Day: April 28, 2011

  • April survey


    What's important about April?
    I had no idea until this got me curious and I search engined it. 

    What were you doing at 8:00 this morning?
    Cursing the hideous irony that has bubbled up around the 'progression' of xanga root command, forbidding me any widgets in my header, footer, or even a custom module should I go premium, after 7 years of coding to my heart's content.

    Can you honestly say that things are running smoothly for you?
    I wound up at a walk in clinic over a cashew allergy blowing up on me today.  Thank goodness I had benadryl in the car with me, not sure I could have made the 15 minute drive without it.  In all consideration, I guess actually making it in the door as quickly as I did was about as smooth as it could get.

    Who made you laugh last?
    Chris Hardwick on Web Soup.  Stuff like this.

    On G4.

    What are you currently waiting for?
    A youtube to load.  I really don't wait for much else, except food.

    Is it possible to be single and happy?
    I'm single every day that Scott works for about 12 hours.  I'm good with it, and then I'm happy to see him come home.  Best of both worlds.

    If I say "psycho", who is the first person that comes to your mind?
    Scott's ex-wife.  Oh, the stories we could tell.  Actually, I could do a whole blog on just her.  Running up the street naked, stoned. and crystalized out her mind, years of stuff.  Mighta been funny if I hadn't spent nearly 20 years raising her child for her.

    Who was the last person to call you and why?
    Too bad it wasn't my dad, that would be a whole other blog in itself.  He thinks he has an immunity to diabetes (it's contagious, you know), the rapture was supposed to have happened several times throughout my life and now it's May 21st of this year (he reneged briefly and said Easter, but that was more like a safety guess because it *coulda*), drinks a whole can of coconut milk in his homemade smoothie (I looked up all the ingredients, 1000 grams of fat, I kid you not), actually followed a preacher to his house and insisted on coming in to debate his biblical knowledge until the guy insisted he leave before he called the cops, stuff like that.  And that's just since he hit 78.  He's 81 now.  If you wanna know how to live a really long fulfilled life without doctors and psychologists, study my dad.

    Do you plan on sleeping in tomorrow?
    Scott has fasting lab, and then we're going out to breakfast, so we'll be shoving our way through the clinic doors with really old people who can power walk to the front of the line like they're handing out coupons to Cracker Barrel.  That scares us.

    What's annoying you?
    Wow, a challenge.  A thousand words or less?  My insurance company is scouring my entire medical history from 2 years ago to now, demanding I pay them back thousands of dollars, not realizing I canceled my automatic medicare part B after the disability hearing.  Seriously, two months after that happened, I really had no idea I was automatically enrolled until a card and letter came in the mail, informing me they'd already taken out monthly fees going back to 2008, and that I'd never get them back even though I had absolutely no chance to use the program.  Some idiot in my insurance company suddenly discovered there was ~gasp~ a medicare card in my life, and never bothered to research what happened with it, so now I'm under investigation for apparent full blown insurance fraud or something.  All doctors involved have already been alerted, and all medical paperwork covering the last two years is now most likely permanently screwed.  I blame our current administration for this utter panic and resultant witch hunt, as insurance companies have folded and dropped like flies, causing many insurance policy changes rippling through our greatly confused nation.

    Do you know anyone with the same middle name as you?
    I really wish my parents had been more creative.  My middle name is so common that at least a quarter of my graduating class (both boys and girls) had it.  Now you're wondering what it is.

    Dated someone more than once?
    Scott was ready to marry me after the 3rd date.  Now we wonder if I was a slut or if he was that hard up.  Turns out we clicked.  We're both very bossy and stubborn oldest children, and neither one of us likes other people.  Match made in heaven.

    Where did you get the last shirt you were wearing?
    Not the current shirt?  The last shirt came from Southwest Indian Foundation - Navajo, Zuni, and other native crafts...(I grew up just 16 miles from the Navajo Nation reservation.)  A checkout girl at the grocery store exclaimed that the graphics were the same stuff from Ancient Aliens, which her dad watches all the time.  I'm waiting on new shows myself (summer 2011).  I like this guy, Giorgio A. Tsoukalos, owns the Legendary Times site.

    Are there any stressful situations in your life?
    Let's see, cashew allergy, insurance witch hunt, my mother-in-law lives next door...  I actually like her, but it takes a lot of tongue biting.

    Would you be surprised if your parents had another baby together?
    Since I am post-parent (I'm sure Dad could still pull an Abraham and have a miracle child, except he has never shown interest in another woman besides Mom), we'll go back in time and reveal what a surprise *I* was, bumping an older sib off in vitro so I could be conceived instead.

    Do you still talk to your friends from elementary school?
    Scott keeps track of who from his high school has died already.  I have no idea where in the world any of my old classmates are and what they are doing.  A guy from high school became a mayor for awhile, and I laughed my head off.

    So, the person you like, their name starts with a S, doesn't it?
    Scott, wow, you're telepathic.

    Have you ever thought about getting your tongue pierced?
    After seeing a few rotting tongues, no.

    Do you believe what comes around goes around?
    I have yet to receive as much back as I've dished out, both good and bad.

    If you had a tree that could grow anything you want, what would it grow?
    Anything I want... hyperdimensional avocados.  But would I be able to tell?

    Is there someone you used to talk to every day that you don't talk to at all?
    People flee from me.

    Would you consider adoption?
    Raised a druggie's child, see above.  She turned out real good, btw, runs her own legitimate biz now and cleared over $20,000 last year.  Actually went to college.  Never got pregnant in high school.  I never considered it, more like thrust into it via marrying her dad, but I'd say it was worth changing history.  You didn't know you could do that, did you, actually change history.

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