been there.  It wasn't our first experience with random electricity, and we had already deduced that electricity itself could be the shield somehow.  Written language was long gone, everything we did or discovered was a total accident, and we had to figure stuff out on the fly.  Scott said I was making a bit of noise before he got up.  I'm sure I was trying to talk in my sleep.

    14. What was the last message you sent?
    If I really was remote viewing into the future in my sleep, I was sending a message of knowledge about electricity, yes?  I'm no expert, but I remember it seemed pretty exciting to the group.  Wish I'd had a camera, those animals were pretty funky.

    15. Where & what is your nearest/favourite tavern?
    I'm NOT going to go get the yellow pages.  You'll just have to find it on your own.

    16. What's a word that you say a lot?
    Please don't ask an aspie something that can be quantified like this.  I'm tempted to literally look back through this survey and get a ratio on words most used.

    17.Who told you he/she loved you last?
    *No* one ever says "I loved you last".  Are you nuts?

    18. Last furry thing you touched?
    *gag*  Sorry, the last survey taker wasn't cool.  And no, it's not even what you're thinking.

    19. How many drugs have you done in the last three days?
    *counting*   *still counting*  hang on... carry the three... ok, now for the green ones...

    20. How many BEST friends have you got? (Name them if you want)
    Hang on, I'm still counting the drugs.

    21. Favorite age you have been so far?
    I seem to be entering the Age of Wisdom.  I thought the Age of Reason was pretty good, but this Age looks even more promising.

    22. Your worst enemy?
    Dead batteries.

    23. What is the current book you are reading
    I am currently involved in 3 library books.  I was into Uri Geller long before he recently became a household name on tv this year, so I rechecked one of his old books.  I don't watch his show, by the way, I think it's dumb.  But the books are all right.  Another is Future Memory, and another is about children having memories of past lives.  My thoughts?  I'm amazed that all this thinking outside the box, as it were, is still so primeval.  We keep assuming it's all about EARTH.  As if being human is the whole in itself.  As if being sentient as we know it is the starting point and the ending point and the gauge by which we measure all else in this universe.  It doesn't occur to anyone, not even Uri, that we are not bound by a forward progression of time in either inter or intra life spans, and that this universe is not the only place we can exist as either corporeal or spiritual selves.  And I'm not trying to be mystical or new age or anything, I'm not into that stuff.  I'm just saying that even those with open minds limit themselves far too much.  Catch up with the quantum age, for Pete's sake, it's already been around for a century.

    24. What was the last thing you said to someone?
    I called Scott up and thanked him for the alarm going off.  Don't worry, I was polite.

    25. If you had to choose between a million bucks or to be able to fly what would it be?
    Define 'fly'.  Do you mean float effortlessly through the air at will, or will I have to work really hard to do it via my own muscles or some kind of contraption?  And the million bucks-- how much is coming out in taxes and fees?

    26. Do you like someone?
    As much as I can like anyone who leaves the alarm set after they've left early for work.  Ironically, he loaned his key to someone else and couldn't get in until another coworker showed up, so he wasn't really early at all.  Just one of those very mixed up dumb days.

    27. The last song you listened to?
    "A Little Bit of Ecstacy".  But I've gone into full blown nasty headache and turned the cd off.
    I think the difference between me and people who feel driven to achieve no matter what is that I've learned to go back to bed, which I'm thinking about doing now.  Sort of ironic, considering I spent the first 20 years of my adult life not sleeping much at all.  But I slammed through chemistry and economics and algebra and psychology and just tons of stuff at sunrise over the years, I've been at work by 5 or 6 a.m. for nearly a decade (or worked through every stinkin holiday and weekend closing), so now--- I'm going back to bed.  Because I can.  I have a cousin with multiple PhD's who is hoping to become the Surgeon General to the United States one day.  Now THAT'S motivation.  I could do that, too, keep slamming through college and jobs trying to ~be~ somebody.  But you know what?  I'm going back to bed.  If you think I suck, then maybe you need to lighten up and go back to bed yourself.  Besides, I can't have coffee.  And besides, I'm reading 3 library books about scientific study and anyalysis that have nothing to do with romance or fiction.  I'm at least still exercising my mind and widening my knowledge base.  I worked at a used book store for awhile, and one lady would come in with this huge 3 ring binder notebook with color coded cross referencing tabs and stuff.  She had kept a record of every single book she'd ever read in her life, including a short one paragraph synopsis on each one, all arranged by author and title and then assembled into genre.  She took her reading hobby very seriously and claimed to have read over ten thousand books, and she kept a separate dated list of titles she'd read, in order of reading, just to prove it.  I asked her if that included stuff like geographical surveys and culture studies, and she said no, she only read fiction, mostly romance, mystery, semi-historical stories, biographies, drama, stuff like that.  I asked her if she had a hard time reading around work, and she said she never worked.  So here's a woman doing nothing on this planet but hitting used book stores and soaking up every bit of imaginary scenario that can possibly be invented and cataloging her life into this binder, and who will care?  When she dies, who will look at that notebook?  What is her motivation, her compulsion to live this way, to avoid reality and stay locked in a fantasy world with no other life?  DOES IT MATTER?  ~No~.  She has a hobby, she's very good at it, and she's probably more qualified than anyone on this planet to write a treatise on the evolutionary history and impact of fiction on our society.  She's an ~expert~.  So I say, what is the difference?  I'm going back to bed.  Scott will try to make me feel guilty later to counter for feeling guilty about the alarm going off, but I don't care.
    By the way, the survey ended at 27 for some reason, so there you go.

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Apologies for the missing vids, another upgrade during the server migration swept through like a scan sweeping through the Enterprise. I'll fix those later, kinda busy...

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