Day: April 13, 2008

  • Boredom Survey


    whats your name spelt backwards?
    Akinaj.  That actually sounds cool, like something out of a WoW or Zelda vid game.

    What did you do last night?
    I fell more deeply in love with Michio Kaku.  I used to think Stephen Hawking was the coolest, because for a top physicist, he actually cared that the masses could understand what was in his head, and I loved him for it.  Kaku has gone the step further, making it an almost poetic journey into a love story, and kissed my thoughts with dreams of knowing everything possible.  Kaku marries physics and cosmology to the caress of word construction like no other. 

    The last thing you downloaded onto your computer?
    The youtube uploader.  Since I got my new camera, the megabytes really pile up onto the minutes.  I love the uploader, well worth the installation, and with the new camera, the digital quality has really zoomed up there.  I am quite pleased.

    Have you ever licked a 9 volt battery?
    I've seen a kid do this, as we were riding on a school bus.  He cried.  Everyone laughed.  I thought "morons" and kept to myself.

    Last time you swam in a pool?
    Sadly, I do not even own a suit any more.  I think I need a cute new suit.

    What are you wearing?
    I like the word 'housecoat'.  It's a coat you wear in a house when you get cold.  It's fuzzy and soft and warm, and looks super cool when I whip around in an action-packed move to catch something about to crash onto the floor.  It moves like Neo's long coat in The Matrix.

    How many cars have you owned?
    How many bombs have I worn out and retired...  haha.  Who cares.

    Type of music you dislike most?
    Apologies to anyone I inadvertently insult, but 'country' just about drives me up a wall, and 'rap' puts me into a coma.  There are some good songs contained within that I actually like very much, but as music types go, those two seem about as low on the 'lowest common denominator' chart as they come.  Again, apologies, nothing personal, it's just that it doesn't seem like you have to be terribly creative or knowledgeable to add to these categories of 'art'.  I think part of the problem is mass merchandising.  I think that kind of ruins them.

    Are you registered to vote?
    Yes, but I am choosy what voting opportunities I attend.  For instance, I ignored the last vote for school board, since my kids are no longer in the public school system.  I'm done with the local backstabbing, as it were.

    Do you have cable?
    I don't feed the pig.  I love my satellite dish.  It looks so cute on my deck.

    What kind of computer do you use?
    A really good one.  I can't wait until we have interactive computer implants put into our heads.

    Ever made a prank phone call?
    The best phone calls are the accidental ones.  I love it when people call my phone thinking they're getting someone else, and I can get them to talk to me, and when they finally realize I'm not who they wanted they get really mad and hang up on me.

    You like anyone right now?
    I'm liking Eddie Izzard a whole lot this last year.  I think he's the bomb.

    Would you go bungee jumping or sky diving?
    This is the 'Boredom Survey'.  If I would go do that stuff, I wouldn't be wasting my time doing a survey.

    Furthest place you ever traveled?
    Outside of this universe, but it was a thought experiment and I don't advise anyone to try this at home without supervision.

    What's your favorite comic strip?
    Calvin and Hobbes

    Do you know all the words to the national anthem?
    I never appreciated the line about the rockets red glare and bombs bursting in air giving proof through the night that the flag was still there until I was in my mid 30's and realized how awful that night must have truly been.

    Shower, morning or night?
    Aspergers Syndrome and Personal Hygiene  If you read nothing else about Asperger's, READ THIS.

    Best movie you've seen in the past month?
    I seem to be a bit movie-less in this month's memories.  I've seen a few crappy ones that Scott had on, but I refuse to stoop to rating which one was best.

    Favorite pizza toppings:
    Sausage and cheese.  But I'm really not that keen on pizza.  I think the best one I ever had really surprised me, because it was a thin crust super supreme, something I never would have ordered, but it was a mistake I didn't feel like arguing over, and wound up enjoying it immensely.

    Chips or popcorn? 
    If I must crunch, and I must, then I usually resort to dry cheerios.  But I dream of cheese popcorn from 
    Ozark Mountain Popcorn Co because they use real Kraft cheese, and that was the best popcorn I ever ate in my life.

    What cell phone provider do you have?
    Who cares?  It's not going to change your life to know this.

    Have you ever smoked peanut shells?
    *laughing hysterically at the idiocy of people actually going the length to try this*  You know, I've hung with a few people in the long ago past who were pretty serious about their experimentation, and this is about the stupidest thing I've ever heard.

    Have you ever been in a beauty pageant?
    I've taken second place in a beauty contest and won $10 a number of times.

    Orange Juice or apple?
    I like a whole bunch mixed together, like punch, with fizzy stuff.  Otherwise I'm not a juice drinker.

    Who were the last people you sat at lunch with?
    I think all these food questions are making me want a snack.  *running off to get a snack*

    favorite chocolate bar?
    I came back with hot tea and Hershey's kisses.  I'm not a big candy person.  These kisses are left over from Christmas.

    Who is your longest friend and how long?
    Scott, nearly 18 years.  He is the only person on this earth I have been completely myself with and not worried about it.

    Last time you ate a homegrown tomato?
    I'm sure my dad will bless me with an abundance, and I will enjoy much salssssa.

    Have you ever won a trophy?
    No, thank goodness.  Superficial recognition annoys me.

    Favorite arcade game?
    I sucked.  Didn't matter which one.  I have long since abandoned any hope of ever becoming a pinball wizard.

    Ever ordered from an infomercial?
    I can't believe people actually watch those.

    Sprite or 7-UP?
    I miss the old 7-up.  But it doesn't matter, I no longer drink pop.  The old commercials used to be really cool, though.

    Have you ever had to wear a uniform to school/work?
    I loathe cheap poly clothing.

    Last thing you bought at Walgreens?
    Z-pack.  I am apparently puny in my left ear or something.  Stabbing sort of stuff, you know the drill.

    Ever thrown up in public?
    I was born projectile vomiting with an accuracy of 3 feet, I am told.  I loathe puking.  I have refused to puke in over a decade.  Anti-spasmodics are my friend.

    Would you prefer being a millionaire or finding true love?
    I would prefer Scott bringing home some hot egg rolls after work.

    Do you believe in love at first sight?
    This happens when you see baby chicks and ducks.

    Did you have long hair as a young kid?
    I refused to shave my legs one month in middle school and my mom had a fit.

    What message is on your voicemail machine?
    I had so many complaints over the "I'm on vibrate" that I had to change it.

    Where would you like to go right now?
    I'm seriously thinking back to bed sounds good.

    Whats the name of your pet?
    I have 5 chickens and a duck right now.  If you want names, go to
    Duck Lords of the Sith

    What kind of back pack do you have, and what's in it?
    I have never personally owned a backpack.  Got clear through college without a backpack, imagine that.

    What do you think about most?
    The discontinuity of time.

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