Day: April 25, 2008

  • 50 Things About Me


    1. I love sox.  I love novelty sox, footies, toe sox, trouser sox, athletic sox, and everything about sox.  But alas, I am also very picky about the sox that go onto my feet. 
    2. Someone once told me orange is my healing color, but I find it very annoying.  Orange is ok in context, but as a color it sets me on edge.  I will leave you wondering why my links are set up to be orange.
    3. Sometimes I think how cool it would be to float around until I watch fish...  I used to wonder why the smallest brains got the coolest sensations until I realized-- I don't think I could handle just floating for very long without going nuts.
    4. I've loved Chinese and Japanese artwork, artifacts, customs, and food since I was a small child, and I've never known why.
    5. I really like nutmeg toast, thanx to Ron Ausbrooks (Mathematical Markup Language (MathML) Version 2.0 (2nd Edition) [ Ron Ausbrook, Working Group Membership and Acknowledgments, mathplayer.pdf, Nabble - Math WG comments on latest CDF documents), who I would very much like to get that picture of me in a Planet of the Apes Halloween mask back from.  Hi, Ron.   
    6. I nearly killed Spencer.    But you can read about that in Duck Lords once I get that story posted.
    7. I have a very scattered world wide audience because I cannot quell this obsession with creating websites and playing with codes, and a fan (I have fans  )once showed up at my house with a gun.  Don't worry, she didn't kill me, but after 5 days of freaking me out grinning at me like the Cheshire cat through everything we were doing, she finally admitted to being severely depressed, then went home and blogged to everyone I knew that I beat her up and tried to poison her.  She lived in a huge house on a horse ranch, had a pool and cool stuff and a diamond ring on her finger worth more than the last 3 cars I've driven put together.  Gotta love bored rich people. 
    8. My most favorite famous person that I've met is Too Slim.
    9. I've met many other famous people.  I'm not going to say who.  I'm really not impressed myself with the whole idea of 'fame', and I think it's dumb to use it to impress other people.  But I do like Too Slim, I think he's the bomb.
    10. I got halfway through a masters in resource planning (acing) before I dropped out to raise a tiny little full time step kid who didn't need another parent running off to do something more (or much less) important.  I was preparing to present a thesis topic of locating another Mall of America into the Ozarks, which would have been a huge project and probably worth a lot of money for my research.
    11. That child was born with Fetal Alcohol Effect (FAE), and I decided she was more important than chasing a degree and getting rich.  Click here and see if you agree it was worth it.
    12. I don't handle surprises well.  When I worked a hotel desk late at night one year, the guests quickly learned they could make me jump sky high when they snuck up on me in their sox.  This is why aspies sometimes go Freddy Kruger on people.  Once is funny, twice is you need to get a life, and thrice is me whacking you in half.
    13. I feel no shame in staying in my pajamas all day.  I'll go to the door looking like I just crawled out of a bear cave, and if you can't handle it, that's your problem.
    14. Someone once told me, with great surprise, that I had a green glow around me, except it was yellow around my head.  I had no idea at the time what that meant.  I do know now that the colors change around me depending on how I'm feeling and how intense I feel about what I'm sharing.  I've had 3 dreams of portent containing bright blue animals, a rabbit, a dog, and a pony.  I've naturally been drawn to a bright royal blue since I was a small child, and blue LED lights mesmerize me.  I have memories of either being blue or living in a blue world, and I'm not talking about the ocean.  I'm not into aura readings, but if anyone is interested in some of this stuff, here you go.  Observing Aura Color 
    15. If I could drop what I'm doing right now and do anything I want, I would go for a buzz around the universe.
    16. I've wondered since I was small why I can't have blue hair.
    17. I milked goats for several years.
    18. I can trace my family history back to the 1600's on both sides, but I'm not into genealogy.
    19. I do know I'm not Vulcan, dang it.
    20. Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy are my fave super heroes.
    21. When I was a little kid I thought meatloaf was made out of buffalo.  Now I know he's a really cool guy on a new phone commercial.     
    22. I think the world is a better place with the Sonic Guys in it. 
    23. I've been cooking since I was 7, and have worked in several food establishments, working my way up to head cook in a couple of very nice places.  I love cooking at home, and collect rare recipe books and enjoy the Food Channel.  Part of my obsession with food is that I have a digestive disorder and have a hard time eating much of it without pain.
    24. I adore fine coffee, but discovered a few years ago I am allergic to it.  Wah!!!  It triggers migraines and other chemical reactions that have led to hospital visits.  I allow myself a half cup a week of Ozark Mountain Blend from Churchill Coffee.  "Indonesian and African coffees are combined to provide a sweet chocolate aroma balanced with nut, fruit, and floral notes."  Mmmmm....
    25. If I had to choose between a dog and a cat, I'd take a chicken.
    26. I have put Stephen Hawking on a pedestal to help me deal with my own debilitating illness for the last 20 years (mine is different, but extremely painful).  I figured if he could use his brain to get past all the crap, I could too.
    27. I don't worry about politics.  I figure there are plenty of people out there worrying hard enough. 
    28. I grew up on a farm where we lived on everything we grew.  I don't think enough people appreciate all the work that goes into bringing such nice food into easy-to-access grocery stores.
    29. I love watching Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade in my pajamas and then having good food while I watch football, but I don't care to socialize around Thanksgiving dinner.  It's fun to see people, but it's just way too much stress for my aspie mind.
    30. I once read an 800 page book on mosquitoes just to see if I could do it.
    31. I had a feeling Professor Snape was a very hidden good guy from the very first book. 
    32. I hate sweet corn.  I grew up eating fresh corn on the cob, and they've changed the genetics so much over the years that now it's like eating a bowl of sugar. 
    33. My fave restaurants to eat at are Mr. Yen'sJ.Buck's, Hemingway's Blue Water Cafe, and Red Lobster.
    34. My fave theme park is Silver Dollar City, and I love visiting the Branson Landing and Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World.
    35. I actually very rarely get out of the house.   
    36. If I could wear contacts, I'd get them with words going around that say "If you can read this, you're too close." 
    37. Halloween is my favorite holiday. 
    38. I like watching tornado weather come in from my deck.
    39. I could care less if the price of gas goes up.  People pay more per ounce for easy and cheap to make bottled drinks and never complain. 
    40. I think people who have sex with kids should die, and I don't apologize for that, as per an ex-husband. 
    41. My best friend was murdered in college.  Her murder was filmed for a sex video.  I loathe people who are into snuff films.
    42. I grew up on a motorcycle.  My dad owned a Honda/BMW shop. 
    43. I rolled a volkswagen real bad and flew out the window and lived to tell about it.  I was only doing 40 at the time, on my way to church, and they had to untangle my hose from a wild rose bush.  I was conscious through the entire accident.  It hurt.
    44. I was first on the scene of another accident and saved a girl's life. 
    45. I'm super salt sensitive.  I cringe at the handfuls of salt people throw into food on food shows.
    46. I don't ice my drinks because cold drinks make me croupy. 
    47. I don't have stage fright.  I easily stand in front of a roomful of people and say what I think.
    48. Conversely, I am completely intimidated by large men who crowd me and get loud or angry, or too flirty.  My ex once held a loaded rifle to my head and I never flinched, because I HAD to play the game and survive it.  But I do NOT have to tolerate people having rage issues over something as stupid as locking themselves out of a hotel room without their keys or cell phone and they're late for a meeting.  If some of those guys knew how close I came to freaking back out all over them, they'd have been terrified, because I know deep down I would enjoy hacking my ex apart with a hatchet.  And then it ticks me off that the big cowards will come apologize to management and not to my face.
    49. Having said that, I will now share that I've won customer service awards and was once taken to lunch by a regional manager.    What makes that funny is that I'm autistic, and I was able to out-nice the 'normals' under as much stress and pressure as anyone.
    50. You probably noticed I have an attitude.    I could say I've earned it, but I was born with it.

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