Day: September 9, 2009

  • 10 layers survey


    10 layers

    [10 things in your room]

    1: Seriously?  Ok, here we go.  Ironing board,
    2: scattered physics books (on the floor),
    3: a used cough drop (beside table),
    4: HEPA filter air cleaner,
    5: the tiniest tv in the house,
    6: a hand sewn quilt my Gramma gave me,
    7: bubble wrap,
    8: an Indian jigsaw puzzle on the wall,
    9: unplugged phone,
    10: and a bunch of the usual furniture and clothing and stuff.  It's a neat room, a cave within a cave, so to speak.
    [9 things you love]
    1: laughing when Rush gets silly and the caller doesn't get it
    2: Glenn Beck's pretty eyes
    3: my chickens
    4: cooking yummy food
    5: hanging out with Scott
    6: reading thick complicated books such as "The History of Food"
    7: watching "The Universe" on the History channel
    8: thinking about what God must really be like that no one understands because we're so tiny
    9: getting the laundry done
    [8 songs you love]
    1: Trigger Happy (Weird Al)
    2: music by Cuzco
    3: anything Craig Chiqaco
    4: Christmas songs
    5: everything else by Weird Al
    6: Dead Like Me Theme (Stewart Copeland)
    7: Humans Being (Van Halen)
    8: The Donut Song
    Burl Ives - The Donut Song
    cho: When you walk the streets you'll have no cares     
    If you walk the lines and not the squares     
    As you go through life make this your goal     
    Watch the donut, not the hole.
    It's written on the rainbow, in letters made of gold
    Written on the rainbow, there's wisdom to behold
    My friend the little sparrow flew close enough to see
    Written on a rainbow is this philosophy.
    (Repeat verse)
    Little angels wrote it, so folks on earth would know
    (Repeat Chorus two times)
    I'm off to jolly England whereBulldogs all wear pants
    Off to Pago Pago where alligators dance
    My friend the little sparrow will take me where he flies
    Even to the rainbow to read with my own eyes
    (Repeat First Verse)

    [7 characterics you like about the other gender]
    1: somewhat clueless
    2: pride in idiocy
    3: joy getting dirty
    4: stronger than me
    5: passion for exploration
    6: so vulnerable and innocent underneath it all
    7: opens my own eyes to myself
    [6 things that annoy you]
    1: people whose emotions blow them around without inner direction
    2: dropping raw eggs when I first get up
    3: the radio settings in my car mysteriously changing themselves after Scott has driven it
    4: unmonitored pets who bring death and destruction to my peaceful chicken house
    5: people coughing in food bar lines
    6: the phrase "cautiously optimistic"
    [5 things your wearing]
    1: no makeup
    2: no jewelry
    3: no shoes
    4: no hat
    5: a Great Pumpkin shirt and clam diggers
    [4 of your nicknames]
    1: I
    2: refuse
    3: to
    4: say, because they are special to certain private people.
    [3 words to describe you]
    1: Sleepy
    2: Hungry
    3: Bored with this diminishing list of questions.
    [2 clothes brand you wear]
    1: This
    2: sux.
    [1 thing you can't live without]
    1: Football is starting back up, it was pretty dang hard living without it.

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I've started transferring my survey posts over to Surveypalooza so people coming in from search engines on mobile devices will be able to see the surveys.


Apologies for the missing vids, another upgrade during the server migration swept through like a scan sweeping through the Enterprise. I'll fix those later, kinda busy...

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