Day: August 3, 2009

  • yay for survey <3

    y a y f o r s u r v e y<3

    a l l t h a t b a s i c c r a p<3

    what is your name?: You're right, this is basic crap.

    age?: If people never guess my age right, does my real age exist?

    what's your hair look like?: Scott can't believe that I can smell paint long after it's dry.

    bday?.. I wanna send a card :) : When I was in high school I sent mail with surprises in them.  Once I put a tick into the envelope.

    height?: No one ever asks depth.  Man, this survey is sucking so bad already.  I'm going to have to get mental or something.

    nicknames?: We're about to paint one of the walls "Morocco Desert".  So far the other walls are "Oat buff".  Going for that 3D effect.  With a vaulted ceiling and one angled wall and another inset wall with a big shadowbox shelf, it really is 3D.

    y o u h a v e s o m e f a v s r i g h t ?<3

    color?: We tried various yellows in other parts of the house, what a disaster.  I am NOT a yellow person.

    sport?: When you get store ads online and compare the sales, watch the coupons and rebates, and wind up with 3 pounds of free Folgers coffee or get 18 giant bubble mailers for only 39 cents each, you win.

    food?: And then I got bogo (buy one get one) filet mignons at Harter House.  I watch for when something nice goes cheap and then load up.

    drink?: You're right, where's my ice tea?

    movie?: My fave Geena Davis movie is "The Long Kiss Goodnight".  Bet you thought it would be something with Jeff Goldblum in it, didn't you?

    tv show?: TV is unplugged right now.  Painting.  Many tarps and things.

    mag?: I bet no one EVER says Tea Time magazine in one of these.  I'm wanting to try making the pumpkin creme brulee.

    non-living item?: That was a jolt, I suddenly got the vision of all the previous items being alive.  Way too literal in my head.  And what is up with asking it like that?  Can you see reversing the question?  "What is your fave living item?"  See how stupid that is?

    thing to do when you're bored?: SURVEYS.  Egads.  I'm pathetic.  I finished my book covering the impact of the cosmos on world mythologies and human consciousness, and now I stoop to this...

    place?: My house.  My cave.  My sanctuary.

    place to just visit?: I like to visit Walgreens.  It's so cute and tiny, and they have awesome novelty footies.  If you buy 3 packs of footies, they wind up being around $1 for each pair, and they are the GOOD kind, the ankles aren't too tight or too low, they stay on in tennis shoes, and they don't fall apart.

    day of the week?: I've always liked Tuesdays.

    m a k e y a t h i n k<3

    most embarrassing moment?: That implies getting caught.  However, I did find it embarrassing to realize I look like my mother when I fuss at my kids.  I really hate that.  Best to stop fussing, eh?

    favorite inside joke?: Lately it's that my klunker doesn't qualify for cash.

    favorite childhood memory?: Oh, gee, pulling weeds, scrubbing the floor, picking my fingers raw in the garden...  My parents actually believed in WORK, and they didn't worry about child labor laws.  Ok, fave tongue in cheek memories...  Will I ~ever~ forget pitting 10 gallons of cherries?  Probably not.

    first crush?: I'm not sure that I ever really had a 'crush'.  I think the closest I came to a crush was desperately wishing I could time travel, or had wings so I could fly.  My crushes are on ideas.  They sweep me away.

    i laugh the hardest when..: Perfect looking adults are suddenly surprised by kids throwing up all over them.  Surprise!

    i'm a sucker for..: Food.  You can buy me with food.

    it makes me mad when..: People ignore their children to the point of the kids being absolutely miserable, and then they slap the kids to shut up.

    w h a t d o y o u t h i n k / a r e y o u<3

    about lying?: You'd be surprised how that can save your life when you get in a pickle.

    about cheating?: I don't understand the belief in 'love' when it's so easy to cheat.  I've never cheated, maybe that's why I don't get it.

    about opening doors for people?: I've seen shoppers let heavy doors fall on old people to the point where injury and blood happens.  All I can say is, what goes around comes around.  When you get old, everything you ever did to others comes back to haunt you.

    about laughing for no reason?: I'm learning to suppress the giggle at idiocy so I don't have to say there was no reason.

    about college?: I think it needs to start in high school.  Too much time is wasted between 16-18 on being bored with childish things.

    about country music?: Aside from a good song here or there, I really can't stand the genre.  It ranks directly behind rap in the "quick, turn it off" department.

    about dying?: I sometimes think that fragile nature of our bodies is the only thing that gives our souls a chance.  If you don't get that, go bloat up on some french fries or something.

    you a health freak?: My mom was a health freak.  I'm healthY.  Big difference.  You can jam all the jars of healthy pills and juice and special foods in your body that you want, it doesn't save you from being ignorant to the point of allowing diabetes to ravage your brain until you live like a vegetable in a nursing home.

    you mean?: Is this 'are you mean'?  Only in the kindest way.  I will be honest enough for you to hate me.

    you friendly?: In my own little introverted way.  I think it's friendly to point out a bug in someone's hair to a total stranger, but I refuse to pick it out for them.

    you mad right now?: I am in no condition to handle being the least angry.  Too bad the entire world can't feel like this, we'd all be way more laid back.

    you believe sneezing is contagious?: Surprisingly so...  Yes, I get it, but the layers of stupidity in this survey are grinding me down.

    you ready for this to be over?: This survey maker has dreams of one day going into the psychiatric field.  I feel for the patients.

    l e t s f i n i s h w i t h s o m e r a n d o m<3

    do you have something better to be doing right now?: Actually, no.  This time slot is for wasting.

    why do people get mullets?: Because Americans live under the illusion that they are free to choose.

    should using all blue eye makeup be considered a sin?: Wow, haven't heard this one in years.  Do they still say this?

    one thing you adore: I discovered The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai last night.  I was in dork heaven.  I love dorks!!!!!

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I've started transferring my survey posts over to Surveypalooza so people coming in from search engines on mobile devices will be able to see the surveys.


Apologies for the missing vids, another upgrade during the server migration swept through like a scan sweeping through the Enterprise. I'll fix those later, kinda busy...

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